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The EC Technology Bluetooth speaker is a great little speaker. Unpacking the unit sent to me for review I was impressed that rather than looking cheap and plastic the body is metal and the speaker has a nice weight to it, giving this a more premium than you'd expect for the low cost. I also like the shape as it means there are no sharp corners/edges to catch yourself on/catch on your bag.

The speaker comes with a USB charging cable and an aux in cable (the sort that plugs into the headphone socket of your mobile/MP3 players etc) for using the speaker without using bluetooth.

If you do want to use Bluetooth it only takes a minute to pair it with your device. Once done the speaker will play anything being played on your device, so you can use this with music stored on your mobile or with streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer.

For a speaker so small and inexpensive the sound quality is really good. You won't get a pounding bass, but impressively you don't get distorted music when playing at higher volume. It can go loud enough to easily fill a room and it's diminutive size means it's very versatile, it could sit on a bookshelf or easily be taken travelling/on trips out.

There are music controls built in allowing you to adjust the volume, change tracks and play/pause. If you receive a call you've the option of using the speaker to pickup the call and use it hands free.

A great little speaker.
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on 22 July 2014
I have an HP notebook that has tiny speakers with very poor quality sound, so after borrowing and trying out an external speaker decided to invest in one. The EC technology speaker was well reviewed on Amazon and at just less than £20 seemed a good purchase. On first unpacking the speaker, I was surprised at the weight of it, however I soon discovered that the weight is a real bonus, because you can stand the speaker almost anywhere and it stays put!
The build quality on this thing is really superb. And the sound is amazing for such a small item. The speaker came with all cables and was already charged so all I needed to do was turn it on. Within seconds it had searched for and found my HP notebook and a spoken voice told me I was connected. (A highly innovative feature)
The bass sounds are really deep and resonant and the general quality of the sound is really clean and loud. Another clever feature is that there is a track change function built in to the speaker so that you can switch music tracks at the touch of a button without going near the computer. I also tested it on my Daughters I Pod and it paired within seconds.
If you are looking for a good quality speaker as an accessory, then you need look no further than this little beauty, because for less than £20.00 you simply cannot do better.
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I have a couple of other of these Bluetooth speakers distributed around the house from different manufacturers but this one is by far the best. It plays music or can be used for handsfree calls and connects wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device.

The speaker is around the size of an upturned Whisky Tumbler and is quite heavy for its size. It has a stylish with its titanium chrome finish and chromed speaker with a single button on top for call answering / rejection and function buttons on the base covering volume and track selection as well as play / pause. All have a positive action and the top button has an LED that glows blue when peered or red when charging. If you remove the plastic protector on the base it exposes a rubberised bottom that firmly locates the speaker on any flat surface. Also included in the box was a USB to Micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm aux cable for non Bluetooth devices as well as a small but well written instruction booklet in english.

The unit came charged and is turned on with a button on the base, it goes straight into peer mode with the blue LED on top flashing and gives a clear spoken indication when it is peered as well as the blue LED going permanently on. Peered easily with my Nexus 5 first time without having to enter any codes.

The biggest surprise though was sound quality and volume. It is rated at 5W RMS and has enough power to fill a room with no distortion at high volumes. Volume can be adjusted from the device or from the phone and the sound is well balanced with solid bass and does not sound like a mini speaker. It can also be used as a hands-free device with the built in microphone and this sounded fine although there was the odd Bluetooth breakdown but on the test calls I made I was easily understood.

This is a stylish and well built device that works well without some of the rough edges I have experienced in similar devices. The sound quality is very good, especially for such a small device and if you are looking for a well priced mini speaker is well worth consideration.

Provided by EC Technology for evaluation.
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The manufacturer supplied this speaker to me to review and as far as I am aware is identical to the retail version. I always endeavour to give an unbiased review based on quality of build and price.

I have a number of bluetooth speakers and this is definitely one of the better ones. Although a little weighty for the size, the sound quality for playing music is superb. The speaker comes with an audio jack, micro-USB to USB charger and the speaker itself. The base of the speaker has a removable protective film which reveals a nice silicone type material to stop it sliding around on the surface you put it on. On the top of the speaker is an answer/end call button that has a nice metallic feel to it and there are 3 buttons on the side of the speaker near the base that have multiple functions;
- Next track (short press of button) as well as volume up (long press of button)
- Previous track (short press of button) as well as volume down (long press of button)
- Play/pause

The speaker was very easy to connect to my Ipad and Iphone and I had no issues playing from my Itunes list. I was also very pleased to find out that when I played movies on my Ipad, there were no delays or sync issues with sound/voices and the actual video. Superb for watching movies with better sound quality.

