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4.4 out of 5 stars82
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I have to admit to a guilty pleasure on this one - I've always liked the wonderfully cheesy "Entrapment" - especially the slightly odd yet very convincing chemistry between the young and beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones and the old but still incredibly sexy Sean Connery. You genuinely feel that Connery fancies Jones and she likewise - and apparently that was the case. You can see that Connery actually likes and admires her and it gives the film a great dynamic - they seemed to be enjoying themselves rather than just grinning and bearing it.

Which is a shame, because I was hoping that this would be a decent buy on BLU RAY, but it isn't.

The principal reason is not the film itself (which is very entertaining), but the way it was filmed. There's a sort of filtered haze over at least 75% of the print (possibly hiding someone's age my dear?) that now looks even worse - accentuated by its transfer to the mercilessness of High Def. The picture isn't crap, but it's NOT 1080P DEFINED either - and it's absolutely NOT AN IMPROVEMENT over say a dirt-cheap DVD. "Entrapment" on BLU RAY looks murky and poorly executed most of the time - and for a film that was issued in 1999, that's just not good enough.

The Extra Feature is a commentary by Director Jon Amiel, but that's all (no making of, no interviews). Presentation is in Letterbox 16:9 (so it fills the full screen) and languages include French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch and English For The Hard-Of-Hearing.

I'd say hire this before you buy it. In a slew of badly transferred movies to this great but sometimes frustrating format, this is yet another sloppy reissue.

One to avoid I'm afraid.
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Robert MacDougal (Sean Connery) is an art thief who hides himself away in his Scottish castle. But an art insurance investigator, Virginia Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is now on his trail. She seemingly aids him in one last major theft - this time of a priceless Chinese mask - with a view to catching him in the act. Virginia manages to slip away and tell her boss, Hector Cruz (Will Patton) all about the plans; but MacDougal has the place bugged so he knows all about the double-cross. After the duo successfully complete this theft, Virginia persuades MacDougal to go for a bank robbery from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, just as the world is poised to enter the new millennium in 2000. The dialogue is witty and engaging, and the possibility of romance between the antagonists adds another dimension to the story line. There are further twists in this exciting story, but I shall say no more. Connery and Zeta-Jones play their parts convincingly.
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on 24 February 2013
Great film and good performances by the two "stars". To add to the other reviewer's comments I thought Catherine Zeta-Jones quite fancied Sean Connery as well! It all added to the chemistry. I thought the Blu-Ray disc was excellent, pin sharp and a noticeable improvement on an ordinary DVD. My biggest gripe is there are NO "special features". We couldn't even find the director's commentary. It would have been great to see how they did the stunts.
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on 8 February 2012
A good film, plenty of twists and turns.
I can see it becoming a timeless classic.
Sean Connery at his best
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on 2 January 2016
On the first day of 2016 I was suffering with a massive life threatening hangover after having attacked a bottle of Gin with my wife on new years eve, and into the next morning. Was it worth it, to feel as if my insides have been removed, placed in a tumble dryer and then stuffed back inside me through my anus. No, not really and I won't be doing it again anytime soon. Another thing I won't be doing again soon is watching Entrapment.

I always had good memories of this film and can't think of a time when I have not enjoyed watching it. Until last week that is. I purchased the Bluray and was looking forward to watching it because I am a big fan of Sir Sean Connery. Within a few minutes I was irritated and fed up with it. For one it's a heist movie which most of time makes me yawn. Apart from The Italian Job and Oceans 11.

Now let me just set the record straight here that the faults with Entrapment are not on Connery's shoulders, but rest firmly on Catherine Zeta Jones. She is awful in every sense of the word. I can't put my finger on why apart from when ever she is on screen I want to put a lump hammer through my TV, smash the house up and then drink myself to an oblivion, trying to forget it all and waking up in a puddle of piss. Thankfully I retrained myself and managed to get through the film.

The thing is, Jones, looks and sounds like a British actress trying to be American, by trying to look all cute, with her hair messed up trying to look tiered and eating pizza. Arrrrggghhh. That really made me mad for some reason. Just the way she eats pizza looks fake and as if she thought "yes all Americans eat pizza so I will and I've cracked it". I'd like to crack a bottle over head, I know that! And her dialog is utter s**te with her saying things that have the same problem as the f***ing pizza. The writers must have thought, "Americans say this all the time so our terriable Welsh actress will sound authentic". They should have just got a decent American actress to play the part and it would not have been half as bad.

Sean Connery is convincing as the man who's seen it all thief and really looks the part as his age of 69 at that time. He actually plays a 60 year old in the film. Which is fine but when there is an unconvincing love interest between his charecter and Jones it becomes a silly joke. Again, no fault of Connery because even I would s**g him. It's the writing and the poor perfomance of Jones. She just comes across desperate and c**k hungry.

