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3.8 out of 5 stars71
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2009
France.The Near Future.Riots plague the major cities and under the cover of this civil uprising five people botch a heist and end up fleeing into the countryside only to turn up at a motel ran by a family of cannibals and can guess the rest.
Directed by Xavier Gens(Hitman) and from the team that brought you Switchblade Romance,Frontiers has something in common with the Hostel franchise and the Belgian film Calvaire but thankfully it is a cut above that garbage thanks to some pretty fierce action sequences and a tremendous performance by leading lady Testa who nails the essence of someone in frightening peril with startling conviction.
Frontiers is overlong and empties it's bag of tricks a little too early with Gens using a little too much shadow and fast edits to mask budgetary limitations and while not being particularly original it delivers some ride when it gets going.
I never like to look for "messages"in the horror genre - everywhere else fine - scary,nasty and someone to root for is enough for me,Frontiers ticks all the boxes.
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on 17 October 2008
Frightfest banned it, Optimum didn't know whether to release it or not, the critics weren't keen, but one thing's for sure: We LOVE it!

The makers of Switchblade Romance have done it again! Frontiers is possibly an even more powerful 'endurance test' than last year's remake of Funny Games. Ultimately, Frontiers is made for you to pause the film for a second, take a deep breath and ask yourself, 'Why am I still watching this?'

The story plays out just like your average Friday night horror flick: A group of kids get into some trouble whilst rioting at the latest presidential election... soon enough, after deciding to take a run for it, they all end up staying at a creepy old hostel run by a large family of uncompromising Nazi cannibals...

...And thank God! For once! It's as good as it sounds!

Beautifully shot, expertly crafted and brilliantly acted, Xavier Gens -director of the more recent Hitman- has served up for us something quite special: Frontiers is a shocking, brutal, emotionally draining and immensely powerful piece of horror cinema. It demands to be seen, and at this price it's hard to resist!

(P.S- To those who are frightened of subtitles: It's French. Also: Stunning cover art!)
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on 26 October 2015
This could be the "nastiest" film I have ever watched. I've seen hundreds of "nasty" films, all the Saw films, Hostel films, revenge murders like I Spit On Your Grave remake 1 and then 2 and 3, both versions of The Last House On The Left, Eden Lake, Wolf Creek 1 and 2, lots and lots of others. The film Martyrs, also French from about the same time, is an excellent shocker but it has metaphorical and spiritual overtones that give it artistic integrity that Frontiers doesn't deliver, or even try to. your boundaries this will push them. Whatever you are shocked by, this will almost certainly shock you a number of times. On a number of levels this is horrific, in style, substance, plotlines, individual scenes, characters, atmosphere, menace. Now I hate to issue specific spoilers, some people can't help themselves when reviewing unfortunately, but what I can promise is blood and gore in good quantity, and other shocking elements as the story fully develops that you probably won't see coming. The only little spoiler I'll give is that although I can handle virtually anything a movie can throw at me, my biggest and maybe only threshold of suffering, is to see any scene where people have to crawl through tight tunnels where they don't know where it goes and might quite possibly get completely wedged. There is one of those in this and I forced myself not to look away but I was very uncomfortable indeed. Anyway the rest of the power of the film you can see for yourself. A triumph for anyone with a cast iron stomach to relish!!!!! Don't miss it.
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In this 2007 French horror [with English subtitles] a gang uses race riots as a distraction to commit a robbery, but when Sami (Adel Bencherif) is shot, Alex (Aurélien Wiik) and Sami’ pregnant sister Yasmine (Karina Testa) take him to a hospital while the other members of the gang, Tom (David Saracino) and Farid (Chems Dahmani) take the money to an inn near the border run by two women. So will the gang meet up or will events overtake them?
From the very first scenes this is fast paced and only slackens the pace when the ‘horror’ kicks in. Most scenes are dark or shaded and added to the atmospheric music, gives this an eerie feel. The acting is superb, capturing a strong sense of panic and fear as the mood takes it. Full of ‘bad’ language, this actually seems to fit the action as does the violence, so doesn't seem gratuitous.
The single disc loads to 3 trailers before going to main menu offering play, scene selection, special features [making of, trailer, teaser trailers] and subtitles on [default]/off. This is a definite 18 rating with its swearing, graphic violence, mutilation, shootings, torture and strong racial themes. It’s a sort of ‘Mum & Dad’ go to the ‘Hostel’ at 'Devils Bridge' and meet ‘The Boys from Brazil’, which makes for an exciting mix of wacko social engineering. Plenty of tension, some jumpy moments, gore brutality and the fear factor all add up to a worthwhile movie for the horror collection –provided you don’t mind subtitles.
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Frontiers is a film with many fathers which is ironic considering the rather whacky pure blood policy of the villains in this piece. Although the list of slashers from which this one gets DVD-DNA is long, it reminded me most of Wolf Creek (though without being as good a film in my view). The same sudden appearance of the Other just off the main road, the same organised nastiness, the same lack of finishing off a villain when he is down, and the same collection of stolen trophies. Yet the oddness of the Nazi cannibals simply gave the film an air of unreality so that the gore became almost a joke. The heroine diving through the pig-slurry was undoubtedly the most unpleasant moment.
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on 26 February 2014
Basically a group of crooks pull of a heist when a riot is going on and hold out at a hotel which is owned by inbred neo-nazis. As you can guess their stay turns into a nightmare which is not for the squeamish and quite disturbing and graphic. Xavier Gens ( Director) knows how to make a horror with atmosphere and this film is not for everyone due to the serious nature of the film. Well acted and another good foreign horror. Pity all the good horror films these days seem to be either French or Spanish. If your not a fan of subtitles then give it at try and you might find yourself looking for more great foreign titles you have missed, i did.
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on 6 December 2014
Another shocker from French cinema, Frontiers will rightly have you on the edge of your seat throughout. Basic plot involves a group of violent protesters who have stolen money in the process of the Paris riots and flee to a small village to stay the night in a B &B. Unlucky for them the cocky youths get more than they bargained for and the rest they say is history......

