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4.1 out of 5 stars156
4.1 out of 5 stars
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As a fan of the Fantastic Four from the late 1960's I was looking forward to this movie.

With a few minor grumbles I am not disappointed. This is a scene setting movie much like X-Men was, it has to be as there are so many characters to introduce. So many hints to be dropped as to possible future characters.

The new origin of Doctor Doom does work better in this age than his coming unstuck whilst meddling with the black arts. It is far better to have them all suffer from the radiation together and Ben's catching the brunt of it is a better explanation of why his change was so permament.

It also ties Reed Richards up with Doom as the early comic books did with their brief college meeting. I feel the movie characters do tie in well with the way they are portrayed in the comics. Johnny Storm IS a pain in the ass youth with a fast car fixation a part played really well by Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis IS Ben Grimm he wanted this role and you can feel how he empathises with what both Ben and the Thing feel. Reed Richards IS a blinkered brainiac who did not know how Susan Storm felt about him. Sue Storm also started off with just invisibilty and only developed the force field after using one of Reed's machines.

Julian McMahon's Doom may be a little melodramatic but by God it does work. In the comic he rarely took his mask off as he was disfigured, the movie shows Doom developing a metal skin which works just as well, and thanks for using the green cape. From that instant he WAS the comic book Doom. Great to see Doom sailing off to Latveria in the end as you know he will be back, with diplomatic immunity maybe?

I look upon this movie as a pre-cursor to something great with the Silver Surfer having been tentatively announced as appearing in the next movie, with Galactus maybe at the end....?

As a comic fan I would love to see the Sub-Mariner appear as well as the Skrulls and any gathering of the Frightful Four but I'm happy enough with the prospect of Ghost Rider coming early next year as well as Hulk and the Abomination.

The extra documentaries on the second disc are interesting but I will not be watching these too many times, the film itself I will though. For those comic book fans who think it is not true to the spirit I say you are wrong. The characters feel right and having Alicia played by a black actress is a cracking idea as the whole concept of their relationship is that you've got to look beneath the surface, and even better what about the Puppet Master now his step-daughter has appeared.

Good movie, great effects and I want more from the next one.
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on 24 March 2006
Fantastic Four is a film that shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's a good film with amazing special effects and action sequences. The cast is good, particularly Jessica Alba. She's great as Sue Storm. Some scenes and dialogue could have been left out of the film. If you're expecting something like X-Men, you'll be very disappointed.
The DVD set is great too. Plenty of special features and things to watch. The limited edition packaging is nice too.
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on 9 March 2006
I enjoyed this despite its flaw. As a comic book fan, but not Fantastic four devotee, I know a fair amount about the source material. The plot is well insignificant as this is really a character driven origin story, the problem is that the characters aren't that strong. Okay the Fantastic four are fairly iconic, and have never been deep. Reed is a stretchy scientist who is smarter than everybody else, the human torch is as fiery in personality as his powers are physically. Invisible girl is a sensible head to calm the boys, and the Thing is a troubled monster with a heart. Hardly the deepest templates but talented writers could have made more of them.
The direction is okay, as are the effects.
As for deviations from the source material, Victor von doom. Eastern european mad genius becomes an annoying rich business man. It amazes me that they dumbed down the story from the simple sixties comic book original.
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VINE VOICEon 31 March 2010
I won't get bogged down with all the talk about the Fantastic 4 movie not hitting the mark in terms of the original comic books. Stan Lee was involved in the making so any artistic liberties that he is happy with are ok with me.

The Story tells of the formation of the Fantastic Four and the Evil Dr Doom, all of whom develop genetic modifications to there DNA, as the result of a freak storm in space that they had gone out to invesigate and perform experiments in, arrives early and catches the four unaware. The resultant storm gives each of the four there super powers. Stretchy, Invislbity, Fire and "The Thing" who is super strong and tough as his body has become stone! What the 4 don't intially realise is that the Victor Doom who was on the station also, and footing the bill for all this out of space experimentation, is also affected by the storm, and as his mutli billion dollar empire starts to crumble his evil persona start to take root.

So lets look at the Blu Ray and what you get.

Picture quality is very good with lots of the usual shiny effects and dazzling images. The sound is excellent quality too though as seems to be a constant gripe with me and blu rays the extras are noted by there abscence! This is rather annoying and I know adopt my own Blu-Ray mantra which is "Standard Definition Extra's are better than none!" Please Please Please Blu-Ray makers head my plea!!!

