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4.4 out of 5 stars28
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2013
I know The Cult didnt like this version of the album,so it was not released until it had been re-recorded with Rick Ruben at the controls. He/they did a great job and so Electric was released. I remember listening to Electric for the first time and thinking what a departure from the previous album Love it was. I think this version sits pretty well between the two albums. It may be almost the same songs as Electric but they really do sound different and i love it.
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on 13 August 2013
Music-wise this is easily a five star album. "Electric" is my fav Cult album and it's been for years!
"Peace" is the blueprint of the album "Electric" and presents great and very different songs and versions than the final album.
Every song on this new version was already available as the "Electric" album and the "Manor sessions", so there's nothing new in terms of music here, but we knew that already by looking at the setlist.

The big let-down here is the packaging! This is basically the artwork of "Electric" shoved into a slipcase but nothing else! The booklet is the same as the regular "Electric", there are no comments about the sessions, no pics from the "Manor sessions", no unreleased photographic material, and really that sucks...

So if you already have "Electric" and "Peace" is some form or another, don't bother with this version, because the only thing new you'll get is a cardboard slipcase.

If you don't have the music that is on those discs, then I urge you to get it, as it is some of the best music ever released by a rock band!
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on 5 November 2013
Bought this to get Hubby & Daughter in the mood for their annual pilgrimage to see the Cult! At the age of 7 --- 20 years ago she sat on the beach humming She Sells Sanctuary announcing it was her favourite song (We have even seen them when on our hols in Toronto when their local UK gig clashed with another night out we had booked!) It is all you expect from the cult & more. Great album, sound quality is amazing...just a pain trying to get it back from daughters car !!!!!!
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on 9 September 2013
I was a big time Cult fan back in the day and, though I'd heard of them during the Love era, Electric is really what got me into them. I was aware of the aborted first stab at the third album through the Electric B sides (Zap City and Love Trooper). Though pretty good songs, I always felt that they sounded really rough. Based on that, it was always pretty apparent to me why Peace was rejected.

In the early 90s various EPs were released offering remixes, b sides and singles and 9 of the 11 Peace tracks became available on just two of them:
"The Manor Sessions" gave you songs that were kept and reworked (Love Removal Machine, Wild Flower, Electric Ocean, Outlaw and Bad Fun)
The "Love Removal Machine/Lil Devil" offering presented the tracks that were just abandoned (Conquistador, Groove Co,, Zap City and Love Trooper)

Though great to hear more of the session, it really confirms that starting over with Rick Rubin was the right decision. Now, I'm not bashing Steve Brown as a producer. You don't need to look any further than the Love album to see what a great job he can do (a crisp, tight, beautiful sounding album). By comparison, this is really loose and sloppy.

Of the tracks that were reworked, the difference in the arrangements is interesting to note. Wild Flower, Electric Ocean, Bad Fun and Outlaw changed quite substantially.

So, given that I had the majority of Peace and Electric already, did I buy this? Yes!! I really wanted to hear (and legally own) the missing tracks ("Peace Dog" and "Aphrodisiac Jacket"). Though those two tracks probably changed the least between the two sessions, I'm still glad I got it.

One niggle, as many people have said, is the Born to Be Wild cover on Electric. Astbury and Duffy are great composers and certainly don't need to rely on covers - especially on their third (arguably fourth) album. Of the tracks that weren't reworked, Zap City is by far the best and should have been re-done in place of said cover. Groove Co in place of Memphis Hip Shake wouldn't have hurt either!

Someone else here mentioned about the lack of information in the packaging about Peace. I also feel that the bare minimum presented here is a huge omission. Insights on progressing from Love to Peace and then why they shelved the whole thing would have been fascinating reading. As mentioned, it is pretty much 95% the "Electric" packaging shoved in a slip case with a pretty naff image of an aeroplane on it. When you look at what Iron Maiden and Megadeth have done with their re-release packaging, you really do feel a bit short-changed. Even more so when you put that in the context of an album that was aborted in its entirety. For that reason I'm only giving it 4 stars. Irrespective of that, it rocks. Buy it!!
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on 19 August 2013
This is the album that brought me to The Cult and is still one of my favourites (Dreamtime + Dreamtime live is my top dog)

I received the LP for this last week and have given it a few spins this weekend. I already have this on record and CD but haven't listened for a while and I haven't compared the new record to my previous copies. Why post a review you ask?