Frontiers succeeds because it has the power to make you feel sorry for the ruthless violent youths who are about to meet there match big time. It is everything that Eli Roth's Hostel wasn't. The French have never pulled back like American cinema, it is gorey, shocking and even moving.

Good acting, dreaded atmosphere- though you will need the stomach for it. Watch out for the head explosion, which may well be the best 'head explosion' ever put to film. Be warned this is a graphic movie.
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2009
Certain to be lumped in with the torture porn or Gorno as it is also known Frontiers is a truly brutal film with an indistinct political message . Now I thought the same about Hostel which made salient points about American imperialism not to mention capitalism and then they went and spoiled it all by making an unnecessary and exploitative sequel .Frontiers is, or the way I saw it , making a point about the insidious and all pervading nature of right wing politics which I personally think is an admirable thing to do . Unfortunately while working quite successfully as an exercise in extreme horror it botches the message somewhat.
How does it do this ? Well the plot has a group of young thieves taking advantage of the chaos ensuing after rioting breaks out in Paris due to the possible election of an extreme right wing government. This merry band head off to the country and hole up in a remote dilapidated country house hotel . But the place is run by a bunch of delinquent murdering neo Nazi's led by the deranged patriarch and former SS officer Le Von Geisler( Jean Pierre Jorris)They also delight in a bit of torture and mutilation on the side.
While the film ramps up the tension nicely and the gore scenes are done with stomach churning realism it really fails to work effectively as true horror because the victims are such an unpleasant lot. It is important for the audience to root for the victims and with the debatable exception of Yasmine ( Karina Testa) who lets not forget is still a member of violent gang of thieves and more pertinently Farid ( Chems Dahmani ) the one individual who seems to show any truly defining sense of moral character this lot are almost as bad as the nutters they run into.
Nor does Frontiers do anything remotely original, running through the gamut of horror clichés- remote location with perverted gang of aberrant psycho's, one of the delinquents being vaguely decent, one of the victims running anyway only to mistakenly think one of the delinquents a potential rescuer and so on - with gleeful abandon. It is essentially a rerun of all the stuff we have seen before in films like Saw, Wrong Turn ,The Hills Have Eyes , The Texas Chainsaw Massacre etc.
It is brilliantly made though with intense performances and a graphic pragmatic sense of true horror and it looks stunning on DVD. Writer /director Xavier Gens has in attempting to supplant a political message to a horror film and by putting one of his characters at a moral crossroads done an ambitious thing,. Some will view this message as clumsy and trite and that it doesn't belong in a horror film. Great horror films though , force us to face up to truths about ourselves. Frontiers isn't a great horror film but it does , with its final images tell a stark truth. We all at one point are driving into the future screaming our defiance but we all eventually come to the point where we hold our hands up in surrender.
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on 6 October 2011
For me any credibility this film might have had was lost when one of the characters is first bludgeoned with an iron bar before having his fingers shot off. Then he escapes in a car that is run off the road, ploughs through a fence and down into an abandoned mine and lands ON ITS ROOF. Having been beaten, shot and been involved in an unlikely RTA he is still able climb out of the wreckage and crawls through the mines tunnels. Predictably, he ends up back in the clutches of the nutters who were bashing him up. Bet his lotto numbers didn't come up that night, either.
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on 21 August 2013
Frontiers is another truly memorable horror film from our neighbours across the Channel.
It is up there with the best, believe me.
The main characters who fall victim to a determined group of hard core Nazis are an unpleasant bunch, and make their gory final moments on Earth somewhat well deserved.
The female lead puts up with an awful lot, with a spectacular and well drawn out climax.
Worthy of the 5 stars I give it.
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