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3.8 out of 5 stars56
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PCEdition: Standard EditionChange
Price:£4.31 - £53.46
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on 10 October 2013
Additional features such as the extra seasons in Ultimate Team are a good addition, but the standard gameplay is terrible. The introduction of play precision movement makes it feel like the players are amateurs. Changing direction while sprinting (even when you sprint for one step) takes AGES for them to eventually stop and turn. Sometimes feels like they are playing on ice too.

Overpowered headers and player switching when defending corners are terrible, but have apparently been recently patched.

Fifa 13 was near enough the perfect game in terms of the actual match, just needed additions to the options of what leagues/matches you can play in.
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on 22 May 2014
The game play is brilliant. It's very enjoyable to play and addictive. There are so many teams to choose from and you can play your own season with a selected team. However it is impossible to make the goalie move during penalties and even though a tutorial is given during warm up sessions before games it still does not work. The PC controlled teams tend not to commit any fouls or receive and cards which is a little unrealistic.

The one main criticism (which is why it's a 3 star and not 5 star) is the setup. You are forced to create an Origin account and it is extremely hard to set up a league season offline. I have since found out that if you log on to Origin and select go offline you can access all of the options you need. This should be the default as, and I may be in the minority, I am not bothered about setting up teams, going online to play other people. I just want to play the game on my PC in my house with friends. Also when you play a season there is too much information about transfers etc. There should be an option just to pick a team and play a season without all of the added extras which I am not interested in. To sum up there is too much going on when people just want to play the game. Disappointed that you can't set up your own league and choose which teams to put in it or a custom cup.

Still enjoyable but it takes nearly a minute to get into the game to start playing.
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on 1 October 2013
Here is my review after ~300 FUT games from World Class to Ultimate difficulties (winning World Class & Legendary rather confortably, I win about 50% of Ultimate difficulty matches), I play solo only. I will just talk about FUT since this year's Career Mode changes really disgusted me (ie. having to scout players before knowing if they are good, and budget resetting after each season...)

The main points:
- the pace is slower because of the heavier player physics, but the gameplay is still too quick for football. The ball still feels like table tennis
- pace still wins and scoring cheap goals is still the easiest way to win the game
- being a 4-3-1-2 veteran for several years, the formation is really bad this year because it is too narrow and opposing players now crowd the box suffocating you completely
- formation with wide positioning gives you a huge tactical advantage but crossing is a huge mess on higher difficulties (ie. your crosses never get to your striker)
- computer AI is attacking better, great at dribbling and crossing/heading, don't expect to defend everything because the in-game AI won't let you land your tackles even with the right timing
- computer AI defenders are still blocking the majority of your shots and break any of your constructed phase by clearance balls that transform into pinpoint long passes
- computer AI mostly defend without having to tackle, they wait for you getting too close and steal your ball (without tackling), or being positioned in the line of your passing possibilities
- computer AI defenders have a major game design advantage because they can grab your ball without having to execute a tackling animation unlike you
- computer AI may push your players to the ground without getting booked, penalties are unlikely to occur when pushed in their box, one required condition to get a card is a tackling animation
- computer AI is advantaged on ball recuperation, they go automatically to any loose balls whereas user AI have either a delay or have no assist for to get them
- computer AI controls the ball like as if it was playing with its hands, but user controls the ball poorly like manoeuvering a truck
- computer AI pressure is generably manageable but on higher difficulties computer AI is quicker and you are slower to pass & position around, sometimes you have no option to pass forward
- computer AI uses an "offside cheat" which uses a delay before activating the passing animation to get your attacker out of position with their defenders
- computer AI defends by pressure-sandwiching your ball holder from several sides whereas the user definitely does not have access to this super-pressure option
- auto player-switching is really bad, set it to manual and switch with the right stick if you want a little bit of control
- possession is mostly about "not conceding the ball", on higher difficulties the computer AI only needs a few occasions to dominate the score by entering some scripted godmode
- playing like Barcelona does not really give you an advantage, computer AI is very disciplined and won't get pulled easily, and when they do they just go full defense extra quickly unlike you
- passing is mostly about how to pass the ball to your players without conceding an interception, computer counter attacks too deadly since it only needs 1 pass & 1 shot to score
- powerful players are less advantaged than before, on higher difficulties AI players are extra hard to push around and shirt-pulling feels very weak since they still run and keep possession
- attacking headers are mostly dependant on your player's heading stats than passing/positioning/timing, it is rather counter intuitive but they are a very powerful way to score
- defending headers are frustrating since they also depend on heading stats, getting in position sometimes feels useless since you won't get the hit against CPU
- playing with average or bad players is much harder than previous years, controlling a bad player is really tiring
- game difficulty in FUT is easier than other game modes, for instance Legendary/Ultimate difficulty is doable because of chemistry boost, while in other modes it is plain torture
- scripting is still there like in previous FIFA, computer AI entering in godmode phase is however sometimes possible to break with enough cheap tactics but it is really tiring for the user
- the goals you score in FIFA 14 still feel very cheap compared to any PES goals

