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4.1 out of 5 stars108
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2006
I only own the demo but, after playing my friends version for twelve straight hours at a sleepover, I have to say it is the best manager game ever. This is because of the attention to detail, the accuracy and the levels of fun acheived while playing. Some people would find the circles on screen rather than real people, shown by graphics, annoying and silly, but this is not the case. It allows the game to flow smoothly, and leaves some of the action to your imagination. The team-talks are very helpful, and can turn your 1-0 down, boring team into an all-guns-blazing squad of superstars... even with Charlton. This is what the game is about. For example, a major challenge within the game is to try and keep Rotherham in League One. This was really fun and was well worth it, as you can experience both highs and lows, and as Rotherham, there were a lot of lows.

Feeder clubs, a new addition to the game, work well, and prove helpful, wether signing people on loan, or having a first option on an affiliated clubs players.

All in all, I would say that this is a brilliant game, and is well worth buying. I know I will...
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2007
I've played every Championship Manager game from its inception and although this isn't called Championship Manager those familiar with the contract and licence wrangle will be aware the the Football Manager series is in reality the true set of sequels to the Championship Manager series I know and love. Allowing you the opportunity to be the manager of your team or any other you so wish to do so you must wheel and deal in the transfer market and ensure your players adopt the correct tactics to win Football games. The true genius with this game is that it utilises the greatest graphics card ever created. The brain. It is in reality a game where you imagine you are indeed at the healm of your team and your decisions make the difference in winning or losing. You deal with the media, moody players, discipline, issue new contracts (or not) the list is endless. You can even ask the board for more time if things are going wrong. It is the definitive Football Management game and I can't say much more than that. It won't be to everyones taste. But if you love Football then prepare to lose massive chunks of your live to your new job. You are the boss!
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on 18 May 2007
Oh, how I wish, really, really wish, that I didn't go to see my friend that evening, all those years ago, and how I wish he hadn't shown me the game he was playing. It was this game in its second outing. I had to have it. I got it. I even bought a new PC because mine wasn't powerful enough to play it. I have been addicted ever since.

It's many years on now. I have grown up, left home, got a degree, got married, got kids, and a mortgage, but one thing has been constant through all of that. One thing has been with me: this (insert expletive of choice here) game. I wish I could give it up and have tried, but I can't.

There is hope, I have heard stories of people who have successfully unhooked themselves from the Football Manager universe, but so far I have been unsuccessful. This is how bad it is: I applied for a job recently based on my success at this game. The interview was (unsurprisingly) unsuccesful.

Please Sega, please Sports Interactive just stop making these games. Think of the children; think of the wives; have some compassion. I used to have friends, I could've been someone. Look at me: I can't distinguish between football reality and Football Manager. I get confused when watching Match of the Day thinking, "He doesn't play for West Ham, he plays for Brighton..."

But I don't mind. I am actually not sure what I would do if this game didn't exist. I'd probably be a millionaire, but hey, who cares. It's great.
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on 18 October 2006
I have been playing the demo for a few days and managed to get a look at an early copy of the full version yesterday and on first impressions it looks like SI have finally brought the FM series to the level of perfection that they managed with CM2001/02. The new feeder club feature is not perfect but does offer extra depth, it would be nice if you could set longer loans though (to get Eu passports for non EU players) but it does allow you to clear out reserves and youth players you can't give games to. It is the introduction of full youth teams and a new program (named FRED) which creates new youth players that takes the game to the next level and should hopefully add to the lifespan of the game.

Also the tactics now have a more visable effect on the games, it is now possible to turn games around by changing formation and unlike previous versions it is possible to play conservatively without getting punished. So it is possible to go on a good run of form, in previous versions 4-0 wins could often be followed by 'surprise' defeats to smaller teams.

However there are some major bugs in the game, including the deadly 'tactic reset' bug from both FM05 and FM06. This is where your defender's instructions are reset after a change of tactics and they end up conceding goals because the game has made them man mark opposition defenders or form the wall instead of man marking opposing strikers like you asked, you might end up throwing your monitor out the window with frustration if this cost you a game! So I would wait for the patch before starting a career game.
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on 31 October 2006
At last the long awaited Football Manager 2007 is out :)

Well i even thought they would just bring something like FM06 but boy was i wrong.

