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4.5 out of 5 stars115
4.5 out of 5 stars
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After more than a year of using the Wii Fit Plus, my wife was looking for a new Wii exergame. ZUMBA FITNESS is a nice fun diversion but it offers little in the area of structured aerobics and calorie control. In contrast, ExerBeat seems to be the perfect blend of new activities and a fitness program.

More than 150 exergames, including yoga/pilates, karate forms, boxercising and dance-exercise (aerobics, hip-hop & latin). Only some of them are unlocked from the very beginning, the others become available as you progress, as is your personal trainer So, not only you get having fun with dancing aerobics (something missing from Wii FIT PLUS) but you also get to monitor your progress, intensity of workout and calories burned (something ZUMBA FITNESS is lacking). Your routines are customizable and can be focused on problem areas. What is more, to keep things interesting, you are presented with daily and weekly exercise challenges that are not considered successfully completed unless you score 70% or better.
Moreover, whereas in the Wii FIT PLUS you had to set your own stretching through yoga exercises, ExerBeat comes with its own stretching routines to keep your joints and muscles safe from stains.

The game can be played in its entirety with a single controller (Wiimote), the game will be asking you which hand you are favoring. Although two controllers are recommended for more precise results, they are not required. Similarly, up to two persons can join simultaneously, each with either one or two controllers. Just remember to setup the game accordingly.
The WiiMotion Plus and the Balance Board accessories are required for a number (but not all of the exergames). Moreover, there is a non-competitive video mode where you try to match what is on the screen without having to carry the controller.

Before actually starting a cartoon music note, named Rhythm, asks about your age, weight and dominant hand. Later on you will be asked whether you will be using one or two controllers. Since one needs to monitor his or her heart rate in order to reap the most benefits out of aerobic exercises, the game reminds you of this - but offers no way of actually measuring or calculating it. You can use an electronic heart-rate monitor or can measure and calculate it using a stopwatch. For some of the yoga/pilates exercises you may also need an exercise mat.

I appreciated the game developers' retro humor, because this motivational gimmick reminded me of a childhood TV-series, Kung Fu, where David Carradine did exactly that: he walked the earth enforcing his morality code with his martial arts skills. No morality code enforcing here but your cumulative efforts (workout time + rhythm points) are translated in distance covered ...walking the earth. Whenever landmarks are reached new exercises are unlocked, to give you a visual sense of accomplishment.

My favorite is the Pirate Attack, where you get to swing your sword (...Wiimote) in the correct angle and direction in order to fend off pirate attacks. You get so into it you forget you are playing until your shoulder muscles burn. As will with Swimming and Pizza Toss. There is also Wall Smasher (a boxing game) and Dance fever (dancing face off).

The Nintendo Wii is the gaming system that was designed from start to finish keeping in mind that the person using it should be having fun. Otherwise, why bother? Sure, getting fit for the beach or loosing those extra pounds, leftover from the winter indulgences, should be equally important motivation - but who are we kidding right? It is so much easier to get into your workout outfit and sweat yourself to better fitness when you know you will be having fun.

And EXERBEAT excels in this.
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on 27 May 2011
Half term is once again upon us, and so my thoughts once again turn to keeping the kids busy. We have a number of Wii keep fit products (Wii Fit, Zumba, Dora, Dance mats, the list goes on...) but, given that most of them cost less than a family visit to the bowling alley, it can never hurt to get another.

Exerbeat is more keep-fit than game, but it is fun enough for the whole family to get involved in. If you want a more hard-core workout I would personally recommend going with Zumba, however, you will certainly not feel excessive if you have both.

Exerbeat uses the balance board on a few of the exercises. However it is by no means essential.

When you first start, you have to go through the usual intro where you enter your details and watch an optional tutorial. Fortunately you can fast forward this as well, so if you need to return to it you will not have to sit through the whole thing again.