A general feeling about the AI could be summarized as the computer's AI being much greater (giving you a hard time) and the user teammates' AI being worst (making you commit more mistakes). The game does get repetitive because of the same cheap goals you score and can be frustrating because of the game scripting, but as long as you are able to outscore your opponents you are doing fine on this year's FIFA.

My conclusion is that if you are able to bear any of the AI-related game design, then the game should be somewhat acceptable. As for me, higher difficulties are poorly designed which is a shame because it just deteriorates the endgame experience. World Class, Legendary or Ultimate difficulties should be hard and fun, but now it is hard, suffocating and frustrating. Hard difficulty modes are mostly about anticipating how the computer AI anticipates you and praying for your shots to be converted, it becomes a nonsense situation in which you don't play by your own rules, but you play according to computer AI's own goodwill of giving you opportunities (ie. giving you spaces and making mistakes). Don't get me wrong, I get tons of scoring occasions in Ultimate difficulty matches, the problem is "how many goals does the computer let you score" before activating its super-punishing script and transform your players into the most stupid lemmings possible making it impossible to defend properly.

As a whole, playing against CPU in FIFA 14 is one of the most stupid gaming experience I ever had. The game is not bad, but the bad balancing makes it too easy to play on Professionnal, tiring to play on World Class, and really stupid to play on Legendary/Ultimate. In fact, Ultimate difficulty could be ok for those who want a challenge as long as it doesn't save 90% of your shots, but as of now you are better off praying for some cheap goals (ie. corners, penalties...) and some super dumbing script (ie. easier to score at the 45th/90th min...) to help you winning those matches. You definitely do not play how you want, but how the CPU wants you to play.

As a gamer who has a decent understanding of games AI, I am ok with the computer being better on higher difficulties but I absolutely don't agree with having your own players behaving like stupid zombies on the highest difficulties. Having your players performing better just by lowering the difficulty level, how counter-intuitive is that? I think I'll stop there for this year, see you next year FIFA.
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on 26 April 2014
The game has the worst AI I've seen for a long time. The players are completely useless and off sides are very common. Furthermore, you'll most likely lose online games from the simple fact EA have completely ignored that headers are overpowered and are 50/50 when it comes to scoring compared to taking a shot on goal. The goalkeepers are also useless as they just stand there whilst the ball is tapped into the goal.

Ultimate team is alright, except that you'll most likely lose most of your games as people don't get penalized for buying gold off eBay, so that they can get the best players with the gold they receive.

Continuously, the game boasts nothing special about it. The physics are OK, but the graphics are mediocre at best. The crowd looks awful, the pitch looks like something from the PS2 era and the players faces have less polygons than flat-face Max Payne. Alas, even the mods for this game can't sort that mess out. EA have also decided against giving the PC port of this game the latest game engine of the next gen games, saying that the overall PC user base have low powered machines to run it. Naturally, they have no statistics to back this up and I suppose they haven't realized to include a very low setting, or perhaps the 7 million concurrent steam accounts that happen to play modern games.Also, since the latest consoles are low-mid range PC's in themselves, it seems likely that the game wont have a problem with modern machines. Overall, the game is not worth your money, and all the alternatives are very poor as well (PES). If you want to play on PC, think about getting and older version of this game so you don't waste too much money on a poorly designed, rushed, and ultimate money cash cow from one of the laziest game companies to exist

Sort it out EA.
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on 12 April 2014
I've played most of the previous Fifa games. All of which had their flaws. However, this is unreal.

Everything is great, except for the AI - which is horrendously awful. Absolutely unforgivable.

I'm no god at Fifa, but I know what I'm doing. A friend of mine is considerably better, and he also hates the AI.

In previous Fifa games, it was tolerable, simply because after a while you learnt how to compensate for its inability to "think" and you could get round the problem. However, this time around its so inconsistently bad, it's impossible to do this. For one game, or one half, it'll work. No problems, and the best it has ever been on previous Fifa games. But the next game, or the 2nd half, it turns on you. Players will not make a run, despite you pressing LB (Xbox 360 controller) 3-4 times. Press pass - 4 strides later the pass is made - by then too late. Even if it does make the pass it'll be to the wrong player, or it will be the right pass, but Fifa decides you cannot control the player who is running onto that ball. OH NO! You must drag some other poor sod from elsewhere to fetch that!