The game even seems to be quicker to play,There is alot of tweaks to the game they have made and makes the game even more enjoyable.

I managed to play the demo for a while and was very very inpressed with the new layout.

The new feeder club feature is a great addition to the FM series, Maybe if you could have longer loans to get Eu passports for non EU players would be good addition in the next series, it does allow you to loan players from BIG clubs.

I am Oxford in the conference and my feeder club is Portsmouth so i can loan "some" of there reserve team, Dont get me wrong you wont get a "Andrew Cole" but you may get a player that could just give you the edge in the league.

This is one of the new options that takes the game to the next level and should hopefully add to the excitment and life of the game.

The "new" tactics now have a more effect on the games, it is now possible to turn games around by changing formation.

Unlike the old versions it is now possible to play conservatively without getting hammered.

There is better in-depth scouting reports, You can send scouts to watch the next opponents.

Pre-match teams talks,media questions,after game interviews.


Player interaction - You can ask him who he thinks would be a good signing either player or coach.

Board Takeovers - As in real life your club could become a target for a takeover, They may give you money, or they may want you to step down.

Feeder clubs - As mentioned above you can get or be a feeder club, You can get some quality player on loan or send out your "hot prospects" out on loan.

You can even have your own manager pictire :)
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on 9 March 2007
OK, so it quite simply won't work if you aren't a football fan. This is mainly for those who take at least some interest in the game. Those who do will be treated thoroughly by this delight of a game.

Firstly, the database. It's huge. Incredible. Every statistic accurate to the finest letter. Every club you could ever want to manage.

Gameplay is also extraordinary. You really feel in control of your club in this game. There are so many options to sink your teeth into. New features, such as "Feeder clubs" and a new scouting engine, also keep those who bought the previous versions entertained.

Realism is excellent. It never borders on the ridiculous, and winning a game 9-0 or beating Chelsea really feels like an achievement because of this.

The match engine has been kept how it was, in my opinion, for the better. A 3D engine would take up too much loading time, so this feels fairly traditional, and it keeps you interested.

Speaking of loading times, these can often be a downer in these sort of games. Well, FM have even thought of how to counter that. They now have "Detail Levels", so you can choose less matches played in full, to speed up your game.

But for any football fan, this really is such an addictive game. You get hooked so quickly, and end up loving the work you created.

One final note about an extra feature: The Editor. They've revamped it so it isn't a full-screen program. Brilliant, you can update your team accurately, or even experiment with the game. I tried Chelsea in League 2.

So in summary, buy it. This is a genuinely brilliant game for any football fan of any age. You will not regret buying this item.
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on 20 December 2006
I've been buying these games now since the classic Domark publishing days. The classy red box with the angry looking manager on the front which contained the original Championship Manager is still proudly on my shelf, some 12 or so years after its retirement.

Many years later and with several promotions, relegations and cup wins stored in my managerial locker from titles throughout the series, I purchased this game with the intention of carrying on where I'd left off with Football Manager 2005 a few years back (bought the PSP version of FM 2006 - found it quite enjoyable). After a good few weeks with the game, I have mixed feelings.

The amount of detail is awe-inspiring at first. Plenty of options to tinker with, and plenty of players and staff to hire and fire. The media section is certainly a lot of fun and very tactical if used correctly. Then you get to playing the season through and your team morale will be all over the place. Results will be incredibly random. Form will frustrate and there will be no immediately apparent answers. The game feels as if it's taking you along for a ride - as if you're not really in control.

Therein lies the problem: you ARE in control, but of too much. Training and tactics are now finely tuned arts which take time to appreciate and use properly. Certain players will be ineffectual if given the wrong role, even if in the right position. Certain types of opposition require certain types of tactic tweaking to a level above and beyond anything the series has done so far. If you can't put in the time, the game will run away from you and you'll lose the thread of what you're doing. Ironically, by giving you so much to do the game increases the chances that you'll eventually lose the illusion of control when you struggle to keep up with it all.

This wouldn't have been a problem a few years back. Sadly, the days where I had the time to sit for hours on end contemplating things were spent on the Championship Manager / Football Manager games which perhaps didn't need that, whereas now I simply don't have the time whereas the game certainly requires it. Whereas the series used to make it difficult but not impossible to play at a medium/high level of involvment, it now seems as though anyone who can't invest a lot of time and thought will get very little out of the game.