I wish I could move onto something positive but I can't. So let's continue with the negative waves. There is another stupid scene where Connery is trying to get Jones fit and ready for a burglary and has her swim for hours in a freezing cold Scottish loch. However when she has finished her make up is perfect and she is not out of breath. What a load of crap. There is a chase where a Jag gets smashed up which is fine, until the owner turns up and says it's worth 140k. This Jag is not an E-Type, it's a mass produced two sester that was probably about 40k when it was new. I just hate it when movie script writers think everyone is thick. It offends me! It offends more than breakfast radio shows!

The thing that pissed me off the most about this movie is Jones in skin tight licra ponsing about trying to be all sexy and seductive, sticking her arse up at any opportunity, and arching her back. Pathetic! What did the writers think hey? That this will look sexy and erotic and will have the boys trying to pull the head of their d**ks? It's just nonsense and I did not for 1 second even contemplate having a tug!

Having said all this, the film does pick up slightly and does have a few good action scenes and a nice little twist at the end. The reason I am so angry about this film is because I really want it to be better because, all said and done, I still quite like it despite it being crap. They should have left out the love interest part out because it just does not sit right and offers nothing to the story.

If you want a proper action film of that time with Sean Connery then stick to The Rock. I will be shelving Entrapment back in my film collection for a few years again, but in the meantime I think I'll finish that Gin off.
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on 15 September 2015
This turned up on Netflix - I'd seen it before but only remembered the gymnastics where the guys get to oggle CZJ's figure. The rest of it had got lost in the years between. A biggish part of the second half is based around the millennium bug - which as we all know now came to absolutely nothing - but at the time we were all fearful that our computers could crash out terminally on the stroke of the final midnight of 1999.

ZJ is never anything other than very watchable and Connery shows he's still got it.

It's essentially a turnaround of the Thomas Crown Affair, a la McQueen/Dunaway - with lots of padding to hide the same plot skeleton.

Without the two main cast members, it'd be much more also-ran. Connery's good in this sort of role of course, and Ms Jones always manages to sizzle on-screen - she has to be one of the world's most attractive women - with a truly beautiful face and a very nice figure indeed - no bones sticking out there, she's all woman. And with talent to match - not that common a combination.

Not quite 5* material, but 3 would be stingy - so 4 it is.
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on 8 January 2011
I've watched this film a number of times and it was one I just had to have for my film library. Connery and Zeta-Jones prove to be a great pairing and perform their respective roles well. Catherine's antics amongst the laser beams is a must for the male viewers and the storyline is good. This is one to return to again and again.
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on 2 January 2011
I cannot say this is the greatest film on earth but it is solid entertainment and I will certainly watch it any number of times when I want something not too stressful. Sean Connery is his normal powerful presence and Catherine Zeta-Jones is, again, her normal riveting self. The story is good but the dialogue is not special.
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on 8 November 2010
Here is another wonderfull example of the versatility of Catherine Zeta Jones. She displays her gymnastic and dancing skills, as the sultry double dealing financial investigator Virginia Baker who has to contort through laser beams to steal a priceless golden Oriental Mask from a museum in London.
She is aided by ageing master thief Mac (Sean Connery), and they practise at his hideaway castle in Scotland; he has to guide her every movement via a computer link and ear piece during a ten minute interval before security checks. Mac is the master of high tec robberey, having just stolen a Rembrandt painting insured by the company Virginia Baker works for. He realises she is working for the FBI to set him up, and expose his contacts. Little does she know that he has been set up to investigate her, and his 'fence' is also undercover.
Of course they both double cross their respective FBI and Insurance Company contacts, and disappear to attempt the record breaking master stroke of robbing the largest Clearing Bank in S.E. Asia. Virginia is also in league with a mysterious opium smoking reciever Conrad Green, eager to possess both the Rembrandt, and the Mask. It is the eve of 2000, and the USA Headquarters are conducting worlwide computer checks for the feared Millenium Bug. It has taken 5 years for Virginia Baker to seceretly produce a disc which will pay $8Billion, into her account from companies around the world, but there is only a ten second window, to load it in Kuala Lumpar. This escapade is successful, but raises the alarm, and they have to make a spectacular escape high above the New Year Celebrations.
After more double dealings between triple agents, they escape- on a pristine and strangely deserted Pudu railway station for 06.40am - planning a job even more daring just for the record, which gives the film a slightly surreal and timeless aspect.
The Direction is superb by Jon Amiel, as is the screen play by Ron Bass and William Broyles, and the production is by Sean Connery, Michael Hertzberg and Rhonda Tollefson. The soundtrack by Christopher Young is atmospheric, but not obtrusive, and Seal vocalises over the credits. The location shots are excellent, and this NTSC version is well suited to wide screen TV.
Catherine Zeta Jones always brings something special and beautiful to every film, and Sean Connery is always a convincing actor, and here they are well supported by Will Patton, Maury Chaykin and Vin Rhames. It has been called the most enjoyable thriller of 1999, and I agree, and also one of the most enjoyable and original to the present date. It is often televised, but it is well worth having a copy on demand.
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on 14 January 2013
I love this film, it's one that i don't just watch once and never watch it again! When in the right mood it's the perfect film to throw on
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