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Final Fantasy XIV - Collectors Edition (PC DVD)

Platform : Windows 7, Windows Vista
Rated: Unknown
2.8 out of 5 stars 47 customer reviews

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Collector's Edition
  • EARLY ACCESS – Play a few days prior to the release of the PC Standard Edition
  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES DVD – Get an insider look at the making of FINAL FANTASY XIV with exclusive video content, interviews and more in this special documentary DVD
  • SECURITY TOKEN – A FINAL FANTASY XIV branded Security Token used in addition to your regular password
  • ADVENTURERS BRANDED TUMBLER – Carry a small piece of Eorzea around with you with this branded tumbler
  • MAP OF EORZEA – A detailed map showing the key areas of Eorzea, essential for the committed traveller
  • TRAVEL JOURNAL – Record your travels in this journal filled with pages of never-before-seen concept art
  • FREE GAMEPLAY– 30-day free gameplay
  • GUEST PASS – Invite a friend to play free for a limited time
2 new from £76.55

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Game Information

  • Platform: Windows 7 / Vista
  • Media: Video Game
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Product details

Platform: PC | Edition: Collector's Edition
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  • ASIN: B003NSBMG2
  • Item Weight: 186 g
  • Release Date: 22 Sept. 2010
  • Average Customer Review: 2.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (47 customer reviews)

Product Description

Platform:PC  |  Edition:Collector's Edition

Product Description

Great Games and Accessories for the PC.

Manufacturer's Description

The legend of Final Fantasy has opened a new chapter, with a brand new massively multiplayer online game of unparalleled depth and beauty. Journey to the land of Hydaelyn and become an adventurer in a world full of both magic and sci-fi technology.

Explore the land of Hydaelyn as your own unique character
Stunning graphics and total freedom combine in one game
Tackle monsters new and old in the world of Final Fantasy
Practise your combat skills and see your abilities improve

More than just a sequel to Final Fantasy XI, this is a whole new game with a very different approach to online gaming. Playing on your own is now just as rewarding as battling in groups and your character's progression and growth is achieved by using and refining your existing skills, rather than just earning general experience points.

Likewise you can change jobs simply by taking up a different weapon or item, from sword to blacksmith's hammer, although specialising in the game's four disciplines (war, magic, land and hand) will always give you an advantage. The end result is a more accessible and varied experience than any other online game and the most exciting Final Fantasy yet.

Key Features
  • Massive Fantasy: The first new online Final Fantasy since 2002 rewrites the rulebook on massively multiplayer online games, with more freedom and more action than ever.
  • Job Training: Upgrade your character with dozens of skills and abilities through repeated practise, not arbitrary experience points, and change jobs in an instant.
  • Fantasy Life: Play as one of five confirmed races, from humans (hyur) to cat people (miqo'te) and further customise your character with four sets of disciplines.
  • Sole Survivor: Join a guild and battle with friends to complete a difficult quest, or carry on alone with a more balanced challenge that doesn't penalise solo adventurers.
  • World View: Stunning graphics portray the land of Hydaelyn in extraordinary detail, showing a far more varied world of high fantasy and sci-fi fiction.
About the Developer: Square Enix PDD 3
Like many big Japanese publishers Square Enix's developers are split up into a number of smaller teams, most largely unknown to the general public. The studio known only as PDD 3 is responsible for the company's massively multiplayer online games Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV PC Collector’s Edition pre-orders will include the Onion Helm, an exclusive in-game item that accelerates character recovery after falling in battle.

For those who had registered their Final Fantasy XIII Campaign Codes, it will be possible to apply this code to the Windows PC version of Final Fantasy XIV. The users will receive a pair of Asuran Armguards, an exclusive in-game item that will enhance the effectiveness of the player’s equipped arm or tool.

Please note, once you register your reward code to your Square Enix account, all new characters that you create from then on will receive the in-game item. Characters created before you link the reward code to your Square Enix account, however, will not receive the item.

