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4.6 out of 5 stars41
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 16 September 2001
Right on the front cover of this book are the words "More Techniques of Natural Magic." This is an extension of "Earth Power : Techniques of Natural Magic". It never clamed to be a beginner or a stand-alone end-all-be-all book. I am personally using it as an extension of "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner", the real place to start. For those people starting from near ground zero with the Solitary Practitioner behind them this will keep you going. For those people in the know, it never hurts to find a book that tells you what you know in a different way.
Now for some practical review information:
. Includes more than 75 spells, rituals and ceremonies
. Provides detailed instructions for designing your own magical spells
. Instills a sense of wonder concerning our planet and our lives
. Promotes a natural, positive practice that anyone can successfully perform
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on 21 July 2001
one of the best books on witchcraft i have had the priviledge to read, scott cunningham has the ability to hold your attention so that you find it hard to put the book down, a good book for the begineer or the experienced witch, i am determined to read more by this brilliant author
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on 12 August 2000
I am a big fan of Scott Cunningham's works....he has written so extensively on many apsects of The Craft and each book is a pleasure to read. "Earth, Air, Fire and Water" is certainly no exception and greatly compliments his earlier book on natural magick, "Earth Power". Although he does cover a lot of material on the basics of magick that he gives in his other books, this is always a good thing to re-read every now and then so we don't lose our heads with all this power we're working with. :o)
My favourite chapters were the ones on 'Star Magic' and designing your own rituals. Sooo many books and ppl say "the best rituals are those designed yourself" and even though you can do the're not really sure whether you should make a talisman for this or use water magick for that but this section gives wonderful suggestions. And so you can create your own confidently.
I recommend this book to all magickal practitioners...... it reminds us that all the power and tools we need lies all around us if only we reach out with respect and love.
Read it and be inspired! Bright blessings, Willow FoxStone
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on 11 April 2007
Earth, Air, Fire and Water is a continuation of Scott's widely successful Earth Power.

'Readers of Earth Power wanted more:

more rites, spells and simple rituals that they could do with a minimum of equipment.....

Here, then, is more.....much more!
Come. Join us and discover the wonders that exist within Earth, Air, Fire and Water'

In paperback format, from 'Llewellyn Publications', USA:

223 pages, split over 3 main parts:

Basics of Magic

* This is Magic
* Magical Techniques
* Tools of Magic
* The Elements
* Preparatory rituals

Elemental Magic

* Earth Power
* Air Power
* Fire Power
* Water Power

Natural Magic

* Stone Magic
* Magnet Magic
* Candle Magic
* Star Magic
* Snow Magic
* Ice Magic
* Mirror Magic
* Wishing Well Magic
* Sea Magic
* Creating your own Rituals

with a preface, an 'after-word', appendices, glossary and a concise index.
Interspersed with charming black and white illustrations, written in the usual Scott Cunningham style, packed with information and hints/tips:

'Safe methods of leaving candles burning in your absence (while preventing the possibility of accidental fires):

Place the candle and its holder in a large, metal pot (such as a cauldron).
Burn the candle in the bathtub (Many, many natural magicians do this).
Burn seven-day candles (which are housed in glass jars).
Burn candles in an indoor fireplace.

Generally speaking, candles shouldn't be burned during outdoor rituals and never in a forest.'

'One Spell on a Candle'
It's best to use each candle for only one magical ritual.
Say you've been burning a blue candle to promote peace. When that spell's done, you've still got half a candle left. Should you re-charge the taper and burn it to, say, promote psychic awareness?
Nope. One spell to a candle, please. I usually let the candles burn out anyway, so I don't have stubs lying around.'

From the Glossary:

The craft of the Witch. This is magic, especially magic that utilises 'Personal Power' in conjunction with 'Earth Power'.
From this definition, Witchcraft isn't a religion.
However, many followers of the religion of Wicca interchangeably use both terms to describe their religion.'

From 'Star Magic':


This ritual is designed to use the energy of the stars to absorb negativity. Use it to help make a clean break from negative habits, misplaced emotions, and other wonderfully human problems.

