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Yes, you are able to connect either by USB cable or wireless. There is also an app called Epson iPrint for ios and Android which allows wireless printing and scanning from a smartphone or tablet. you can also print to it using email from anywhere in the world using the printers own unique (owner set) email address or IP code.
16 Dec 2013 by A P DUNMORE
Yes, at the rear of the printer, lower right side (when viewing rear panel).
16 Dec 2013 by A P DUNMORE
hi yes it is fine with xp and windows 7 i have both don`t forget when printing pull out thr exit tray thats the one above the paper holder or it will not start i have also used the scanner facility and tried against my epson 750 and no difereence noticed which is incredible when you consider the 750 is over 500 for the stand alone scanner i just wish they made an a3 version of this all in one a4 i would buy it hope this info helps cincerely winston
2 Feb 2014 by Professor Winston Ingram
Yes, it prints discs fine. All in all I'm very satisfied with it.
26 Apr 2014 by Mr. Rp Price
yes. it works with windows 8.1. both 32bit and 64 bit.
22 Mar 2014 by Spiff
Yes I can using wifi
25 Jun 2014 by Delyse.E.Humphrey
No. If by your question, you mean turn it on or off, definitely no. In fact once the Epson has not been used for some time, it automatically switches itself off to save energy and so on. When you come to print you need to switch on manually by depressing the on/off switch on the printer. You can, however print remotely (via WiFi) from your PC/Mac and it is also Airdrop compliant which permits WiFi printing from a iPhone/iPad. You can also print from "anywhere in the world" by emailing your document to the printer from any computer; but this requires setting up which I've not done. Hope this helps. Ian
27 Dec 2013 by Dr. I. W. Turnbull
double sided printing 16 Apr 2014
Assuming that Michael has the original disc for this printer, he should have the User's Guide on his hard-drive. Page 62 shows how to print on each side of the paper and page 45 deals with copying.
17 Apr 2014 by J M.
You pull out the lower tray from the front of the printer and load in there.
14 Mar 2014 by Rod
No. To load an envelope (#10, DL, C6) remove cassette 2 (lower cassette), remove any paper that's in the tray and insert the envelopes - maximum of ten, depending on weight / thickness - adjust the edge guides to the size of media being used. Note: the envelopes should be inserted face down, ie; with the flap on the left and facing up. Reinsert the cassette and you're good to go. Make the necessary settings in the print control for the media being used and then print.
16 Dec 2013 by A P DUNMORE
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