Football Manager 2005 had the balance just about right. The PSP version of Football Manager 2006 was a little on the basic side, but still enjoyable. Sadly, for me, 2007 has become too much of a chore and too little of a game.
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on 15 November 2006
Football manager 2007 is more advanced than its previous title '06' and most changes are great, but some are slightly annoying.

For instance you can ask for a feeder club or parent club (depending on the size and value of the team you decide to manage) which can be handy for prem teams by sending young starlets on loan to a feeder club to gain experience in a lower league, and also beneficial to a lower league team as your parent club will send you all of thier young hopefuls to gain experience whilst you can gain a good young player for free.

*****This is a good thing*****

Your board will automatically have restrictions when you start a new game, like, not being a feeder club, where you can and cant send scouts (non prem teams), some clubs will only pay a set price for a players wages even though he is worth so much more which can be very frustrating if you lose him to another club. But for me the most annoying thing about this game is your backroom staff restrictions. The club i managed said i can have a max of 8 full time coaches for both the senior and youth squad, which can be a real pain if some of your coaches are crud and the board wont let you replace them. Other teams can poach your backroom staff very easily, unless you offer them much more than they are worth to stay. Needless to say this brain fart in the game makes training players to a world class level really tough.

***** BAD BAD BAD *****

Player interaction is a great addition to the game where you can ask a player for advise on new signings or backroom staff (if you can sign them) that he would believe to be a good addition to the club. Plus you can give players with low morale a boost before kick off by declaring you have faith in their ability at the team talk window. ***** cool *****

With vast player databases and countless leagues for you to manage in, in loads of countries it can be really hard to stay focused on one game.

Much of the game remains the same and its user friendly approach to gamers still shines through. If you own FM2006, well FM2007 is more advanced and challenging, if you dont own either and like management games then this really should be on your shopping list.

If you do decide to buy it then i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

P.S be ready to yell at the screen when your beloved club gets thrashed by a team 2 leagues below you.....AAARGHHH.
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on 2 November 2006
I have been playing the champ manager series since it all began and I can state after only twelve hours of play that they are now getting as close to perfection as a game of its type can. Football manager 2007 is vast, but none of the detail is wasted. Every attribute can be seen in the way the player moves and plays during a game. The tactics you choose are for the most part followed, and the subtle changes you can make when things aren't going the way you hoped can make a difference. Of course sometimes they don't always close down like you may have asked them to, sometimes the defensive line may not be where you had wished, but how many real managers must face the same frustrations sometimes.

The feeder clubs are a great way of bringing on youth, and it is a good addition to the last version. I haven't had much to do with parent clubs yet but that is about to change as West Brom, the team I just won the championship with (107 points no less), have, without consulting me, just taken on AC Milan.

The main reason to buy this version and not just stick with your 2006 version is the matches themselves. The play is much more realistic. Chances were on 2006 that if you were watching the highlights and the opposition were in position you just held your breath knowing that they were gonna get a pop at your goal. Not now though, players spill the ball much more frequently, possession switches and you never know whose highlight your watching until you see that flashing bar.

I love this game, its not perfect but football isn't. At the end of the day you are a manager not god and that is what makes it fun. Somewhere in the minimum requirements it should state you need an understanding girlfriend because chances are she isn't going to be seeing much of you over the next few months.
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on 17 January 2008
I have played this franchise of games since championship manager 3 and each update never disappoints. As usual, the game takes a bit of getting used to. The first team I attempt to manage goes a bit 'pear-shaped', then I start over again with a new one, with more idea of how this particular game plays and do much better.

I am still playing this game for hours every week despite the newer 08 version being available. The reason being because I am West Ham in 2014, ranked 4th in Europe and the youngsters I bought early on are now mature first team players and I am still loving playing the game. This game isn't fun in the way playing FIFA or a RPG is but it's the consistent challenge and fight to master and achieve so many goals which keeps me craving to load the game up.

I've read other reviews were people complain of the lack of realism when they take over a good team and do 'unrealistically badly'. I wonder, is it unrealistic for a team to underachieve when they have good players but a terrible manager? I think we could all think of a good example of that happening.

The game is what it has always been and that is surely what the thousands of people who buy it year on year want. Thanks SI games.
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