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4.6 out of 5 stars484
4.6 out of 5 stars
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25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 24 August 2012
Love this game, its fantastic. Graphically second to none. It doesn't actually seem all that different from the previous Forza but that said Forza 3 was also a master piece. Forza 4 is a full on race simulator completely free from arcade style race game feats and contains in depth vehicle settings. You can tune your car to suit you and even edit the way it looks by adding wings and body kits. The detail looks great but still no sing of night time driving or changes in weather.

Main Pros:
-Stunning graphics, the best I've seen in a race sim.
-Cars sound like cars! (As opposed to a swarm of bees GT5)
-Simulation settings are great, you can fine tune cars and the damage has been slightly improved over Forza 3.
-Car variety (there are loads and DLC too).
-Car rewards (you have a choice now and levelling up for manufacturers has been changed a bit for the better.)

Main cons:
-Offline gamers lose out (can't build credits easily or trade cars, the Ferrari 250 GTO costs 10mil, on a good race you can pull 20k, I'll be on months trying to make 10mil)
-Pay for cars option (penny pinching here, really hate this in games but its becoming a bit of a trend sadly)
-Difficulty settings (career mode cannot change opponent difficulty - it's a bit easy for your average race sim fan)
-Lack of bad weather/night time driving, always sunny, always midday.
-AI are still no better than forza 3, whereas they were over aggressive and generally oblivious to your presence in Forza 3, it appears they are over aware of you and tend to brake ridiculously if they get too close to you tbh, I preferred the aggressive AI on Forza 3.
-Lack of open world map. (Not really a major fault in a race sim, but with current gen capabilities, it's not too much to ask).

Overall it's a fantastic game, one of the best current gen I'd say. As a race sim its right at the top of the pack and is the best I've ever played. What annoys me is the fact you have to race for hours on end to accumulate a decent amount of cash (enough to buy Ferrari 250 GTO) if you don't have online but you can rather conveniently pay actual money for one - This it seems is the future of gaming and its very sad to see, you'd think paying for the game would entitle you to all of its features, not so and for this alone a star has been taken away. Everything else is pretty much perfection, Forza is a few tweaks away from being absolutely perfect, well done Turn10!

My rating: 9.7/10 (minus a star for redeem code rip-off)
Genre: Racing simulator, Racing, Driving.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 24 October 2011
I've been playing this for about 3 hours, and already feel I have enough of an impression to give a quick review - it's such a fantastic game.

Firstly, the handling and physics seem even better than before, and more complex. The cars feel suitably light when blasting down a straight, but the feeling of weight transfer and juddering rubber when cornering feels bang-on, so the light / heavy balance of the cars is realistic.

The way you control a sliding back end seems even more realistic than ever, with the perfect split-second time delay between your input and the car's response.

And inducing oversteer to powerslide is marvellous, so finely nuanced you can use it as a ploy sometimes to overtake from deep on the occasional corner.

Opponent AI is better - far fewer instances of cars ramming your rear bumper.

I fired up my Logitech wheel & pedals; it's not the top of the range model, but as usual, it felt fantastic right away - I really do recommend Logitech - they make awesome wheels.

Cars you win are exciting within a few events, plus you get a choice. I've got a 1970s BMW 2002 already, and a fascinating old JMC Javelin, among other jems.

Another thing; the in-car view is more playable than previously, or indeed than in any other racer I've played. I'm not sure what they've tweaked, but the view seems better, and it's compelling.

The framerate is the usual superb 60 fps at all times - even with 12-car races - and this makes for such an engaging game. The racing feels better than ever; again, the control of the car is so precise, so natural, that you can really get the most out of cars once you get the hang of them. You can drive smoothly, Jenson Button style, or aggressively, Lewis Hamilton style - the cars will react accordingly.

Even the bonus games are well judged; I played one where you knock down skittles, but unlike a "virtual" scenario, these are actual giant skittles on the road which are fun to knock over.

There's no negatives to report. There are very minor weaknesses in some of the scenery - trees perhaps better than before but still not as good as in Gran Turismo - and the main things missing are night racing and wet weather races; the latter in particular would be awesome with such a refined physics engine.

I applaud Turn 10 for fine-tuning an already marvellous game. I've played scores of racing sims over the years, and for me, this is the greatest ever. It makes me feel very privileged to be a gamer in this magical, golden era.
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50 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on 18 October 2011
What can I say that hasn't been said already? This is the most complete and enjoyable racing game you can buy on any console right now.

The sheer volume of things to do and the way it's all patched together is perfect. You never once feel like you are grinding or wasting your time. The rewards come in thick and fast.

Great physics, great graphics, great cars, great community features. A game that could literally last you years and never get old.

My only gripes are that there should have been more new tracks and that there is DLC already available that could have easily been put into the game.

But in the end, I can't bring myself to give it anything less than five stars. It really is near perfect and will last me a long time.
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49 of 53 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 October 2011
If you have recently been disappointed by recent releases in the motorsport/car genre then this one will blow you away. Everything about it is cutting edge but gives the impression of delivering this effortlessly.