Well I thought it worth mentioning that my ears thought the Electric record was fantastic! A really, really great copy of the album whether or not it is digitally sourced or not.

The Peace record was also excellent!

My one complaint is that they are two different cuts/masters (Electric is superior to Peace) so it's difficult mix and match between the two records; i.e. to replace "Born To Be Wild" with "Zap City" or to put the original B-sides at the end of Electric to make an extended Electric album.

So it's highly recommended by me!
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on 5 August 2013
I've considered The Cult's Electric album to be the greatest ever for over 20 years now. With this release, it got bigger, and a little bit better.

As someone who has never purchased singles, (I've always been an album guy) I knew of the original Peace Album, but hadn't heard all the tracks as they were previously only available as B sides (remember them...). Now I've finally heard the original recordings in their entirety, I can honestly say I don't know why it was decided to scrap this version of the album & start again. Yes, I probably prefer the Electric album as it was released due to it's more basic ingredients, but for every element of a song that I like from Electric there is another element of the Peace album that makes me appreciate it more.

The Cult are a band who have always experimented with different versions of their songs (the 4cd version of the Love album is proof of that) and I always enjoy hearing how they approach things differently at different times. This release shows how the Electric album evolved into the true classic that it is, and as a whole package both Electric and Peace once again prove The Cult's versatility.

Is this review somewhat biased as it is written by a lifelong Cult fan? Probably. But no matter how biased I may be, even though I prefer each song from the originally released Electric album (when considered as an individual entity compared to the alternative version), as an entire package the newly released Peace album holds it's own very well and is worthy of top marks.
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on 30 December 2013
Obviously, the music is more than ok. In my opinion it is great.

The reason for three stars is merely for the poor packaging.

An album like this should have gotten the 'love' treatment, and not this double disc put in a cardboard sleeve around the plastic jewelcase. And what about the booklet? Where are the liner notes, pictures etc.?

If you buy this go for the music, don't expect much of the packaging.

Luckily the music is great, the peace part is outstanding. I find it hard to actually say which of the songs I prefer. Some are so different in arrangement, yet so farmiliar.
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on 31 July 2013
Whoever decided to bin Peace and re-record it as Electric simply got it wrong. At the time it may have sounded like a good idea but in retrospect the Steve Brown production is a lot more pleasing to the ear than the pared down studio techniques lent the tracks by Rick Rubin and his cohorts.

So many of the songs are more full and colourful on the original record and stand the test of time whereas Electric now sounds dated. So I deduce that Ian Astbury may have been behind the reckoning to discard Peace as the band's follow up Sonic Temple which was redolent of that record with Billy Duffy laying on the guitar riffs with an even bigger trowel.

If Peace had been released and not Electric it would sit easy alongsides Love and Sonic Temple as the sound of a great band laying down some of the best organic rock music ever recorded.
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on 30 October 2013
This is such a good version of the album. It is better than the original, mixing in the sounds of Love and Sonic Temple. Well, well worth getting.
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on 5 August 2013
Firstly - I am a devoted Cult fan with all Albums, 12" etc - to me Electric always sat a bit uneasily between what went before and after and despite many attempts I still don't quite like the paired down version that was released - so to my ears (the)Peace (version of Electric) is absolutely outstanding - throbbing with energy and vibrant and lush guitars courtesy of Mr Duffy - the White Falcon in full flow here ..... so full marks from me - but we are all different ! I saw the Cult live in Dublin in 2011 and seeing them again this year ... again live they are best (IMHO) at belting out classy and powerful rock - which is what PEACE is ...... Enjoy .....
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