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When I first got the case I was unsure too removing the mounting bracket. Simply use Velcro strap to stick on cd drive shelf. Works like a charm even when moving around.
2 Jun 2014 by Pj
Does it have usb 3.0? 29 Dec 2013
This model does not have front usb 3 connectors but the replacement model does, just search "Fractal Design Core 1000 usb 3"
30 Dec 2013 by ninehours
It has a 120mm front fan and yes there is a compartment in which a cd drive can fit into
13 days ago by Mark
Yes it does.
26 days ago by Mabz
If it is a ATX or mATX board then yes.
25 Jun 2014 by Chris
I have one in my Core 1000 right now, you can't use the bottom HDD mount if you do though.
12 Jun 2014 by Guy Rodger
Yes it does, also a microphone slot.
11 Jun 2014 by Mabz
Supports full size ATX PSU, maximum length about 185 mm if an optical drive is mounted.
19 May 2014 by CEUOTC
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