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Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Platform for Display: PCEdition: Collector's Edition
At the end of the day, the only thing that matters to myself and S.E. is 'Will I pay to play after the free 30 days?' Sadly, the answer is no. Never before has a game offered so much (with fantastic FMV trailers), asked so much of the player (the effort required to level up via grinding or crafting is considerable) and offered so little (in terms content and experience).
Everything you've read about the server lag, the clunky interface, the severely restricted quest system, the awkward bazaars/shops method of buying and selling items, the poor balance of mob levels while grinding, the limited in game tutorial advice etc should be enough to make you stay away from the frustrating and tedious world of FF XIV.
However, despite all these problems I may have considered sticking it out a while longer, but I have already given up before my free trial runs out. Basically, I've spend hour after hour, day after day levelling my character, and I'm getting nowhere fast, in terms or attributes or abilities. It seems to me that S.E. do not want players to get anywhere fast, perhaps because there isn't much there at the moment.
It's a shame really, I've become quite attached to my character, and Eorzea is very pretty and could be a nice place to spend time. However, as far as I'm concerned, S.E. are not giving me good value for money, therefore I wont be continuing my quest. I wanted to get in on a MMORPG at the start, however, I now regret not waiting until I read some reviews from players and game sites.
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Platform for Display: PCEdition: Collector's Edition
I played this game a fair bit since the boxset came out, lvl 21, there are many things with the game just.... totally wrong, a patch is never going to fix them all. I could make a list like 1. quests 2. maps 3. interface 4. chat 5. trading etc etc and list 10 things wrong with each thing. Its almost like they want the game to be as hard as possible to get into.. so you dont discover how shallow the game really is. Something no review has mentioned yet either is the way the game makes barriers out of everything, you cant slide down a cliff or walk into a pond etc, there is no jump, climb, swim, dive or fly. At its core its a very basic game with very basic quests confounded with the worst interface known to mankind and EVERYTHING lags. There are obvious obmissions like not showing party members on map, some kind of information showing want vendors are selling, only way is to speak to them, there is no ah or post.. its just so weird. Stear clear would be my advice, there are way better mmo's out there, most of them in fact and some of them free to download and play. Try Runes of Magic if your thinking of buying this turd of a game, uses a better version of crossing classes, much much better interface and its free.
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Platform for Display: PCEdition: Collector's Edition
First off i want to say how well packaged, and put together the limited edition of this game is. The note book is fantastic and the Drink cup/beaker is a nice touch. I felt the Cloth map was unecessary and would not have missed it if it hadn't been in the box. The special item...just wow. The principal of it is a great idea and yes i know the onion helm has been around since the early FF's...but really do i want to be running around with THAT on my head all day. NO. I would have much rather'd the better item given out in the standard edition so i could level up faster! Moving swiftly on...

As everyone else no doubt does, I compare this game to Final Fantasy XI. I played FF XI for a good 3-4 years and enjoyed almost every second of it (except the waiting around for hours on end for a party) and that's one the main features why I wanted FF XIV because i would no longer need to do this.

I played the Beta and got rather excited about how this game would unfold over the coming months...however it didnt happen. I played for as long as i could during the time they were altering, updating and faffing aorund with layouts, gameplay etc.

I purely hated the idea of damaged gear...Imagine getting one of the best weapons in the game and then BAM, completely ruined and you have to spend like 10 hours getting the items to repair it, no thankyou. The fighting type I did enjoy I must admit and playing with someone you know was a joy. The fact that you could change your class by switching your weapon was genius however the fact that you then had to faff around with all your abilities each and every time you did this was not!
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Platform for Display: PCEdition: Collector's Edition
But can they deliver a killing blow?

So its here, the biggest MMO release thus far this year! Coming from powerhouse developer Square Enix we can be sure to enter an engaging world of creativity and excitement. Or can we?

Character creation is immersive and helps create a connection to your newly created toon, were not talking the depths of say Aion or Perfect World but it does have its charm and prevents abuse of the creation system where by you can create characters with large/small sized body parts. Personally I'm not to keen on the Elezen their necks just look far too long, the Miqo'te and Lalafell on the other hand look really nice! Having to choose a first and second name also means you can start to formulate your own background and story for your character which is great for role players out there. However expect to see lots of Tifa Lockhearts, Cloud Strifes and lots of other unimaginitive names in the land of Eroza.

Graphically this is one of the best MMOs I've ever played, while it does require a high end machine to be able to take full advantage of the graphics it will still play fine on a machine thats a couple of years old. The textures are deep and rich, cities look and feel large and expansive and the ingame cut-scenes really help to drive the story forward. Its because of this that you feel asthough the world is worth exploring and that straying away from the beaten path is worth while in that adventure to find some amazing scenary. If graphics made the game this game would be flawless.

But what good is great graphics if theirs not the content to back it up?
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