The most important bit of information you enter here is your dominant hand. Your weight and age also get entered, but I have given up on getting accurate info on calories burned / weight lost or any other such statistic from this, or any other fitness product. Rather than try and micromanage my exercise routine I have discovered its far more important just to get on and do it!

Anyway, you can then select to use one or two wiimotes yourself, and whether you are using one or two player mode.

Now the program gets really interesting. There is a large selection of exercises to choose from.

Dance Exercises:
Aerobics - 20 exercises.
Hip Hop - 20 exercises.
Latin Dance - 20 exercises, some of which use balance board, but can be skipped if you don't have one.

Martial Arts Exercises:
Boxing - 20 exercises.
Karate - 20 exercises.
Karate Forms - 10 exercises.

Body Condition:
Yoga / Pilates - 20 exercises, mat required.
Stretching - 10 exercises.

As an additional bonus, you also get five party games:
Swimming (no pool required!)
Dance Fever
Pizza Toss
Wall Smasher
Pirate Attack

The games will certainly appeal to your kids, if nothing else will!

Not all exercises are available when you start. More get unlocked the more you play the game. This is handled in a neat way. You travel around the world, and as you get to new places, new exercises are unlocked. You also get to do daily challenges and there is a personal trainer to unlock if you want to concentrate more solidly on a full-on workout.

Its a great product, because kids can dip into it easily to have fun and get a bit of exercise, and adults can use it as an alternative to Wii Fit Plus if they want a more varied workout. As I said before, if you want a hardcore workout that will get you thin for summer, then I suggest the Zumba Wii instead, as you will be sweating more with that. However, if you already have Zumba, or just want more variety, then this will fit the bill nicely.
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on 6 July 2012
Despite having purchased this game at the end of April 2012, it's taken me until now to actually comment on it. However, that really is not a reflection on the game itself, more so a reflection on how manic the last few months of my life have been! Anyway..on to the review.

