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on 14 February 2011
Was originally looking at purchasing the SX720WD but couldn't justify it given the price how often it would be used so settled on this SX525WD as a compromise given the generally favourable reviews & the price here on Amazon with one reviewer describing it as a mid to highend inkjet I hoped some of the kudos of the SX720WD would rub-off on it's sibling. On the whole I'm very pleased with my choice, text is pin-sharp with no heavy ink, colour reproduction is also very good my one criticism is if your printing photos this printer demands paper of the higest quality otherwise the finish is soft & somewhat grainy. Can't comment on ink usage as I haven't had it long enough but i can say I've had a good play & the levels have barely moved.
A very special mention must go to Epson, sure you can't please all the people all the time but before I purchased the SX525WD I did a bit of research on the net & on more than one occasion I came across Epson customers who'd e-mailed Epson with an enquiry only to recieve a call back. A not so insignificant detail that kept resonating with me given I was in the market for a wifi printer & so it proved with me. Couldn't see an e-mail working for me I'd made a mistake with wifi setup & needed walk-throu help so decided to give them a ring Tel-:Epson 0871 4237766 10pm from a BT landline (other manufactures take note) they were Fantastic!!!! the guy on the other end was so well informed clearly wasn't reading from a script really knew his apples & had my wifi setup in 5mins max! Brilliant customer service could't recommend them enough.
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on 17 February 2011
I bought this machine to replace a canon pixma - I wanted a machine that would print quickly, was wireless as wanted to connect a laptop and a desktop computer - and that could print double sided - this does what it says on the tin..i had it out of the box and printing within an hour wirelessly - instructions could have been a bit easier but on the whole if you have a basic knowledge about these things, it was easy to set up. Another reason for buying the machine was that you can get ink cartridges that are high capacity i.e last twice as long as normal ones - although a wee bit expensive to buy they are worth it as they last much longer. The duplex (double sided printing feature) is great - unlike some machines this actually does this for you - you don't have to do it manually - watch out for this on other machines as sometimes they say this is a feature but you have to manually change the paper - you don't on this machine it feeds it back in itself..
Only downside is that it's not so good at printing photos (not as high quality as the canon for photos) but it wasn't bought for that purpose unlike the pixma. If you are going to be printing a lot of photos then i would recommend the canon range - this will print decent photos though.
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on 21 March 2011
Arrived within 2 days of ordering - up & running on my laptop & desktop PCs in no time, didn't have any installation problems whatsoever. The print quality is really great - to check it out I printed a photo that I already have a copy of from a professional printers & I honestly can't tell the difference, neither could my hubby when I asked him.

Haven't used the scanner yet but the copier is very good & using the LCD screen is child's play. Having only ever had bog-standard printers before, it's footprint was bigger than I imagined & getting the papertray in & out is a bit fiddly but think that's just because I've always been used to loading the paper into the top of the printer - I'm sure I'll get used to it. One of the reasons I got this printer is because it reads XD memory cards, I've printed a couple of pictures from one and there were no problems, again the quality was fantastic.

General printing...... A4 documents both b&w and colour, are fine and although I haven't stood there with a stopwatch to actually time how long they took, I haven't waited an age for them. Haven't tried the duplex facility yet either but it wasn't a priority - I really wanted it for photographs and I'm very pleased with the results.

In the month I've had it, there's only been one "little" hiccup...... for some reason about 5 days ago it lost it's wifi connection, no matter what I did, I couldn't get it back, so yesterday I uninstalled all the software from both PCs & re-installed it - it now seems to be working fine (again!!).

Despite that, I'd highly recommend - if only for it's print quality (and at the price I paid, it's a real bargain)
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on 26 December 2010
The ability to print both sides automatically from an all in one inkjet is just what I've been waiting for and luckily my old printer died just before Christmas, so I had to get myself a Christmas present, as I've been such a good girl this year!

When I first tried the duplex function I was disappointed that you have to turn the paper round yourself - but when I went into the settings a few days later I realised that I must have clicked on the manual setting for duplex printing - doh!

It prints wirelessly from both my (Windows) laptop and my iPad (via a printing app) with no problems at all. Print quality on photo paper is good and the printing is very fast. I also bought it for a bargain price (under £100) and my only gripe, as ever, is the cost of inks...
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on 1 August 2011
I have been using this printer for over 6 months and couldn't live without it as I am a heavy user. It is used with 3 computers and 2 smartphones all with different spec. from all over the house, office and garden often with 2 devices in use at the same time. The print yeild is excellent; the cartridge size is deceptive and in draft mode it uses circa 1x Black Stag Ink + 1x Apple Multi Pack (Black/Colours) to print over 3-4 reams of paper (1500-2000+ sheets of A4) if the majority of the text is black, as most of it is.