Installation takes a while, give yourself 30 minutes. Install disc 1 then start the game. You must complete the first short race to get access to the main menu that allows you to install disc 2 and the additional 250 cars. You can then install any additional car packs that shipped with the game, mine came with 3.

Judging by my lowly 30,000+ place it seems like everyone in the World who bought this game on the release day went straight to the Top Gear track (the full length fig 8 is the one used by stars in a reasonably priced car)

I love being able to dip in to any track with any car without having to go through a zillion races to unlock stuff. This is a graphically stunning game which can be configured for the beginner, with all the driving aids switched on, or for the most advanced driver experienced with this type of game.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 30 May 2014
forza is an amazing game but this one is ruined by the unskillful children who occupie online mode, the AI cars are terribly programmed and the settings are poor. aswell as the inability to drive at night or in the rain, and the fact that you have to pay £15 to buy ONE porsche (all the porsches are £15 (real money)); it might just be one of the biggest let downs in the forza series.

furthermore: all the best and newest cars (koeningsegg agara etc) all have to be purchase using real money at a rediculously high cost. all in all; the game costs over £100 if you want the full experience.

to all controller users: you can barely change any controller settings; only scroll through the premade ones.

this is a letdown as to play the much improved one;forza 5, you have to pay over £400 for the xbox one + the hundreds of £'s on a wheel/pedals because without them the game is almost unusable

just one last thing. it boasts that it has kinect, its true but like most other games; it hardly works.

dont waste £15
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22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2011
This is easily the best Forza yet, and I would say that the series is now on par - if not better - than the Gran Turismo series (I have both Xbox 360 & PS3 so am unbiased).

PROS; * Superb graphics. The tracks are highly detailed, even including mountains off in the distance on some tracks! The cars are the stars though - they look amazing. From Autovista to on the track, the cars (and that's ALL of them, not like in GT5) look stunning. The cockpit view is now also better than ever and I find myself using it for most races, apart from cars with very restrictive views. The only thing Turn 10 (the developers) STILL haven't addressed is that as good and practical as the cockpit view is - it still doesn't look like there's an actual windscreen! There's no graphical hints at glass, reflections, dirt etc. As for the race replays, I'd say they are finally up to the high standard set by the Gran Turismo games and look great. Also, everything runs at a silky smooth 60 fps (when actually racing, I believe replays are 30fps) without a hint of any screen-tearing. This game was made for your HD TV!

* Car handling is better than ever - they really are great fun to drive. You can really feel the connection between your car and the road, more so than in Forza 3. Right now I'm loving the american muscle cars! There are loads of options as well to make the game more "arcadey" or more of a simulation - whatever you prefer. Oh...and the cars sound fantastic too - you'll want to turn your TV volume up!

* The career mode (or now World tour) is just as big as ever. The way the World tour mode is structered also means there's now much less repetition of tracks in any given year. In a typical year you'll only visit most tracks once. Online there is the new "Rivals" mode - think EA's "autolog" and you get the idea. Basically you race against a ghost of either someone on your friends list, or a random rival, on a chosen track. As with Autolog its very addictive as you constantly try to beat your friends times. All of the other usual online races are also catered for.

CONS; * Very few new tracks - most were also in Forza 3. As much as I like racing around the likes of Suzuka, Nurburgring & Catalunya these circuits have also been in just about every other racing game in recent years.
* Still no night races. C'mon guys - Polyphony digital were doing these in the first Gran Turismo on the PS1!
* No weather effects. All races are in the dry.
* No city tracks. They've even removed New York! As nice as most of the tracks are, I would like a bit more variety.
* Silverstone - it's still the old layout! F1 2011 not only has the new layout/start-finish straight, but the new pit complex as well. Also for some reason Forza 4's Silverstone seems very boring to drive on, and is one of the few races where I usually hire a driver.
* Lack of customizable options in offline "quick races". Sometimes I just want to do a one-off race (offline) on a chosen track, but I can't even adjust the number of laps! Most races here are only 2 laps. This most basic of options is a huge oversight. Update: 3 months on and Turn 10 still haven't addressed this, and to be honest I don't think they will (they never did in Forza 3).

One slightly worrying inclusion in Forza 4, is that of Top Gear soccer, and another game where you knock down skittles with your car. I really don't want to see the Forza series going down the silly minigames route. Overall though, this is a great racing game. In a year where we petrolheads have been somewhat spoilt - DiRT 3, F1 2011, Shift 2; Unleashed and now this, Forza 4 still manages to stand out. From the gorgeous visuals to the superb handling, menus that are quick & easy to navigate, this game will hook you in then keep you going for ages. Turn 10 really need to start introducing new ideas/features in Forza 5 though, including varied environmental conditions (rain, night etc) and above all...more new tracks! Whether real or fictional, the Forza series desperately needs an injection of new tracks to race on.

