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Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
by Electronic Arts
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US or EU version? 28 Aug 2014
EU version but the PS3 is not region restricted so will work on a US PS3
28 Aug 2014 by Mr. craiders
There are some DLC packs that come free with it, but I believe they still have to be downloaded from online as you unlock them by entering a code in the game manual. These are all part of the Cerberus Network. The exceptions to this are: Kasumi - Stolen Memory Overlord Firewalker(?) Lair of the Shadow Broker All these packs come free with the game as standard, and hence can be obtained without downloading and also in pre-owned versions. Finally there are numerous bonus weapons and appearance packs that do not come free with the game and must be purchased, which you can find on the PSN store. None of these are necessary for the game. However there is a single mission DLC which costs around £6, called Arrival, which adds an extra story to the game but is not necessary. I hope this helps!
29 Jul 2014 by Isaac
Easy. When you start a new game of ME2 you will be asked whether you wish to create a new character or import the save from ME1 if you have one. just select that option and away you go.
3 Jan 2015 by reviewer 101
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