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4.6 out of 5 stars60
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2011
The layout of this book has changed substantially from earlier editions. Vectors used to be the second chapter: they have now been moved to the end of the book. Although I understand the rationale, vectors are quite a difficult topic, an understanding of them is essential for the topics of statics and dynamics. Possibly, splitting the vectors chapter into two, one near the start and one at the end, would be better. I do not understand why dynamics is now taught before statics; dynamics is the more difficult of the two topics.
Finally, it is obvious that the book has been written by more than one author. In the statics chapter forces are split into two components, Fcos' and Fsin', whereas in the dynamics chapter the components are sometimes Fcos' and Fcos(90-'). Although both approaches are acceptable (and I prefer the first, which is more commonly used), such inconsistencies are likely to cause confusion.
This edition is not an improvement on earlier editions. If you are studying this subject on your own, you might like to save money by getting hold of an earlier edition.
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on 29 August 2009
The layout and coverage is better than in most other books covering the same syllabus, and many students would be able to use this book very effectively with very little teacher or tutor assistance.
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on 14 October 2012
I bought this book because I am teaching A level Physics and I do not like the Physics books. They only have very difficult questions, with no answers, so the students have no easy start into mechanics. But the Mechanics 1 book is done in a way to build up the students' confidence. My students are doing well and we all hope for good grades. Thank you Amazon for very fast delivery and in perfect conditions.
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on 26 June 2012
I took A-level maths fifteen years ago and have now repeated the course as a mature student. This series proved an excellent resource to self-teach, leaving me able to answer all past paper questions and tackle the actual exams with total confidence. The accompanying CD's, which have worked through answers to all the questions, are an invaluable addition. There are the very occasional wrong answers printed in the textbook although these can be easily identified through the workings.

Whilst I did use other books for some modules, I found that they offered very little, if anything, over this series in terms of the A-level course. What this series does not do is stray from the A-level syllabus, and consequently the context of questions could prove somewhat limited for those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of pre-university maths. However, the absolute focus on the syllabus is ideal for those seeking no more than to pass A-level exams.

I found the high standard of the material to be consistent throughout the books for C1 to C4 plus M1 and M2.
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on 26 May 2009
Revise Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics - Mechanics 1
I found this book well written and organised in a logical manner. The student is first introduced to basic concepts and then gently led onto solving simple problems with plenty of annotated and worked examples and then onto more complicated problems with helpful hints along the way. The solutions could be explained more thoroughly at times and there are a few typographical errors in the answers.
The book comes with a CD-Rom and provides a convenient means of cross-reference. Even I learnt a few things along the way as I was trying to help my daughter through her revision. I recommend this and other books in the series as an excellent aid to revision or "first vision".
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on 30 April 2009
This book is not bad but it is so rushed that there are numerious mistakes even in the examples. Answers are not printed at the back which is a pain. The new version of it (with the same ISBN number!) has the answers at the back.
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on 14 June 2010
Whilst I think the C1 and C2 books in this range are actually quite good and have good examples, this book is different. There are many misprints - some horrendous - and lots in the Answers, the worst place for them to be. I kept thinking I got it wrong until my teacher told me they were misprints. At the start of each class, he has us correct all the misprints in pencil in the sections we will be covering that day.

There's also a very sharp learning curve. I've noticed that in many exercises, the first question is very easy, and the second question is very hard. It feels like they tried to keep the book to a certain size, the same standard size as the rest of their books. Also, unforgivably, the book gives 2 examples, but then neither example fits the exercise questions.

Chapter 2 is good, but Chapter 3 is rubbish. I couldn't do it because I didn't know what to do in so many situations because they weren't explained, and then at the beginning of Chapter 4 they were explained. 4A needs to be 3A. That's another thing. Often, a question has 3 parts, a b & c, which you're supposed to do in that order, but you can't do b until you do a lot of work in a different direction, and you finally get the answer, and then you read c and it asks you to find something, but that is what you had to find to do b, so you already have the answer now. If this was done deliberately from time to time, to show 'see, you don't always get things in neat and tidy orders in the real world, sometimes it's messy' then I would agree with it, but not on question 2, not when I'm building conidence and skill, and it's shattered by making me think I must have done it backwards by mistake.

And that's yet another thing: the examples! They use special cases ALL THE TIME! Like instead of it being a triangle, it turns out to be an isosclese triangle, and I'm left wondering 'does this only work for isoscles triangles?'. And the examples often use the same number twice, so a distance is 60 but then it turns out that the number of seconds is also 60, and you see them in a formula, and you wonder 'which is the distance and which is the time? Are they always the same?'. Again, If this happened once or twice to make the student think then I would be all for it, but it's like every 2nd or 3rd example, they all use special cases, but not intentionally to make you think, just through poor choice and lack of time and effort put into them.

If anyone knows a better Mechanics book please recommend it here. I recommend a youtube channel called Khan Academy, although it's not great, it's better than nothing, and has someone talking you through the questions.

Edit: I gave an extra star because I found the solutions to each question on the included CD. It doesn't make up for everything but it's a definite step in the right direction.
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on 7 February 2016
A good source for questions as long as you either:
(a) Are already familiar with the content or
(b) Have another study guide

It claims the CD has solutions to all questions in the book. I only referred to it on one occasion for the solution to 6(F) Q12 (a) which appeared to be wrong in the book. The CD does not contain any solutions to any questions in 6(F) at all. I finally confirmed the solution to 6(F) Q12 (a) was wrong. The speed of particle A is not 121 metres per second but the square root of (121 + 25) = 12.08 metres per second (2dp).
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on 17 October 2010
It doesn't matter what this books like, it's the only book available. Fortunately it is quite helpful, firstly providing clear step by step instructions for all of the complex maths problems that you will encounter in M1 maths. Secondly the enclosed CD-ROM provides further support with answers and explanations to all of the questions in the book, as well as exam tips/preparation and other useful information. Finally, buying it here on Amazon, I got the book cheaper (including delivery), than the college buying bulk.
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on 11 January 2012
I wanted to learn Advanced Mechanics without a teacher/tutor. The traditional older books tended to be too brief in explaining the subject.

This book makes the subject absolutely crystal clear! Anyone using the books in this series can learn the subject for themselves.

Some reviewers have come across misprints etc.

My advice would be to use this book to grasp the basic idea of A level Mechanics and then use other books/resources to cross reference what has been learnt.
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