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4.0 out of 5 stars137
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£29.96+ £1.91 shipping
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on 8 November 2009
Got it for my 10th Birthday, played it once and fell in love with it! Amazing graphics as you have to free run your way through a dangerous city: City Eye. Some people forgot about city eye's faults, and chose a comfortable life... but "others" didn't. These "others" communicate using runners. People that use rooftops as paths to move. They keep out of sight, which makes them exist in only the edge... the mirrors edge. You are a runner called Faith. There is a murder come to the city. A man running for mayor... DEAD. You and your sister have been accused of a crime you did not commit. It is your job to clear your sisters name, and find who the assassin is... but who? When I got this game, it inspired me, it shows how to be free, live. I
recommend this game to you. Can't wait till the second one comes out! ENJOY!!!!
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on 7 February 2009
This is a very high quality game, and is certainly something very different from the run-of-the-mill you get these days. Basically, if you like Portal, it has very simular elements, for example the type of graphics and the syle of a first-person adventure game.

The game contains, and is structured around, a gripping story of Faith and the runners within the city and this is one of the most important and quality factors of Mirror's Edge.

The gameplay in Mirror's Edge mainly consists of running, jumping, puzzling and weaving in and out of enemies. There are occasional sections where you end up shooting one or two enemies, but these are infrequent and work well in the game anyway.

Mirror's Edge is a game with very mixed opinions. Some love it and some seem to hate it. Personally I think this is one of the best games of this generation and I would highly recommend you buy this game.
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on 14 November 2008
Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360)
This game is simply amazing. The dynamic is like no other game I have played. It really is about the rush of escapism, the thrill of running and keeping up momentum. Forget shooting and cover (although guns can be snatched off enemies and used), run for your life instead. You feel invincible as you traverse the city, jumping from rooftops to cranes, down storm drains, up levels of offices and scaffholding. The motion of first person is very fluid and the controls are straightfoward enough. You have to time your jumps and roll into landings from greater heights, which you master over time.
I have not completed the game yet, but it is quite short according to reviews. That's just the nature of the game in that you are always on the move. However, there is massive replay potential in time trials, where you can complete individual speed runs and beat your times. It's about finding the route which will maintain speed.
The graphics are bright and vibrant in a neo futuristic world. Simple but effect design. Every building has a different colour or theme. Using the Unreal Engine 3 (which was used for Gears of War), there have added new lighting dynamics which enhance the style.
There's a storyline to follow (cutscenes are told in manga animation style and during the chapters). But this is all about the immersive, addictive gameplay. Expect shades of Half Life 2 (when being chased, you really feel that the enemies are'nt far behind) and Portal (with various innovative ways to find the way out). Perhaps even some Tomb Raider (swinging on poles and shimmying along ledges). But this game is still original and shines with brilliance. I won't look at First person games the same again. EA are planning a trilogy.
If you like the dynamic gameplay and the challenge of escaping intact, you'll love this.
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on 8 January 2009
It's refreshing to see a game like this that is not centered around combat and is instead focused on allowing the player to move around.

The controls are fairly straight forward to pick up and become quite natural after a short while playing - it wasn't long before I was jumping/sliding/climbing/swinging/wall-running my way around the levels. This game is about getting through levels quickly and there is great satisfaction in maintaining a high speed run through a level as you navigate through a level without interuption.
The movement is quite instinctive and I'm now finding myself frustrated in other games that don't have the same amount of 'go anywhere' control that Mirrors Edge has!

As other reviewers have pointed out, the combat is not a strong point of the game, however in most situations it can be avoided. Mirrors Edge doesn't aim to be a shooter, so it's best not to play it that way.

Overall I've been very impressed with Mirrors Edge and would definitely recommend it to anyone look for something different to the standard FPS game.
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on 18 November 2008
First thing first, how good is this game? Seriously, if you are looking at this thinking "should i get this?" Just buy it, really you will not be disappointed.

Ok so the game. Based in a perfect city in the future, you are a Runner called Faith and basically your sister is framed for murder. However you know she is innocent, so you go after finding the truth. There is more to the story but really that is the main parts summed up in two sentences.

The cool part of the game would be running around, jumping over big gaps, jumping fences, wall runs, balancing on beams, dodging under things, swinging on things and lastly running away from the bad guys. This is all done in first person, so if you like its kind of Tomb Raider gone first-person. Although I said running away from the bad guys, if you want, you can take them on, do some cool disarm, take their gun and shoot them a couple of times. What you need to remember is that this is no first-person shooter, as the focus is more on melee combat. So don't expect amazing AI. Mind you they can sometimes be hard to fend off when there is a big group of them.

This game is totally different to what is in the market, that's probably it has actually made me really like this game. Once you have finished the game the time trials are great fun but also very challenging as you always want to have a good score when you upload it onto the online leaderboard.

