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4.4 out of 5 stars88
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£14.99 - £49.90
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on 17 June 2011
Got this on release date, and it comes with the first Alice game that was made for the PC 11 years ago. I thought I would download it and start that first before playing Madness Returns.

The first Alice plays like a PSone game. It's been remastered in HD and has trophies, and looks ok. I'm probably a quarter way through it but it is showing it's age, so instead as it was free content, I thought I'd put it on hold until I have nothing else to I started playing Madness Returns....

Loving it so far. Graphics are brilliant, stunning visuals. It has an upgrade system for weapons (you collect teeth you get from killing enemies). I kind of don't want to proceed to quickly so I can take in the visuals.

For the price of a new release game, you get a brilliant game, and a retro classic.

If you are planning to play Madness before the free download Alice, then I'd have a read on wikipedia so you can learn a little bit of the story from the first one. I did that and it's fine.

Overall, one of the best games released this year.
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on 13 July 2011
Their really isn't a lot to say about this game accept for the fact that it truly is amazing! It takes you to a rather unusual, artistic and insane wonderland that you will absolutely love. Each stage is so different that it feels like you're playing a totally different game each time, which makes it all feel fresh, especially since the enemies keep changing all of the time! I love the little mini games that you get through stages as it helps break them up and keeps things fresh. Each enemy is like a puzzle as you have to work out their weaknesses before you can kill them, and often you need to switch between your multiple (and very creative) weapons in order to bring the enemies down. This helps make the game a little more difficult and also helps it from becoming boring. The platforming part of the game is very enjoyable as is collecting and finding all of the items. You will find yourself redoing levels and spending forever hunting all of the items down as it is just so fun trying to find the secret entrance ways and pig snouts (yes pig snouts). The characters are fantastic! So original and insane that you will find yourself falling in love with them all! The voice acting is great, as is the music and presentation of the game.

Overall I don't think you can find a better or more original game than Alice: Madness Returns. It is just such a fantastic game and is truly one of a kind. It has loads of replay value so you will find yourself playing through this game time and again as you try to collect the memories, bottles, etc. This is one of those rare games that can be considered as art!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 January 2013
Sometimes I feel that there are not enough "different" games out there. I don't wish to pour scorn on the popular shooter games, for they are popular for a reason, they just aren't for me. I'm not big into playing online, and as a rule, just going out and killing bad guys for no other reason than they are not on your side, does not make a great experience for me. I realise that I am in a minority here, and mean no disrespect to those games or their fans. What does it for me in gaming, is an interesting story and engaging single player experience, a fantastic world to lose oneself in with beautiful scenery to see and things to do along the way.

Alice: Madness Returns does all of this. Loading up the game for the first time I was impressed with the beautiful visual style of the game, and the story is a unique twisted version of the childhood tale so many of us know and love. It is equal parts gruesome and pretty, and whilst the story has familiar elements of Alice in Wonderland, a children's story this is not! I have always enjoyed the macabre and strange and this game has a plentiful supply!

But what does it play like? Well the controls had me a little puzzled to begin with but I soon got the hang of it. It is basically a platforming game with some puzzle solving and combat. You can adjust the difficulty to suit yourself, and there is also some collecting/upgrading to add a little variety.

Due to this being a single player game you can argue there is little replayability, it does not have different endings so perhaps you may not want to play it more than once. For me though, it is a game I will enjoy again in the same way I will enjoy some of my favourite films again, it is a world that I enjoy visiting and will be happy to return to given time. If you enjoy games that are a little different, I recommend this.
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on 26 April 2014
Originally purchased this game as the PC version, however being a traditional PlayStation gamer from my earlier childhood to the present day I struggled to get used to the controls. Purchasing the PS3 was the best decision, it is far easier to control, and I find killing enemies to be a quicker process. Also hidden areas seem to be more 'obvious' when using the shrink sense. The DLC pack also works as intended, whereas on the PC version I only seem to have the Caterpillar dress, Vorpal Cleaver and the Octo-Grinder. The DLC dresses on PS3 and the addition of the original American Mcgee's Alice make the experience even better. (note that on PC the original Alice game is no longer available for some reason.)
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on 25 May 2014
Brilliant game for any one who likes Alice in wonderland with a twist. The best thing for this one was r came with a free version of the first Alice game. Any one who wants the know how this game came to happen would totally by from this seller
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on 29 April 2016
One of my all time favourite titles.
American McGee's Alice was great from the start, and this sequel "Madness Returns" really pulled it together.
A lovely puzzle platformer, with a horror twist on Lewis Carol's classic. Easily played even by those who are not that much into gaming. Simple enough to figure out and still enjoy the story. And the story is deep, complicated and absolutely fascinating.

