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Yes, if you buy the printer lead seperatley.
2 Dec 2013 by Azza Cduff
does it photocopy 9 Jun 2014
Yes it does it is a very good printer. It can also scan photocopy print photos and as a built in Fax.
9 Jun 2014 by Julian Jones
Hello, this can do double sided by the usual method of printing odd sides first and then reloading these copies and printing the even sides. It does have an automatic document feeder, however it doesn't have the completely automated 'page turner' to feed both sides of a double sided document to the scanner. Overall, I'm very pleased with this printer especially as it prints wirelessly from a smartphone or iPad. Separate ink cartridges are very cost effective and I have not been disappointed with 'generic' replacements. It is suggested that future software updates might inhibit non genuine Epson cartridges so I don't automatically update the software.
7 Jun 2014 by Juan Campos
You have to put it on photo paper mode through the menu. Depends how heavy the card is but u might have to stand there and assist. But Don't forget to change it back to normal paper mode after u hv finished with printing on card or it will take an age to print and use up alot of ink.
23 Mar 2014 by Mrs Susan Anita Harman
photo quality? 24 Feb 2014
In the short time I have owned and used the Epson , I have found the print quality to be good .
24 Feb 2014 by ken
if you have updated your printer then you can only use Epson ink... if you haven't then you can use the cheep ink Compatible @ any of the buyers on Amazon which they have many of...) run a search on Amazon on your printer and make sure you ask the search for ink :)
13 Dec 2013 by Amazon Customer
Yes it was. I believe they were full cartridges rather than the reduced capacity ones. I now use compatible cartridges without any problem.
20 Nov 2013 by A. Taylor
No i tried using card and it wont pull it through
30 May 2014 by D. B.
wired connection 17 Apr 2014
The USB connection is straightforward. I don't remember if it can be connected via Ethernet. If so, I never did.
17 Apr 2014 by Marco Cuttin
I have just looked and the custom scale setting (copy/menu), allows for scale increase up to 400% though I have only ever used at "Actual Size". Hope this helps!
18 Feb 2014 by A. Taylor
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