Not going to go on more about this, just check the trailers of this game, even download the demo but I know you will probably feel somewhat surprised, as this is a real gaming triumph.
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on 16 November 2008
For people who don't want to read the whole thing, here's a basic summary of my opinion of this title:


- It's a new experience.
- The first few levels and last few are pretty fun provided you can put up with dying quite a lot.
- When the combat and gameplay do work together it is fun.
- The visuals are nice!
- The music/sound is quite good.
- There are "that is SO cool!" moments that almost make up for the moments of frustration.
- The levels are usually pretty open with multiple ways to approach a problem.
- The story isn't bad!


- Combat system is hard to handle and quite often unavoidable in the later levels.
- Too much combat considering the system is flawed.
- Dodgy level design in some parts.
- High difficulty even on Normal, although Easy does alleviate this somewhat.
- Story could be better.
- You get railroaded at times - you don't always have multiple path choices.
- You can get lost quite easily at times and the in-game guide system isn't up to much when you do.

Things to keep in mind: you can pick guns off the floor with Y, which helps immensely. If you're not an uber FPS fan then play on Easy, I got owned on Normal, and even on Easy be prepared to die a lot.

Basically my advice is don't pay the full price for this game like I did. Wait for it to drop to say £20-25 or so, it might be more worth it then. I wouldn't say this game is worth the £35 or so I paid. I know people hate hearing this, but it most likely isn't going to be as fun (or as long lasting) as you think it will be. Or, rent it first!

So to the review. I've played all of the full game having loved the demo - so much that I pre-ordered after playing the demo about 25 times. I really thought I'd just find it enjoyable, face each challenge with good-hearted calm and just love the experience.

I have written this review to warn you that this game may not always be like this, or be as long lasting as you might think. The main game literally lasts 3 hours at most, including times when you play the level through for the first time and get stuck. There are race modes that you can do if you have 1337 sk1llz and can complete each level in record time (speed runs of levels are unlocked at game completion), or just want to see how fast you can do it, which gives a little replay value. I completed it within 2 days of buying. The demo level is the most enjoyable in the game as far as I've seen as well. Level design is not as good as you might expect, in fact in some areas it's downright poor.

You can get very lost and disorientated at times, mainly when you play levels for the first time. What makes this worse is the fact that you are CONSTANTLY getting SHOT AT. You don't get much breathing room at all. I think this is supposed to give you a sense of excitement and thrill (and it might for some) but for me personally it just becomes irritating and distracting a lot of the time. Especially when you get boxed in with literally 4-6 guys with machine guns wailing on you while you scrabble around for the one route to escape that the designers decided to put in. Yes that's right, in some areas you are comprehensively railroaded into taking one action, multiple paths be damned. You can use B to get a rough pointer to where you should be and it is helpful sometimes, but when you're stuck it doesn't really pull through (it points you at your goal location, not necessarily at the next correct wall/object/whatever to use to move on).

When you DO get 5 seconds to enjoy the acrobatics without being panicked by weapons fire, it can be great. But the way some parts of the levels are designed, at least for me, make the whole experience feel laborious rather than fun a lot of the time. This mainly occurs in the middle of the game, Chapters 4-6, where you must perform a series of Bond-esque but not very fun or practical tasks that will leave you grating your teeth. The game picks up again towards the end in chapters 7-9.

The combat is often clumsy, frankly. Normally the only viable strategy I found is to run INTO the gunfire and try and press Y at the correct moment before he kills you. Then I use the gun to kill the other guys, if I'm lucky. I have to forget the acrobatic wall running and leaping off to kick the guy and take his gun like we were shown in the videos. I find it is rarely practical to try anything fancy and they seem to keep aim on you even when you're wall running as if they were expecting you to do this and it doesn't phase them. If you try anything you tend to die rather quickly.

The storyline isn't very gripping, but it's not bad. The cutscenes are done in a weird half anime style that I don't personally find very appealing, but it's tolerable. You care what happens to Faith I guess. Most of the acting is pretty good, except for one character, Jacknife, who is awful. There are a couple of twists but I found that I saw them coming. It could be worse but it could be better.

Don't get me wrong, this game is far from awful, but it's also not as good as you might expect from all the hype. Not full price good anyway. It's not an epic game. I would recommend it to you but not until the price drops.
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on 22 March 2015
Mirror's Edge is just brilliant. I actually enjoyed it in first person, it added a more personal touch and at times it felt like I was doing it. Most first person games usually end up shooters these days so having a genre be redefined makes games more interesting to play. The choice of colours are great but just very vibrant, if you're looking for a realistic detailed environment then this game isn't that. Yet what graphics we do have, is excellent.

The feel of running, jumpingc, coiling, rolling etc off rooftops, scaffolding etc truly gives you the feeling of being free. It makes me actually want to get into free-running (or whatever you call it!!) As you (Faith), travel across the city you get to feel the rush of having to time jumps and perform soft landings whilst dodging bullets. You can easily die which adds the realism, although you do heal over a short time.

