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4.3 out of 5 stars104
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2012
As the title of this review suggests this remake isn't actually a complete nightmare! I am a true fan of the original so I wasn't sure what to expect from this when I first saw the trailer...But I actually really enjoyed it. It is pretty much a word for word remake with only a couple of teaks, and you will severely miss Kevin Bacon's presence if you are a fan of the 80s version. Having said that though, the guy who plays Willard is hilarious and perfect for the role and the dancing is brilliant.
Its simply a feel good and enjoyable film, however nothing outstanding and a little corny at times. But if your like me and enjoy a bit of fluff every now and then, I'd recomend it.
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It's no secret that the critics, and the general public, seem to hate remakes. What usually happens is a director picks a well loved and well known film of the past and decides that one version of it just isn't enough and goes ahead and ruins it with modern gimmicks. Though I have to say, as far as remakes go, Footloose (2011) it definitely one of the better ones.

The storyline is essentially the same at the 1984 original. The film begins with a fatal car crash after a night a dancing and so the father of the driver, Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid) persuades the city council of Bomont to enforce a ban on all unsupervised dancing for teenagers under the age of eighteen. Three years later, Ren McCormack moves from Boston to Bomont to live with his aunt and uncle after his mother's death. Ren is immediately attracted to Shaw Moore's rebellious teenage daughter, Ariel; however, she's already dating someone and her father doesn't trust him. As soon as Ren learns about the dancing ban, he makes plans to do away with it so that the senior class can have a real prom and the rest of the story goes from there.

I was slightly confused at the beginning as to what time period this movie was set in. Everything about it, the cars, the clothes, everything suggested that this was set in 80s, but then, BAM, Ren pulls out his iPod classic. Confusing much? I don't actually know how things roll down in the state of Georgia so I can't really say whether or not this is an accurate representation of modern day Georgia, but I would've thought that they could've included more than a simple iPod to suggest the year this was set in.

Personally, I think the dancing scenes in the remake were much more visually effective than the original (though I suppose this was to be expected). They were a lot livelier, there was a lot more colour and the dance sequences were a lot more exciting. The quality of the dancing was truly excellent and there was such precision in each and every move. I think there was a lot less emphasis on Ren's gymnastic background in the new film; however, they more than made up for this with the better dance scenes.

Apart from the confusing beginning, Footloose was a really great film. I was actually quite surprised by this as the two main characters are played by lesser known actors: Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald. Initially, Zac Efron was pegged for the role of Ren McCormack and after much deliberation (Chace Crawford and Thomas Dekker were also asked to portray Ren), it was revealed that Wormald had secured the role. Ariel's parents, Shaw and Vi Moore, are portrayed by Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell, two extremely well known actors.

Clearly the combination of snazzier dance skills and livlier music were the keys to this films success.
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on 30 January 2012
I was a fan of the original movie and was pleasantly suprised by this remake. If you are planning a night in with the girls, this is the perfect DVD to get you all in the mood for a night of dancing! The romantic plot, brilliant dance moves and comedy from character Willard, all make for a great movie.
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on 17 January 2012
I didn't have high hopes when I went to watch the film at the cinema but it's actually really good, I left wanting to go line-dancing! Julianne looks amazing in the film and Kenny grew on me, I'm sure he's hiding a great 6-pack under his shirt! Great for a night in with the girls
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on 3 July 2012
A toe tapping fun film which, taken lightly, will make for an entertaining watch. The soundtrack is as funky as ever with modern twists on some classic songs and the dance sequences are well choreographed and full of life.

The story itself is very basic and clichéd. There are some cheesy moments which is hard to avoid with a film like this, but it doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the film. However a film about dance should have had more dance sequences. There was a lot of talking and debating about why the town should be allowed to dance again, but little in the way of action. Once the music kicked in and the dancing started the film felt alive again and became upbeat.

Overall Footloose is fun, light weight and worth a watch. It's not going to win any awards or change the way you think about life, but this sort of escapism is ideal for a Friday night in. Some funny characters, although again not particularly original, and some great dance scenes lifts this film out of the doldrums to become a minor success.
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on 28 August 2015
This is a carbon copy remake of the original 1984 film. There are some small changes that I feel were necessary in making this film stand out but other than that it's pretty much the same.
It is a modern day retelling of the film, so don't expect to see the 1980's brought back to life. They do have mobile phones and iPod's.
I'm not sure how to explain without revealing too much, but I feel that the storyline is better captured now than it was in 1984. It's believable now that a small southern town would go to such lengths to protect their young people, given the amount of exposure and ease of access getting music is nowadays. Maybe that's because I'm not of the 80's generation, that I don't understand.
It's a good film to kick back with for a girly night in.
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on 28 September 2012
I am always a bit wary of remakes, but I like this one. I was a bit dubious about watching it, as I love the original so much.

A few remakes I've seen, the script has been literally the same as the original, word for word. But this is different. There are differences with the story line, you get to see the crash at the beginning which caused the laws against loud music and dancing to be passed. Ren arrives in Bomont alone, after his mother has died and his uncle takes him in. His uncle and family are also more "on Ren's side".

The music is good and you get to hear the original version of Footloose by Kenny Loggins at the beginning, along with an homage to the "dancing feet" in the beginning credits.

I actually prefer the actress that plays Ariel to Lori Singer and Kenny Wormald is quite a hottie! I'm not sure what they've done to Rusty though (not as nice as SJP in the original) and Willard takes a while to get used to (I have difficulty understanding what he says!).

Overall worth watching whether you've seen the original or not.
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on 11 February 2012
'There comes a time to cut loose'.
I am ashamed to admit that before watching this film in the cinema, I had never seen the original.
This film brings a classic story into the modern day whilst still keeping the original script and music. I had no idea that so many classic songs came from this film except from the obvious title track. Songs such as 'Let's hear it for the boy' and 'Holding out for a hero' still remain but with a 2011 twist.
This film not only encapsulates today's teen spirit for music and dance, speaking as a 21 years old, it also unites our generation with previous generations who experienced the original film first time round. This film can be appreciated by the whole family and can lead to the enjoyment of a much loved classic. I can now confirm that I have seen the original film (but I enjoy this one more... sorry mum!)
In the words of Ren MacCormack - 'This is our time'.
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on 8 August 2013
Alot of reviewers are saying that the story is the same as the 80's original. Of course it is !! It is a remake, a modern version of a classic. If it was a different story, it would be a different film.

I love the original, sadly i could quote near on the entire script, and so when Julianne Hough quotes her lines, you naturally compare her delivery to that of Lori Singer.
Im not slating the girl's acting, but some of the lines that suited the 1984 film dont suit a 2011 version.

For some reason the story seems to be somewhat blurred in this. From the original i know Ariel is a wild child, rebelling against her religous father. That doesn't seem to be portrayed so clearly in this.

Dont get me wrong, i enjoyed the film, but if i had never seen the original, i feel i might not fully understand the story.
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on 17 September 2013
Didn't know what to expect with this, I had seen Julianne Hough in Rock of Ages and knew she was a decent performer. This remake follows a very similar story to the original, I feel it was a decent remake, there was not enough dance numbers for me, I know dancing is banned in their town but I never felt like they cared enough to make an effort to meet up and rebel and when they went to court to overturn the law it felt a bit half-hearted. The guy who plays the lead looks a lot like a young Kevin Bacon. I watched this in Blu Ray but the quality was not much better than dvd, even on my HD TV. Worth a watch but don't expect any spectacular dance scenes.
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