Sit outside
Attune with your 'Star of Power'. (explained in previous section)
Visualise your problem. Visualise yourself wallowing in it, feeding it energy so that it is self-sustaining.
Hold out your arms before you. Cup your hands together. Push this visualisation out of your arms into your hands. Break all connections with that which is to be released.
See the problem and its causes sitting within your palms.
Say something like the following:

Blazing stars;
Fiery stars;
What was mine
Is now yours.

With a strong, certain gesture, separate your hands, fling your arms to the sky and release the negativity to the stars. PUSH it from your body.
Send it wildly spinning up into the heavens, where the energy of the stars will cleanse and transform it.
Repeat as needed.'
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on 19 July 2001
This book deals with the Elements in a clear and precise way, giving excellent instruction to anyone interested in working with the Elements. Treats the subject with common sense, making it simple to incorporate magick into everyday lives. A practical and no-nonsense guide, to recommend to anyone.
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on 29 March 2003
I picked this book up and took it to a seat where i looked through the pages. the first thing that struck me was the beautiful art in it, then as i read i found Scott's words singing to me...i was absorbed in it.
this book is the first magical based book i have ever read and i have yet to put it down. the spells and techniques are truley amazing and you don't need much in the way of tools to do any of them.
i recommend this to anyone who has an interest in magic and it's practice. it has really opened the doorway for me!
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on 8 April 2000
I have never before believed there was anything 2 Witchcraft- that it was just fiction.But after reading this book and 'The Truth About Witchcraft' (also by Scott Cunningham) I realise that Witchcraft is a way of life and has absolutely NOTHING 2 do with the devil or whatever. This book is easy to understand and although I have only owned it for a month it is already my most read book! I have not yet tried any spells yet as none seem apropriet at the mo, but I hope something comes up so I have an excuse to have a go! If u are an expirienced Witch please e-mail me 2 give me some tips.
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Earth, Air , Fire and Water in my opinion, actually copied alot of the info that was already in the prequel Earth Power. Although there were new spells and want not, it did feel like it just revisited the same thing. BUT there are bits in this books which wasn't addressed in the other. These being magicks of magnets, stars, ice, snow and wishing wells. Now when i read Earth Power i thought why did he leave out snow magick etc, and for this, he explains he doesnt know and so put it into this one. What i also like in this book is how there is a huge section on writing your own spells, and rituals. Mr Cunningham gives you a step by step guide into workin out how to go about it. This is fab not only for the beginner but also for the novice. Its funny how people get so wrapped in doin it the "older" way or what have you, but to find out what works out for others you can work out what works for you. Mr Cunningham gives help every step along the way which is good esp to the newbees that may feel a sense of panic and dont know what they are doing. The spells are the tradition Wiccan stylie ie protection, healing, love, etc. I love this author and the artworks of Robin Wood are continued in this book and are just as stunnin as those in Earth Power. This is a fab follow up and Cunningham helps you into using your own brains to create spells etc HEAVEN FORBID!! Another reason why i like Cunningham is that he doesn't treat his readers like immature 5 yr olds, But as individuals with brains.
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on 11 October 2011
I bought this book as I have bought and read other books by the same author and found them very useful to my beliefs and my Wiccan practices. I would recommend any book by Scott Cunningham, I bought this one o learn more of the cardinal points and how I can use there knowledge to improve my own. It has heped me and continues to do so, so I would say buy this book if you are a practising Wiccan, Asatru etc.
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on 17 July 2014
I love the way Scott Cunningham writes. I have practised natural magick for for quite a few years and
after a while it becomes really hard to find information out there that you have not come across before. There are a few diamonds in here. ;)
This book is lovely, as even though there is info in it that is readily available and probably been read many times before, Scott Cunningham breathes new life into it, and brings about to the reader a new perspective in which we perceive what we already know and feel.

Some good information about personal power, and some well written short spells. Detailed chapters that are easy to loose yourself in thoughts and questions within that he sparks with his words.

Being drawn to the seashore, I have worked on the shoreline many times using magick and ritual, but rarely have I come across books on anything seawitch related. This book has it's own chapter all about sea magick! (amongst many many other things)

Even if you have had many years walking the path of natural magick, I would recommend this book. Lots of information for Witches, oldskool and newbies alike, I'm sure there is something for everyone.
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