My only real two problems is one, although combat is limited it'd be nice to have had a few more options. As well as having more hand to hand combat would have been better. Perhaps even giving Faith the ability to use melee weapons like batons or using items in the environment such as piles. My second problem is the length of the game. It is very short, you fly by each 'chapter' quickly and can probably complete in 8-10 hours. Although it is very clear from the ending that a sequel would be made, as there are loose ends and unfinished business to complete.

The game can be expanded on so much, as Mirror's Edge 2 is on its way for to be released let's hope the flaws have been worked on and new features have been made to give a even bigger rush. Giving Faith an open world to explore and travel would definately make the game epic. Along with perhaps Runner Side-Quests to do, races etc. The possibilites are endless with this game. And of course, make it longer.
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on 3 June 2009
When starting this game, it's important to look at it with an open mind, and often simply appreciate it's deep innovation. This game will almost certainly not appeal to everyone, for me this was displayed by a very strong divide in opinion amongst friends. Those who dislike the game, unfortunately do have adequate reasoning...

The game is painfully short, and so I would definitely try to pick it up at under £15. The game play in itself is not as seamless and fluid (all the time) as dice have been suggesting and the gun play may be less integral than some would like. The visuals also, under close inspection, are probably not pushing the systems as much as they could be, and that's not to mention the poor production values behind the 2D cut scenes.

For me, and I hope many others, these problems are overshadowed by the art style. Despite not using it to its full extent in the cut scenes, the general clean vibe with contrasting flashes of colour make for a very aesthetically pleasing piece of software. The game play itself is also epic, innovative really is the word, the closest a first person game has to real life animation. It's staggering. Some of the set pieces are also especially epic, the one that immediately springs to mind sees Faith vault a rail to then slide down the side of a glass skyscraper whist being attacked by a helicopter. Breathtaking. Essentially if you want a new and interesting title, this game could be for you.

This certainly could have been more and a very worthy five star game. As it is I enjoyed it and look forward very much to the sequel.
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on 12 January 2009
There are lots of varied opinions on Mirror's edge and I can see why; the game is original, challenging and can be tricky to gets to grips with. When I first started the game I was surprised by the unconventional control layout -Left bumper to jump and trigger to duck. However you will rapidly get used to this and they make sense when you start to get into the game.

My first piece of advice to anyone considering buying this game would be to download the demo of Xbox live, it is one of the better demos I have played and persuaded me to fork out the £20 for the game. I have to say that at that price it is the best value I have seen for a long time.

The game has many positives such as; unique gameplay, smooth controls, pulse pounding excitement and well placed checkpoints (You WILL need them).

On the downside however the police opponents can be tricky to take down, especially the handful of machine gunners you encounter (disarming them is no problem but getting close enough is). Sometimes you'll find yourself stuck for what you are meant to do with no instructions, having said that though I did manage to complete the game without the aid of any walkthroughs so it isn't as bad as other recent games.

Part of the difficulty I encountered with the game was that I insisted on getting the `test of faith' achievement (complete the game without shooting a single opponent) which does make things much harder - maybe the difficulty will balance when you do use guns.

All in all for the current price I would say you are hard pushed to find a better game at the moment, plus with the `pure time trial map pack' coming out sometime this month the slightly shorter than average game time can be extended.
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on 2 January 2009
The exhiliration which one receives from this game is simply exceptional; from flying seamlessly from rooftop to rooftop, to running along walls over thin air.

The art style used within the game borders on personal taste, although the bleached, bright white buildings to the use of distinguished primary colours throughout the landscape is phenomenal. The 'runner vision' system, in which important objects glow red is superbly dealt with: providing a non-intrusive gameplay experience while also making use of a basic hint system which should help gamers. The lead protagonist, Faith, is often seen visually through the use of flailing arms and other body parts entering the screen, giving the truest sense of taking part in the experience like no other game yet.

Mirror's Edge features a give-or-take story, it is clear that DICE decided to concentrate on the gameplay mechanics and art profoundly more than the narrative, featuring an uninspiring premise of trying to decipher the murder of an influential politician in a totalitarian, dystopian society. Each chapter of gameplay is split with the use of anime-style cut scenes which are stunningly well crafted down to the intricate emotions of the characters, pushing the plot forward in a discreet fashion.

The gameplay, while the game's main draw is also its biggest weakness when it comes to combat. DICE once again shoots themselves in the foot with the obvious exclusion of time and resources poured into this section, the combat in Mirror's Edge is poor. The game rewards you for not getting into combat, however, it is often seemingly impossible to avoid this. Bordering on frustration, this section of gameplay features unresponsive mechanics and dumb AI to match.

Mirror's Edge is a fine, albeit short, experience. The story needed work along with the combat mechanics but overall it is impossible to avoid its stylised, superbly rendered artwork and its propel of exhilirating gameplay. Well worth a try.
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