The CPU sends players into an offside position for no reason what so ever. Defending is a nightmare. They can't turn, you must be controlling them to make them move - any defender being controlled by the AI is static. I've never used auto switch, always manual. Selecting the correct player is ... challenging. There seems to be very little sense its choice of which player to let you control. Even using the right stick to select the player is worryingly woeful. And when you do manage to select the right player, if he's moving, he'll stop. End of. Nothing you can do about it. You can press the run the button and the direction he's moving in. But he'll still stop.

I've played against people online - I've noticed them struggling with the same problems at the same time as me or when it briefly decides to work and vice versa.

The worst though, is without doubt, playing against the CPU. On previous games I could take on the hardest setting and there would very rarely be more than 1 goal in it either way. But even "professional" difficulty can be a challenge at times. This is because the computer never has these problems. They are never sluggish, always first to a loose ball. Never miss a tackle, always in the right place at the right time. And when you do tackle them, it magically goes straight back to them.

Since I bought it, I have tried to enjoy it. But I can't. I feel like I'm working. Trying to make the best of what I can do with so much out of my own control. To which I say - I have several other games I'd rather play. Ones I enjoy playing.

So instead of intense frustration and a look of confusion to reflect how this game so messed up, I'll play something that brings a smile to my face and a sense of accomplishment - this is, after all, the point of video games.
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on 20 November 2013
I'm going to warn you if you buy this game you're in for a world of frustration.

Firstly i have to say this might possibly be the worst AI of any Fifa game ever and i have played a lot of them, not just the AI of your team but the AI of the computer is awful as well. You'll find yourself doing everything as your defenders just idly watch the opposing team run circles around them (never putting a foot in or attempting to close down even when you select pressure). You'll enjoy the opposing AI score every shot they have (because they don't shoot until they're at most 3 meters from the goal).

I drew 3-3 with Wolfsburg on world class here's the stats;

Possesion: Me 62%, WB 38%
Shots: Me 19, WB 3
Shots on target: Me: 12 WB: 3
Goals: Me 3, WB 3

See any pattern?
That's just one of many match stats i have had where every computer shot is a goal, you'll notice every shot they have is on target that's because they are so close they literally cannot miss.

Every team on high difficulties play like they're Barcelona trying to walk it into the net it is incredibly frustrating, i have not (not once) seen the AI shoot from outside the area. I thought this was supposed to be more "real" EA? every goal the AI scores is exactly the same, never shooting from outside the box, never crossing. It's clearly obvious that when you go up in difficulty it nerfs your team and makes the opponents team better(stronger, faster). I for one do not believe there is scripting in this game but i know there is momentum, take the lead on world class or legendary and see what happens, the other team suddenly seem like they have taken steroids...

I'm done with this game, i had a little fun with it but it has just pissed me off lately. I would only recommend this game for people playing online because the offline experience is abysmal and i don't use that word lightly.
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on 6 May 2014
They force you to go online every time you wish to play the game and if you have any issue, don't expect any assistance from Origin or EA because they couldn't care less. One to avoid.
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on 5 February 2014
this is pretty much the same garbage as Fifa 14 but only with the new kits added. and a player IQ drop. online is unplayable because of all of the idiots just doing the same kick off "glitch". and then the game will decide it's time to freeze (this only happens rarely though). in ultimate team, Dortmund or the the Dortmund stadium is completely broken. the game will always freeze when i get to Dortmund again in division 1, which just repeats the teams you have already played (and the same substitutions happen every game). it's almost as repetitive as the commentator dialogue. then they ramp up the difficulty on ultimate difficulty, as if it already wasn't hard enough in 13. some player faces are just stupid. like Akinfenwa looks like he has the mumps in game and one of my players who has long hair on his picture is bald in game. and this is the more broken the ride to hell retribution. with texture glitches left and right, and bear in mind that i use max setting on everything. it actually looks worse than the console version, i don't even know how that happened. though it is a good game to chill and laugh with your mates it just isn't worth the money.
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on 18 May 2014
I liked the idea of collecting cards for players in the game and the game play at first seemed good but after a while seemed to simulated. I would give it 5 stars but instead I give it 1 due to the fact the game tries to save to the origin cloud but many times has failed to do so losing my progress. My connection is solid and having worked for an ISP in the past I can honestly say it is not due to my connection.
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on 9 June 2014
If there was any good football game out there, i would get it instead of this. The game is good but plagued with issues that should have been dealt with 3-4 years ago. Same issues in each title is just criminal on part of EA.
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