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I have a laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro L10 running XP, all other computers run Win7. I can confirm that after installing the software off the Epson CD, the printer worked fine for printing and scanning. I haven't tried the Wi-Fi connectivity but i don't see any reason why it should not work. I am very pleased with this printer. Does everything I want and the printing of DVD or CD works great, once you know how to work the software. I would score it as 10/10 Hope this helps
28 Dec 2013 by Mr. James M. Grant
It handles 260gsm A4 photopaper without any problems, so the answer is probably - yes, it might - I don't have any card of 300gsm to try though, or I would give it a go for you. Why not contact Epson for advice. Regards, Mick. (It is a cracking little printer though - best I've ever owned.)
23 May 2014 by Mick
Yes I am sure it will, although I use it with a Mac and iPad and not with a cable but over wifi which is very good, The USB printer cable is the normal way to connect to a PC, the Epson software is configured for windows Formatting for printing both sides two side print is tricky on publisher
27 Dec 2013 by David Faulks
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