*** 3 month update ***

I have added a few new points to my original review above, and also just want to comment on the game roughly 3 months since it's release. I mentioned the lack of new tracks before, and this does - as expected - start to hurt the game after prolonged play. After playing this alot in my first month with it, I then went about 3-4 weeks without playing it all. I have recently got back into it though. Turn 10 have been good in releasing monthly car packs since October, but I'd rather see some new tracks. Online aside, this is a game that is best played in small doses, just doing 1 or 2 races per gaming session. This greatly increases the game's longevity, especially in career/world tour mode. I have both Forza 4 & Gran Turismo 5, and despite a few things that GT5 does better I have easily played F4 more. Why? Mainly because of the smoother graphics, and it's much more streamlined menu system - makng races quick and easy to get into (and that's taking into account GT5's version 2.0 update). Overall I stand by my original score of 4/5 and highly recommend this game.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 3 November 2012
Basically this game is Forza Motorsport 3 with slightly better graphics, some new mini game type races (Which I didn't really like) Some new tracks including the top gear track but they've removed some old tracks. They've added a new feature where Jeremy Clarkson talks about some cars although there's only about 10 that he talks about. Also there are no Porches unless you want to spend a load of MS points on it. So really if you have Forza 3 then there's not much point in getting this, if you want a new Forza game, get Horizon.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2014
To be honest I've never been much of a car enthusiast. But video-games like this one, and the awesome Forza Horizon (which I also highly recommend) have given me a new appreciation for cars. Not in terms of mechanics, but aesthetics. Even if you know diddly about cars you have to admit that from a sheer aesthetic point of view they are a thing of beauty. And games such as Forza encapsulate not only the outward beauty of cars but they capture their very essence; the sheer joy of driving, the liberation, the speed. Oddly enough, I say this as a non-driver; however, games such as Forza help me understand why car enthusiasts - for example the boys at Top Gear - do what they do and why they love it so much. Indeed, Forza made me a Top Gear fan; seeing the cars in the game helps me relate to what they do. I'm even able to recognise cars now, thanks to Forza! My only regret is the envy I feel as I see Jeremy drive a real F40, while I am limited to a pale imitation in a video game!

I've had the game for about a day, but I knew within 10 minutes of playing it that I would love it. i haven't regretted a single second of it. Everything, from the menu system, the track and event variety, the cars, to the car and game customisations, are pretty much perfect, and I don't say that a lot about games. Even if you are completely indifferent about cars, this game is an excellent time killer, and has plenty of longevity to keep you engaged. It's just a joy to play. After watching a play-through of Forza5 on the Xbox One i cannot understand why people have fallen for it. The differences between the two are so subtle and superficial that they just do not justify spending a fortune on not only a new console but another game. If you are seriously thinking about getting Forza5 because it's the latest thing, I strongly implore you to check out its predecessor first. Forza4 was, and still is, hard to beat, no matter how 'next gen' things have become.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 September 2013
This is the first game I played on the x-box 360 and man was I impressed. Forza 4 has got to be the most visually stunning game I have ever seen. Easily one of the best racing games out there, you'll not get a more realistic driving game on any console. Bearing in mind that Turn 10 always aims to appeal across the gaming spectrum, whether your a hardcore racing fan or not, you will definitely enjoy this game. The result is accessible and accurate. Depending on your skill level, you can tweak the difficulty to provide steering and braking assistance on top of the usual ABS, traction control, and so on. The rewind feature is great too, as you can replay a previous mistake and fix it. If you want to be impressed right out of the box though, boot up Forza 4's Autovista mode and be prepared to see the quality visuals applied to some of the world's rarest and flashiest cars mustang, Ferrari, Lexus ect. This is showroom style car eye candy taken to the next level. If you're the kind of person that would go to a high-end automotive dealer to sniff cars and paw around in their interiors, you'll love this mode. Turn 10 has taken a collection of cars you'll likely never see in real life and rendered them to a level of detail that is so high that this mode looks like car commercial footage. The visuals in this mode go beyond anything you've ever see in a console game. In Autovista you're able to walk around and interact with all the doors, hoods, gears ect. The Top Gear test track challenges are much less infuriating than those found in GT5, and you're tasked with knocking down bowling pins to rack up a high score. You have several modes like Career mode as you can choose between World Tour, which sends you from track to track across the course of racing seasons, or pick from the event list different races will offer you extra credits, or boosts to your driver experience points (XP) or to your car's Affinity (which gets you cheap car upgrades) on top of the normal rewards. However, you can't control the AI difficulty level in World Tour, and the AI scales as your XP increases. If your goal is to amass as many credits as possible, World Tour is where you'll want to spend your time. No doubt about it, the graphics look amazing, the Bernese Alps in the distance on the Switzerland track look like HD movie footage. Every car model is perfect, down to the very last detail. Unlike some other racing games, you'll get high end, super-polished visuals with every car mode. Every car is a treat for the eyes. There is no doubt that Forza Motorsport 4 is the king of racers, highly recommended to racer fans.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 11 December 2012
The game is beautiful to look at, great feeling when driving, lots of cars and tracks and a lot of downloadable content from the Xbox Live. However, if you owned Forza 3 this is only a small upgrade since most of the tracks are the same and you don't have that fun in learning new tracks. Besides better graphics this game does not deliver anything new. If you didn't have any former Forza game and you love racing games, then this is a MUST HAVE! in my opinion there isn't any better driving simulation on Xbox nor PS3... I played Grand Turismo a lot and is way behind Forza 3/4
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