My first impressions were not favorable it must be said. As an avid exercise fan and 'player' of slightly more intense wii exercise games, I was slightly bemused when, upon creating my user profile I encountered a bouncing musical note. However, despite initially thinking it somewhat childish, the game grew on me considerably as I progressed through it. That being said, it could be played quite happily by children, especially the Party Fitness games, which include swimming (moving your arms like you would when actually swimming), wall smashing (boxing with a twist) and pizza tossing to name but three. All are fun and can quite easily get tiring and burn calories without you even realising that you're exercising. Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a gaming console..
It must be said, especially once I got into the game, that the walking around the world feature in which your Mii progresses around world cities and landmarks depending on how well your exercise is going, did inspire me to keep exercising. Often, I'll have been going for a while and be thinking about giving up, until the moment that I realise I am only one more exercise away from reaching The Sahara Desert! Or some similar location. In my opinion, the fact that as you progress around the world, you unlock new and often more challenging exercises is also quite motivational, an element which this game certainly doesn't lack.
In addition to the party fitness games and around the world features, there are also more comparatively intense exercises to get you working up a sweat, such as boxercising and karate - both featuring similar movements but in totally different settings, pilates and yoga (pilates not being as relaxing as you might think!!), salsa and hip-hop dance as well as aerobics such as those you'd get in a traditional aerobics class.
Despite my initial reservations, I've now actually really got into the game and find it a refreshing, fun alternative from other 'games' that I own such as EA Sports Active 2 and My Fitness Coach, although I tend to alternate between them all as well as Zumba (not addicted to exercise at all, promise!). If you do it enough, and it's quite easy to lose track of time when doing it due to the sheer choice available, then you will find it an effective workout game. It's not quite as focused towards mini-games as something such as Wii Fit Plus is but it has many similar elements such as tracking calories and stamping a chart when you've completed a challenge or a workout on that particular day.
Overall, a fun and effective exercise game which will keep you occupied for hours, I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for an alternative to more intense exercise games on the wii or non-console based exercise! The only reason I gave it four stars and not five is because of my initial reservations and the fact that although effective, it really does take some time to unlock all the exercises. It really is worth it when you do though.
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on 6 January 2012
I was given this as a christmas present from my husband as i was getting fed up with the wii fit plus game, i found exerbeat to be very interesting and i certainly use this every day, i especially like where you can set the time to do a work out anything from 15mins upwards, and that you open up more exercises as you go along, and that you can pick the areas of your body that you want to work on, i am so glad that hubby picked this one for me and hope other people enjoy it as much as i do
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on 13 January 2012
This game is much better than wii-fit. Once you unlock all the exercises you can put them together in numerous combinations to stop you getting bored. The routines flow a lot better with less stoppages.
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on 22 April 2012
I recently bought the wii fit package including the wii fit plus game and although at first I enjoyed it after a few weeks I was beginning to get a bit bored of the same routines and wanted something a bit more physically challenging, I am really enjoying Excerbeat because i feel like I am actually working up a sweat. At first I wasn't too sure because the basic levels when you start are only a couple of minutes long and inbetween every session you are taken on a 'round the world' tour - which to be honest gets a bit tedious and I think its totally unnecessary but this is where new challenges are unlocked and it didn't take me too long to unlock all the levels and finish my 'tour' Thats when i thought I wouldn't see any more of the world trip inbetween excercises and I thought I could just get on with what I wanted to do - but no - you end up going round the world all over again!!! This is the only real negative I have about it but you can get round this quite easily, once you've got everything unlocked you can create your own excersise routines so you could have a 30 or 60 minute routine or longer combining all the different excersises available or just create a session of pure aerobic or martial art excersises. One thing I did find very frustrating (and still have trouble now and again) is that if you are not holding the wii-mote exactly right it doesn't recognise your moves and won't 'register' a score, then the on screen instructor starts having a go at you to keep up - this is where i start swearing back at her/him - I found this more in the aerobic excersises but was fine most of the time in the hip hop and latin dance. But on the whole I would definitely recommend this as its fun and I'm certainly addicted.
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on 30 May 2011
Exerbeat for the Wii takes tips from Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort to bring you a fun game that will get your heart beat up to increase your fitness level and bring you any result you want - e.g. weight loss, body conditioning etc. If you've been doing Wii Fit/Plus for the last few years like myself and you need a change to keep your enthusiasm up, I would definitely recommend Exerbeat as it has the same 'fun' element as Wii Fit, unlike EA Sports Active 2 which is more for the hardcore fitness enthusiast.

In the main menu of Exerbeat you've got different things to choose from:- Dance Exercise - Aerobics, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Martial Arts - Boxercising, Karate, Karate Forms, Body Conditioning - Yoga Pilates, Stretching, Party Fitness - Swimming, Dance Fever, Wall Smasher, Pirate Attack, and My Exercises (pick and choose your own exercises to make your own workout). On the right side of the screen you also have a personal trainer workout programme, Heart Rate Advice (tips for exercising) and use your exercise points and rhythm points to walk around the world. My personal favourite is using the personal trainer programme because you can choose by Objective (Maintain Health, Relax, Burn Fat, Relieve Stress, Shape Up). Or By Category (Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Aerobics, Boxercise, Karate, Yoga Pilates, Stretching). Or by Problem Area (Arms and Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Back, Legs & Hips. Or Random Exercises. Then you choose how long you want to workout for such as 45 mins and Voila.

Like the Wii Fit and Wii Sports Active, Exerbeat progresses with you. It will start off really easy to assess your level and introduce new exercises as you progress. Initially you will use your Wii mote/s (with or without Wii Motion Plus - it doesn't matter, but for more accurate results Wii Motion Plus), and your balance board if you have one (but not necessary). For each exercise you do you achieve points for doing the movements correctly and workout time which translates into steps where you walk around the world. At the end of your exercise or personal training programme it will take you to a map of the world. The more steps and miles you cover the more places you get to visit such as Rome, Athens, Paris etc. Each time you reach a country it will give you facts about the country and may even get your picture taken (just a random picture with your Mii character and a tourist attraction behind).

