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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 November 2013
I bought this carrier when my first born was 9 months old and used it up until he was about 3. I've now got a 4 month old baby girl and she's been in the Ergo since she was about a month old. I've also own 2 ring slings, a BabyBjorn and a Close Baby Carrier.

The advantages of the Ergo above the others are:

-its unbelievably comfortable for both mum and baby. I wore it today for example on a cross country walk, up and down steep hills and my back is absolutely fine. With a ring sling for example, my back is sore after half an hour.
-your hands are completely free for getting things done at home! This is incredibly useful particularly when you have a 4 year old running around! With a ring sling for example, one of your arms is constricted by the actual sling
-it looks nice and smart, unlike some 'wraps' which can look a bit messy and a bit too 'hippie' for my liking
-its machine washable and still looks absolutely brand new after all these years! I wash it every couple of weeks. The BabyBjorn labels started fading and washing off after the first wash!
-you can fit a ruckasack on your back if wearing baby on your front

The only disadvantage I can think of is that it doesn't pack down particularly small unlike a ring sling for example.

I'd say the Ergo is brilliant value for money-you're getting a very, very highly quality product thats unbelievably useful. What could be more important than mum and baby being comfortable and happy?
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on 17 May 2013
Very messy stitching and suspect hazard label led me to believe these Ergos are fake. I returned to Amazon and got a refund. Check out pics on John Lewis website of genuine Ergo with close ups of how stitching and hazard label should look.
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on 26 February 2013
I got this a while ago after a friend recommended it to me. It is a DREAM!!
I have a bad back and this carrier supported my baby and my back for many months.
My boy is quite large for his age and I carried him on the front until he was 16 months old. Now he is on the back or on my hip (the carrier has 3 positions) Best carrier on the market and highly recommended *************
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on 18 June 2014
When I was looking for a baby carrier before my first baby was born, I was hesitant to spend so much. However, this came highly recommended by a friend and after doing a little research I decided to buy it. I am so glad that I did! I used it for two babies and I have just passed it on to my friend.


Comfortable - Because the straps are so wide I found it extremely comfortable. I wore this in airports, out hiking, and shopping. I tried some with smaller straps and found I couldn't wear them very long before getting a sore back.

Use from a young age - With the insert (bought separately) you can start the babies in these from a much younger age than some others on the market. As I could never quite get the hang of a baby wrap this was really nice for me.

Convenient - I found this so much easier often than a pram. My baby could sleep while I shopped or ran errands without having to haul a pram around. Also, I often put my baby in the front pack while I pushed my toddler in a small push chair rather than dealing with our huge double buggy.

Well designed - I loved the sun shade option and the place to put my keys. Both were very useful

Safe - I have read that front facing packs for young babies can cause hip problems. Both my kids loved facing me and they are still able to look around.


Size of waist strap - The waist strap may be an issue for some men (my dad is an XL top) and you may need to buy a waist extension. Not a big deal but an additional purchase if you need it.

Overall I've used this for three years and just passed it on - worth every penny!
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on 9 August 2013
Love this carrier. I have always wanted an Ergo and finally got one on my third baby who is currently 5 months old. It is very easy to put on yourself and get the baby in. Baby is very comfy and close to you which is lovely. Yet to use it on my back, very happy with it on the front though. This fabric is totally beautiful too, I am all for good looking baby products :)
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on 8 July 2016
I spent a long time looking at the many baby carriers available before settling for this one and am very glad I did. We used a Moby Wrap for the first month or two which was fine (if a bit of a chore to put on) but this is a far better solution. Our daughter really loved being carried in this "up front but facing back" from the beginning - it's very cosy, secure and well padded and the integral hood excellent for keeping out even the worst days of winter. In this position it is very easy indeed to put on the carrier and secure the baby single-handed and the straps are very well positioned to give the necessary support to the parent; we were using it this way almost up to the 1 year mark without any back problems occurring, even on longish (e.g. 1hr) walks.
We are now using the carrier in the back carry mode and this also works very well - the only downsides being that I can't really see what's going on behind and getting the child into the carrier is a bit tricky when single handed; there's not really much that could be done about this though and I dare say with practice (and the ever increasing ability of the child to assist!) it would get easier.
We would be totally lost without this carrier - the pushchair is so limiting in comparison and walks along beaches or through fields are so much more enjoyable for both baby and parent than smelly boring pavements!
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on 4 July 2013
I originally bought an ergo baby carrier for my daughter when she was 4 months old and we both loved it so I was looking forward to getting it out of the cupboard again when my son was born. I ordered the insert and by 8 weeks old I had finally had enough of it (but I still intend to use the carrier once the insert becomes unnecessary).

Bad points:
1. The carrier can get hot but this is crazy! It only has to get to about 18 degrees outside and I worry that my son will overheat. I put him in it with only his nappy on but he still gets hot and clammy - this is a winter only season item!

