El Naturalista

About El Naturalista

El Naturalista is a family company with long tradition in the footwear industry in Spain, and now present in more than 40 countries around the world. Balancing innovation and tradition with high social and environmental values El Naturalista has achieved a unique product: shoes inspired by nature for committed people.

Making a pair of our shoes is a complex choreography in which numerous people take part. We select high quality raw and recycled materials and promote manufacturing processes that combine the meticulous way of the craftsman with innovation. Always with the maximum respect for the environment that the production processes permit and to gain comfortable and high quality shoes.

Nature is our inspiration, the place where everything begins and evolves. Journeys, experiences, many ways of looking at life, food, are reflected and expressed in our soles, one of our most distinctive features.

Since our beginnings we have dedicated 2.
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