Over all a good romp and although quite camp acting its well within the characters of the film. What else would you expect from a hero whos tag line is "Its Clobbering time" :) Enjoy:)
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on 11 March 2006
Just like with Mr & Mrs Smith, this film had plenty of action but I was expecting more because the characters felt rushed and out of place despite the big names like Michael Chiklis (Shield), Ioan Gruffudd (King Arthur) Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), & Jessica Alba (Dark Angel & Sin City).
I believe that the characters needed more time to develop themselves and establish their roles in the film, mainly it this film it shows how they got their powers and what affected them went the cloud struck in outer space.
Hopefully if a sequel gets released, there will be an opportunity to recap on previous events and let the characters develop more freely
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on 5 October 2009
I bought this with great anticipation, having watched the film on DVD which in itself was a good release. The disapointing thing with this was it is just the Cinema release with one audio commentary. With the DVD release it firstly came out with a bundle of extras, and with the second extended version there was no extras. It would have been good if this release had the combination of both DVD issues, which would showcase what Blu-Ray could do. The extended version is a far better film with some great added scenes that give the film better character developement, I hope it is released soon.
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on 28 May 2008
This is not meant to be an acting masterclass. It is sheer fun and the whole family will enjoy it. For starters the picture in Blu Ray is Phenomenal and I have found myself watching it with friends and family four times to demonstrate the wonders of Blu. Also the storyline and acting aren't nearly as bad as some reviews would tell you. Yes, its predictable but at the end of the day its aimed a kids first and adults second. Both myself and my children throughly enjoyed this film and its sequel and they both come highly recommended to show off Blu Ray.
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You will probably notice that most of the reviews are for the 'DVD'. And if you want to upgrade to BLU RAY and live in the UK - there's three options (one to avoid) for "Fantastic Four" and its sequel "Rise Of The Silver Surfer"...

The stand-alone American BLU RAY issues for both films on 20th Century Fox are REGION A LOCKED - so they won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are). There are UK releases too…

But its better to bend for the UK released bundle of both. It's cheap, they look properly amazing on BLU RAY and obviously neither has playback problems.
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3.5 out of 5

Five people are endowed with superpowers after an accident on a space station. Four become a force for good. One becomes a force for evil. That’s pretty much it.

This is a fun movie and I liked it. It had a solid origin story, some good action, and pretty good SFX. Each character was clearly defined, even stereotypical, but that’s the Fantastic Four for you.

A lot of people griped on this movie. It was not bad. Wasn’t as “cosmic” or over-the-top as I would’ve liked, but it wasn’t a bad flick by any means. It was a great translation of comic book to screen and carried that vibe with it from beginning to end.

The invisibility effects of the Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba) were awesome, a sweet combination of complete I-can’t-see-you-at-all invisibility with the glass-like, transparent humanoid figure so we can see her enough to know what she’s doing.

The Human Torch (Chris Evans) looked like a man on fire, which he is, but animated enough so we can make out his actions, his costume, facial expressions and anything else we needed to in a given scene.

Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffudd): at some points he looked like a real-life stretchy dude, at others the CGI was very clear (i.e. that scene when he stretches his hand under the door to unlock it from the outside).

The Thing (Michael Chiklis), arguably the hardest costume because you didn’t want to run the risk of making him look like a cartoon character by going all CGI (as good as the Hulk looks even in The Avengers, there’s still an animated quality to it), but you also didn’t want bad prosthetics either. The Thing in this movie looked amazing and looked real. Well done.

Dr. Doom (Julian McMahon) was fine as is, his costume something like an elaborate cosplay. I would’ve liked more detail in the cloak, some sort of pattern, but the whole how-he-got-his-armor thing was pretty cool.

What worked especially well was the dynamic of family and all the love, bickering and craziness that goes along with having one. There was real chemistry between all the main players and it added a dynamic to the team that made the whole scenario believable.

What also makes the Fantastic Four different is they’re public superheroes without secret identities, that is, though they have codenames, everyone knows who they are. While Iron Man did this, too, having a whole family who everyone knows who they are changes the game. It’s also different because, unlike Iron Man, they didn’t decide, “Hey, let’s be superheroes,” but instead it’s something that kind of happens and they discover how important it is they use their powers to help people.

For me, Fantastic Four was a good movie that I like popping into the DVD player now and then.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 January 2015
Yeah, you heard the general consensus regarding ‘The Fantastic Four’s’ first major big screen outing. Most people hated it. I didn’t hate it, but I’m not warming to it with time. When I first saw it in the cinema I thought it was ‘just about okay.’ Now I’ve watched it again on DVD a couple of years over time I’m sticking to my original verdict.

In fact, one of its problems is the rest of the ‘Marvel’ movies. Since 2005 we’ve been treated to the whole ‘expanded universe’ where all the Marvel superheroes pop in and out of each other’s films. And, it’s safe to say that most people like all that (plus Avengers etc). So, basically the current way of doing superhero films is miles above what 20th Century Fox tried back in 2005.

The cast isn’t really the problem. Even if some of them did get some stick for their portrayals of the characters, I didn’t find any of them a problem. They all looked the part to me. However, the problem I had with the movie is that it never really gets going. It’s not a long film (only an hour and a half) and, despite getting their superpowers early on, the four central characters don’t really do that much with them until literally the final few minutes. I thought this when I first watched it in the cinema, but it wasn’t until I saw it again on DVD that I was able to time exactly when the film actually ‘got going’ (in my opinion). It was about at 1h 20 minutes (out of an hour and a half!). That’s when the superheroes finally come together like I was expecting them to and fight Dr Doom.

Oh yes... Dr Doom. I mentioned that the casting wasn’t that bad. I was referring to the Four. Dr Doom is pretty unspectacular and not that evil. And they only gang up on him at the end, making the whole film seem like a prequel that could have been told in about twenty minutes until the story starts properly.

All in all, The Fantastic Four will always be classed as a ‘missed opportunity.’ Yes, it’s already being ‘rebooted’ and die-hard fans are hoping that Fox will get the formula right this time. Although... rumour has it that the writers are already changing HOW the Four got their powers. Therefore I’m not holding my breath!
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