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4.1 out of 5 stars86
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 28 September 2013
A deliciously campy send-up of everything we love to hate about the Left Coast and the entertainment biz. The film was in development for over ten years with a script commissioned in 1985, written by screenwriter Coleman Luck. Carpenter would later describe the script as "too light, too campy".The project remained dormant following that time until the 1994 earthquake and the L.A. riots revived it. Carpenter and Kurt Russell got together to write with their long-time collaborator Debra Hill. Carpenter insists that it was Russell's persistence that allowed the film to be made, since "Snake Plissken was a character he loved and wanted to play again".Principal filming began in December 1995. Carpenter has stated that if he ever did another sequel for the Escape films he would call it Escape from Earth.Russell has also stated that out of all the characters he has done in his career, Snake Plissken is his favorite.Escape from L.A. was a box office bomb, only earning $25,477,365 from its $50 million budget--about as much as its predecessor, but little more than half its significantly higher budget.It was an attempt to satirize the genre while exploiting it: "[Escape from L.A.] has such manic energy, such a weird, cockeyed vision, that it may work on some moviegoers as satire and on others as the real thing."A third sequel was going to be made titled Escape from Earth which would have had Snake escaping Earth after a dark matter experiment resulted in 99% of the Earth's population becoming Zombie like creatures. However, the negative reaction to this film prevented the sequel from being developed. The Plutoxin 7 virus was originally going to be part of the first movie, but was never used. Steve Buscemi took the part in this film to help fund his directorial debut, Trees Lounge. According to an interview with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell not only came up with but wrote the entire ending of the movie.
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on 22 February 2013
John Carpenter and Kurt Russel satirise Hollywood and remake their own film in ESCAPE FROM L.A. This is "Snake" Plisskin doing what Snake does best. All the moves and motifs from the first film are there- dusted down, wheeled out and lazilly rebooted for that '90s L.A. "chic". It works well as a cynical poke in the eye... just how Snake likes it. The action is good and the characters bizarre and insane. What more could you want? Bring on ESCAPE FROM NASHVILLE!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 April 2015
Yet again another cool action sci-fi from the master of genre movies John Carpenter, although its not quite as good as the original its still allot of fun and certainly still stands up as a cult classic sequel, the story is pretty much the same as before accept its L.A that's now also been sectioned off and the whole island is now a prison, the presidents daughter with the black box has fallen into terrorist hands within the walls of L.A and only one man can save the day, Snake is captured once again and promised a full pardon for the bad things he's been doing between movies, this time around there's plenty more action and shootouts and going underwater, flying, and lots of crazy effects, some of the effects are a tad cheesy but its the mid 90's and they still look cool, the cast has a few more famous faces this time with Steve Buscemi, Valeria Golino, Pam Grier, Bruce Campbell. if your a fan of the original then certainly pick it up.

Blu-ray picture looks great in HD (USA import)
Features are a little lacking there is only a trailer,
Region Free plays in the UK, 100-mins, 1996.
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on 13 April 2009
This is a clever and crazy film - especially notable, on a basic level, for its wacky special effects which make it look more 1950s than 1990s, and which need to be enjoyed in the spirit of this film.

On a more considered level, there's a lot going on, politically.

Right up to the end, it is not clear on which side John Carpenter is standing - if he is standing anywhere - nor the intended take-home message.

From the start, it is clear that Carpenter is vilifying, among other things, a certain kind of extreme theocratic Christianity. In the USA, that is a hugely political thing to attempt to do. The film bombed at the box-office and perhaps this is part of the reason. The anti-Christian message is pretty well to the fore. For example, the President is portrayed throughout the film as a lunatic who will kill his own daughter - who "needs to pray" and who clutches a Bible. For some people, that will be offensive.

However, we don't find spiritual or ideological refuge in the opposing side either!

The President's opposite number, the leader of the prisoners on Los Angeles island, is a Che Guevara lookalike, called Cuervo Jones - who initially seems like some kind of hip Third World alternative, until we discover that he likes to murder people for fun in the disused sporting arena.