A couple of tips, I hope they help;
Install the wifi from the epson disk not the printer (or the download software which is located on the epson website) as it tends to form a better conncection. If change supplier, router etc it can be easier to unistall the software and start from scratch as it saves problems later with poor connections.
If you are just printing for your records and don't need a perfect copy such as a formal letter use the print properties function to print in draft format as this will reduce ink consuption.
Although the printer will send you reminders to buy ink, the cartridge at this point is not empty, the printer will often continue printing for at least couple of weeks beyond this if you are just using for normal domestic purposes.
Don't replace the cartridges until they run out. Ink capacity can be viewed through the print properties function, it will show an exclamation mark when low and a cross when empty. When ink runs out you get an error message on your screen directing you to change the relevant cartridge only, if the page is mid print, don't disturb it in the printer as once the cartridge is replaced it will start where it left off.
Don't overfil the paper tray, as it tends to cause paper jams.
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on 26 March 2011
After owning a mixture of HP deskjets and laserjets over the years we thought we would try this after the great reviews and have not been disappointed.

Setup was very easy and connected to our wireless network within minutes. The screen is a great addition as makes navigation a breeze. We have a macbook and dell connected wirelessly, both without any issues

I like that the tray which holds the paper is in the printer which saves space and gives the printer a very sleek look, unlike our old HP printers where the paper trays stuck out the front. The printer looks good on any desktop and compact enough not too take centre stage.

The printer prints quickly, with relatively low noise and the fact that it automatically prints on both sides of the paper is great not having to turn the paper over manually like in other printers. Ink is also cheaper then the HP's so we should notice a overall saving.

Scanning and photocopying is also very simple with all the buttons on the front to make it quick and simple.
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on 12 March 2011
Have only had this up and running for two days so cannot comment on ink usage. However I like the ability to change only the colour needed and the fact that you are able to get XL cartridges. Only time will tell whether the prices are acceptable or not. Duplex printing is a boon and easily set up. Not only does it save paper but it saves room in files and storage.

This is an excellent machine and delivers what it promises. Fairly easy to set up and the instructions are pretty good although a little bit of "lateral thinking" is needed now and again. Print quality is good but have not had the opportunity to do photos yet. Having said that, if first impressions count, I am confident that I will be pleasantly surprised.

The wireless capability seemed to be easy to set up and I successfully printed wirelessly, but when I came to scan wirelessly it didn't work and I had to, temporarily, put in a USB cable while I sort this out. Please don't be put off buying this machine because of my review, because I am pretty sure when I go back over the initial set up I will have failed to do something correctly.

This replaces an ageing HP2400 series all-in one which can't cope with windows Vista or 7. The copy procedure is far quicker and superior to our old machine which took forever to copy a document.

Prices vary from "shop to shop" but we got ours at a very reasonable price - if MRP is anything to go by, which is probably inflated, "slightly", to get what they want in the first place (I tend to be a bit cynical) - and I would recommend this printer to anyone who needs a quality all-in-one. (there is no fax facility but that was not a consideration for us as we already have another all-in-one with fax capabilitiy)

Go for it. If you are really dissapointed I have just left the country!
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on 15 March 2011
Very fast, very clear quality. I'm mainly going to be using this to print documents and pictures. I tried printing some pictures using some Epson Premium Photo Paper, the results were brilliant. They were exactly as those produced in shops. I don't know with other papers, haven't tried it yet. Even on plain A4 paper, the pictures came out really clear.

The set up is a little bit annoying because they don't give you a USB cable, but you can pick one up for £1 from Amazon. I haven't bothered with setting up the wireless connection, or the ethernet connection, but the scanner on it is pretty good. If you want to set up the wireless connection be prepared to do a bit of computer work, it requires a little bit of know-how. The printer and the scanner has lots of settings to tinker around with. Not as noisy as you would expect. The paper tray is a little bit fiddly but still OK overall. You have to place paper on it facing down, and not up. I made this mistake with the glossy photo paper and the printer jammed 4 times in a row until I realised what I was doing wrong, after which it worked like a charm. I think it has this feature built in to stop wasting ink printing on the wrong surface, which is pretty good.

The casing looks really nice but WILL attract dust like a magnet. I would advise keeping it covered with a towel, like I have. If you only occasionally use your printer, then covering it up against dust is a very good idea.

It's a little bit expensive, but with the free three year extended warranty it is DEFINITELY worth it, that's what sealed the deal for me. I say go for it!
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on 10 January 2011
it may be a little noisy as i have seen mentioned some where but it is fast and the print quality very good. in my humble opinion it is well worth the money. this replaced a hp i had and it far outways the quality and it takes up the same desk space as the hp. Good number, in my opinion.
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on 3 February 2011
Just a small review here.

The device can print, copy and scan whilst being easy to use.

The wireless function allows you to print from anywhere in the house, no need for connecting cables if your computer has wi-fi capability.

Setting it up fully may take a little while, but as long as you follow the instructions provided, you will face no problem and it will work brilliantly.

Definitely worth your money!

5 Stars
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