Initially when you start Exerbeat you will use your Wii Mote/s (you can use 1, or if you have 2 great!), but as you progress it will eventually offer you the option of going wii mote free, if you want the freedom of not having to carry a Wii mote. You won't get the score for your movements (because it can't track them), however you will still get workout time achieved which will help you on your journey around the world. You only really need points if you are competing against another person, or to check you are doing the movement correctly, but the Wii mote doesn't always pick up that you are doing the movement correctly anyway (and that is with Wii Motion Plus). I can't understand why that is. It is a problem on other games too such as Just Dance. You could be doing the movement exactly right and it will give you a miss score.

On the main page you also have a calendar and a graph where you can track your progress. In the graph you can monitor your rhythm points, calories and workout time. Its a real shame though that it didn't have a weight checker like the Wii Fit/Plus. They could have easily done this as the game is compatable with the Wii Balance Board.

Highly recommended!!
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on 29 December 2011
I'm not that keen on exercising - but will happily play Wii Sports and Wii fit. I think this Exerbeat is more effective when it comes to working up a sweat - you actually feel like you have burned some calories. Wii Sports and fit plus are more like games and you don't really feel like you have worked out.

There is a good variety of activities included - with stretching and yoga. Cardio with Salsa moves, Hip Hop and regular aerobics. Karate and Kick-boxing too. Both men and women will benefit from this exercise game.

The only criticism I have is the "round the world" feature. You can earn air miles to travel around a virtual globe - the more you exercise the more miles you earn and the further you can travel. Every time you arrive at a landmark you are given a piece of trivia related to the destination. All very cute but not relevant to exercising. When you have warmed up and want to move on to the next exercise - you cannot - you have to go through the "World map" screen. You can press A to skip the messages - but it is not quick enough. If this game had the option of disabling this feature I would give full marks.

If you liked Wii fit plus and the like - then this is a good purchase. If you a hard-core gym fan and are no stranger to exercise - then perhaps this would not be much of a challenge. (World map feature would be annoying as well)
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on 20 October 2011
I'm a wheelchair user so finding 'Fitness games' that work for me are a challenge!

I like the fact that you can play most of these games from sitting as it mainly only registers what your hands are doing and if you are doing the same motions with them as indicated on the screen, so most of boxing, karate and dancing I can do from sitting in my chair. Of course if you can also stand to do them and bounce around as they do on the screen, you get a really good workout.

The Pilates section also has a nice selection of floor core exercises that I can do to tighten my tummy. I really enjoyed this game and like that the points you earn from exercises take you around the world with this little musical note. The words are on the screen when the note speaks to you and tells you about the country, but not during the dancing - but the visual's are easy to follow the on-screen arrows for the hearing-impaired too.

I'm very happy with it gives my arms a good workout and improves co-ordination. Along with Wii Fit, its one of the few 'Fitness' games that works for me as part of my physio session.
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on 1 June 2011
I have just about every exercise and dance game available on the wii and also a few on the kinect. My first day trialing this one, and I have to say I'm very impressed.

The Good:

Lots of variety, far more than previous games. The aerobic sections such as the boxing and dancing are fun and easy to use.
The yoga section is the best I've seen on any of the wii games including the game that concentrates just on yoga.

The Bad:

As a motivating factor the game has a travel the world bonus, that counts up your hard work into steps you take on a world map. This is a great idea and I'm sure I'll love it later on, but on the first day it is very annoying. As with most games, you have to learn the basics which are presented in small sections. The bonus section calculates your steps after each of these, and meant I spent a lot of time on breaks!!! Not what I was aiming for. Hopefully as the game progresses, I will move on to larger sessions, as this will not be a problem.

The Ugly:

The voice and repetitiveness of the Latin Dance Instructor, and I only did one session!!!
Who knows, I may learn to love her!!

If you like to exercise with the wii, this is a must buy. It is unbelievably cheap for what it offers.
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