Such a shame that Spicy Horse was planning on a sequel, but never got enough funding for it even via Kickstarter. As they were split between doing a sequel to Alice, or starting a new project called Ozzombie (Wizard of Oz meets zombies). Well, the story does feel finished at least. But you still end up wanting more, because it is just so good at drawing you in.

Don't expect to have a tea party on your non-birthday though. However, heads will roll ;)
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on 8 December 2011
I saw the fairly average reviews of this game in various magazines and on the net and admit that I was not particularly keen to purchase it. What I must say is that the three weeks in which I was deciding whether to buy it or not, I could have been playing it because that what I would have been doing. I actually started playing this at the same time as Batman Arkham City, and have since completed this game and am at the moment trying to achieve a platinum trophy, Arkham has not gotten a look in!!

It is simply a great game, created solely as a single player experience and not relying on any online multiplayer nonsense. Because of the latter, the game is seriously time consuming and thoroughly addictive. The sound is really exceptional and if you have some kind of home theatre system use it because you will hear a lot more than through standard T.V speakers. Graphically Alice is both beautiful and gruesome, you will be attracted and repelled in equal measure.

The battles are challenging - if not a little repetive at times - and some of the puzzles, although not particularly difficult, are fun to complete. The Wonderland in the game is seriously trippy with warped and disfigured enemies (and friends). The story is nothing revolutionary but solid enough to keep you playing, trying to guess where the narrative is going.

As far as mainstream reviews go, I wonder if these 'experts' actually played through Alice because some of the criticisms levelled at the game are addressed quite early on and make no sense.

I certainly recommend this for anyone who is into trad platform/puzzle games and at Amazon's price, game purchase of the year! You would be crazy not to consider it.
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on 10 December 2011
This game is a platform-style adventure where you travel through the madness Alice has created in her mind and fight the onslaught of weird fantasy creatures that stand in the way of reclaiming her sanity. As you negotiate the perils of each 'wonderland', from the Mad Hatters Domain, Dolls House and Queensland, you must collect the memories that Alice has misplaced. The gameplay is great with no glitches and I was quite impressed with the beautiful animation - Alice dodges in a blast of blue butterflies and floats to safety when jumping. You can block enemy attacks with a handy umbrella and mow down enemies with a machine-gun peppergrinder, canon teapot, sword and brutal hobbyhorse. The enemies themselves are sufficiently creepy and range from sinister bleeding dolls to giant balls of black sludge with broken faces that chase you... so if you are of a nervous disposition this probably isn't for you! Many of the characters are loosely based on an Alice In Wonderland creation with a dark twist such as the zombie playing cards or the evil Mouse, Hare and bloody Red Queen. This is a good game to buy if you like fantasy adventure as it feels like you are playing inside a warped dream. There are different difficulty settings (Easy-Normal-Hard-Nightmare) so you can make the game as challenging as you wish. Overall I think Alice Madness Returns is fun, creepy and a little bit different - definitely worth a look!
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on 20 January 2012
Alice Returns is a carefully designed game, for those who like the action/adventure gender,and it has replay value. It's packed with riddles and action in a well placed balance. It has beautiful backrounds and game design. The game takes place in London and in Wonderland. Very British. I love it.
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on 9 February 2013
this has got to be one of my favourite games! i absolutely love it, the graphics are amazing and the twist on the traditional alice appeals to the weird in me. the random things you have to do are so much fun, would very much recommend to anyone that likes games
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