2. I've given up trying to get him into a comfortable position - I can't arrange it so that his heads not lolling about because he's too high up or that he's not suffocating because he's too far down. I watched a video that said "place the baby in the lotus sitting position" - has anyone tried to do this with an agitated baby?!? Unless he's completely relaxed or half asleep I can't get his legs into the lotus position which causes his neck to be too high for support - not great when I'm in a hurry and have to wait for him to relax.

3. My son gets very uncomfortable in this and compared to the position that the baby sits in when the insert is no longer necessary (legs straddling the person carrying) it does seem that the baby is very squashed up. I started to worry that carrying him like this was going to damage his spine.

Love the carrier, hate the insert. I will use the pushchair until the insert isnt necessary.
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on 30 May 2013
If this is a genuine fully functioning product then maybe it's a great carrier, but we have found a couple of issues which we aren't sure whether they are faults or design flaws or us misunderstanding something. Either way we can't use it currently since they are safety related.

First of all the elasticated safety loop that prevents the sling falling open if the waste buckle fails was loose/gaping and not very tightly elastic to the belt on ours so we contacted Ergobaby to ask if we weren't using it properly or if the product sounded like it was damaged and they said...

'If you have bought your carrier over Amazon, you have purchased it at an unauthorized retailer. Nevertheless it sounds as if it is a fake, as the original elastic loop shouldn't be that loose. Normally, if you put the buckle including the end of the strap through the elastic loop and it might open, the buckle does not go through it by itself. We can only recommend to make an exchange at the seller, where you bought it or it might be a counterfeit.'

Obviously shocked I contacted Amazon and they came back to me and said they are an authorised reseller of Ergobaby, so it was very confusing given what Ergobaby said on email when I approached them. When challenged with Ergobaby's comments Amazon did subsequently seem to suggest that if you bought it direct from them then it will be OK as their buyers have been in touch with Ergobaby, but if through Amazon marketplace then maybe not authorised and perhaps that's the distinction, but either way it's not great for customers IF Amazon are aware that unauthorised companies are selling through the Amazon site and let them do so. I then went back to Ergobaby with Amazon's comments about being an authorised seller to get their reaction, and surprisingly they then replied with...

'After your email, we have enquired with our distributor, who is in charge oft this territory, and he confirmed that Amazon is an authorized retailer but not since a long time. Therefore you received a genuine product. Please accept our deepest apologies for this mistake from our side! Coming back to your question, we think that this carrier has a faulty loop and you should return it to Amazon'

Maybe the reasons above are why some feel they have fakes from Amazon & others are happy.

In the meantime we have discovered another potential fault with a safety buckle but with the infant insert, which as a result simply let's the tie cord/belt slide open on it's own since it doesn't lock into place ( a bit like a should strap on a bag that doesnt stay fixed to whatever length you have moved it to).

However, before returning the product to Amazon we are now trying to establish if both the issues we have discovered are faults or something else as we obviously don't want the product if these are instead design flaws. The trouble is there are no stockists in our area to check in person, Amazon CS can't help as they just sell the product but dont know anything about it's use, and Ergobaby don't have a phone number for UK customers so you need to try and do it over email.

I'll update if we get a new product and it works differently
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on 16 June 2011
I was skeptical of this product as it really just looks like a belt with a bit of fabric on the front. but it is way more than that. You can hardly feel the baby you are carrying. Even at 9 months my little one fells like a newborn in it. I have worn it for over an hour without even thinking about it. I just wish I had bought it when she was smaller, so I can use it for longer. Even though she is facing me, she loves being carried in it as she can see everything. She hasn't fallen asleep in it yet so I can't review the sleeping hood. It is so easy to adjust, every carrier should have straps like this. Pull them out to looses, in to tighten. End of story. I really can't recommend this enough, it is almost a good a buy as my buggy and I use it as much. I would just like to say I had a really bad back when I was pregnant, using this makes it feel better if anything. It seems to re-aligns your posture.

Update: I am still using this most days, she's now 12 months old and still loves being in this, whether on my back or on my front. I just bring it with us, hanging on the handles of the buggy and if she gets annoyed in the buggy, I carry her for a while. She has slept in this twice and the little hood keeps her head steady. Even now she feels so light. Some friends of mine had given up trying to carry their babys thinking them too heave but after trying this, they want to buy one. Really can't think of any bad points.
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on 29 July 2015
Absolutely brilliant!! Definitely a must buy for any new parent. My son has fallen asleep within 5 minutes of being put in this and me walking around. I've used it since the day it arrived (he was 8 weeks old and weighed 15lb 6oz) and I find it very easy to use, getting him in and out easily (I had a wrap sling before and could never get him out without waking him up and it was a pain to put on) - it's been designed for you to use it one-handed. I spent 2 hours shopping the other day with him in this and found it comfortable - no back pains afterwards (unlike with the wrap when he weighed less!). It even has a rain hood attached which is handy.
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