While the prisoners on Los Angeles island are leading a much "freer" existence than the inhabitants of the US mainland - unlike the mainlanders, they can smoke, drink alcohol, eat red meat, own guns and wear fur coats - they are not using their freedom in any constructive way.

For example, on landing on the island, the first thing Snake Plissken finds them doing is machine-gunning each other out of car windows. They all seem - witness the stadium scene - to be psychopathic hooligans who use their freedom and their inhibition from "rules", simply to kill each other.

If Carpenter comes down on anyone's side - and I am not entirely sure that he does - then it would tend to be on the individualistic side of Snake Plissken. The final scene of Plissken with the cigarette in his mouth, appears to represent some kind of homage to this "American Spirit" of individualism.

In reality, though, neither the extremist individualism of Plissken, nor the theocracy of the US State, nor the revolutionary psychopathy of Cuervo Jones answers satisfactorily the question which this film posits.

That is, how, and by whom, do we wish to be governed?
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on 13 May 2015
John Carpenter and Kurt Russell team up again to tell another story about the crazy and daring exploits of "Snake Plissken", criminal renegade supreme. The story which is set in the near future is along similar lines as "Escape from New York" but is set on the West coast of America in Los Angeles instead. The plot is slightly different to the first film and can be considered formulaic by nature but is no less enjoyable. The costumes and sets are very good and make the dystopian feel of future L.A. completely believable and engrossing to experience. This film is a Sci-fi romp with a little gore and black humour thrown in for good measure, as only John Carpenter can deliver it. If you love John Carpenters other films then chances are that you will love this one too. If you haven't seen any of John Carpenter's films then this film is a great introduction to crazy world of John Carpenter's mind and it will bring you many hours of enjoyment. I you loved "Mad Max" then this is right up your street!
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on 16 January 2016
You need to take a step back and view this movie in context. Escape from NY was a groundbreaking movie along with blade runner. CGi was in it's infancy yet some how , compared to todays big budget offerings these early movies seem authentic. I'm pleased that efla was made in the same style, ok it's not as original as EFNY but for those of a certain age group who remember the days when acting was more important than cgi cos there was no cgi or very little good cgi these movies were radical. Another example being Warriors. Those born in the 90s on were brought up on hi tec only and hyperreality is the norm. For those of us growing up watching movies animated with placticine, Ie ray harryhausen and then being hit with EFNY, Blade runner and Warriors etc it was truly revolutionary. In that vain I am not critical of EFLA because I view it from a different perspective and enjoy the conspiratorial nature of the film. Finally, Kurt is rhe Anti Hero we all want to be...
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on 12 September 2012
Picture and sound have never been better than here on this blu ray version. Lack of extras are still the only let down. The film has such fun poking away at it's well intended targets that I can forgive any missteps along the way. Carpenter only had one day to make changes to his final edit so the films pace suffers slightly. But it's wry wit carries through till the end. A personal favourite but, like Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus', it's not what people were expecting. Don't go into it expecting a straight sequel as that's one thing it's poking fun at (it knows it's a sequel to a dated sci-fi cult classic - casting choices, dialogue, retro gadgets, even some song lyrics let you know this), as it then proceeds to just remake the original in a different setting. Great fun if you can see past the sometimes slow pace.
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on 17 October 2014
I bought this mostly because I'm a great Snake Plissken fan. He is one of my fave anti- heroes. I love his cavalier attitude, and lackadaisical ways. Not as good as its predecessor ' Escape from New York'. As that is the ultimate Snake movie. This is very much a remake rather than the sequel it should have been. I don't suppose I would have bought the movie if it wasn't for Snake. It's action-packed, and some great moments, but I only gave it three stars simply because of the great Snake highlights. The movie itself leaves a lot to be desired. In short,if you're not a Snake fan you probably won't enjoy it. Escape from New York is the one to watch. Deservedly five stars or more.
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on 16 February 2013
One of the "greatest" movies ever made. Carpenter is a genius, of course, and makes the movie he wants.

No Spanish audio track docks a few points of the review, but other than that, the DVD is correct.
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on 12 March 2013
Well I already had the DVD version and also the Escape to New York Bluray and so had to get this to complete the collection. If you are a Snake Pliskin fan then you should buy this.
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