Using the speaker for calls however was a slightly different matter. When I connected a call to a ground line, the sound had slight echo from the speaker when someone talked. Listening on the ground line was pretty clear however.

All in all one of the better bluetooth speakers that I've tried and it had a very nice weight and feel as well as having a really good sound quality. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
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on 9 September 2015
Having looked at several YouTube reviews and despaired of their format and technical competence I came upon one short but sensible video which suggested the UltraBass would meet my requirements - reasonably balanced sound across the delivered frequency range, no unrealistic expectation of extended bass, decent battery life and solid construction - I took the plunge and ordered one. I have not been disappointed. For around 20 quid it offers very acceptable sound quality - especially on speech - and since it can be charged whilst in use, the battery life, good though it is, is largely irrelevant unless away from a mains supply. Being well put together, it is not ultra lightweight, but nor is it heavy. I have no use for its Bluetooth capabilities and cannot comment on them. Perhaps worth mentioning, the volume controls are disabled when using the aux in socket, but this is no great hardship. Oh, and it goes pretty loud before the sound starts to break up. Those looking for ground shaking bass should purchase something altogether bigger, more powerful and more expensive.....

I subsequently tried the JBL Trip 3 which cost around £50 in a sale and found it to be considerably better in terms of sound, albeit about twice the size and a bit heavier. It offers excellent battery life and rapid charging, a bit more volume and far more in the way of bass output, though perhaps a little short of midrange and treble, but, overall, making for a very acceptable listening experience [as they say these days]. The two bass drivers [one at each end] might be susceptible to damage during transit but a suitable carry case is available a minimal cost.
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on 29 July 2015
The reviewers here seem to be getting carried away with the sound quality of this product. It’s good for what it is and for the price…but don’t think that it will change your life. Ultimately its size dictates its overall sound. When I compared it to my friend’s larger and more expensive £40 unit it sounded boxy and muddy. As with everything, you get what you pay for. It’s certainly no Bose product…but then it’s a fraction of the cost.

But I do like it. It’s solid, reassuringly heavy and has excellent battery life. The ED209 voice that bellows out “device is ready for connection” and “connection made” is odd - funny first time but not good if you’re relaxing and it chirps up with “connection lost”. But it’s a minor gripe.

In short, it’s a great product for the price…just don’t expect too much.
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on 28 August 2015
A remarkable piece of innovation — a speaker so small, yet so powerful. Several years ago, one could expect portable speakers to come standard with small, tinny speakers, poor battery life, and clumsy 30-pin docking ports. Thankfully, a lot more can be expected of today’s portable speakers, which all pack a surprising punch for their small size, have a minimum six-hour battery life, and come equipped with both robust Bluetooth 3.0 (some even have 4.0) connectivity and an Auxiliary 3.5 mm jack to connect older devices. For those looking for a speaker with a louder sound and stronger battery life buy this.
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EC TECHNOLOGY® Wireless Portable Ultra Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker
is a Bluetooth speaker that enables you to play music or any audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device..We love music in our house and it's always playing somewhere!

We have a few Bluetooth speakers between us and this one is one of the better ones I have come across in it's price range.

It came very well presented and in the box I found -

- the speaker 2.5 x 3.0 inches 257g built in 500mAh Li-ion battery
- USB to Micro USB charging cable
- 3.5mm jack to jack cable
- Instruction booklet

Quite heavy for it's size and solidly built this is mostly metal (including the speaker grille) which feels like stainless steel and has a plastic base. It has a rubberised bottom so it doesn't vibrate off anything I would imagine. So you've got very good build quality here. On the speaker you have -

- on/off power switch under the bottom
- next track/vol +
- prev track/vol -
- play/pause
- Aux 3.5mm port
- micro usb charging port
- microphone
- on top you have the call answer/rejection button which is blue LED backlit which glows red when charging

In use -

I charged it up for around 2 hours then give it a go using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 loaded with loads of different genres of music.I turned the device on via the on/off switch and an LED on top came flashed to indicate it was on, this light stays on during use. I searched for any Bluetooth devices and found 'EC-BTG3.0' and was paired up in no time. Found my music and was away!

The sound overall is very good indeed, to my ears anyway. I like the dome shape which gives a 360 degree sound effect. For it's size it certainly pumps some power out AT 5 watts. I played some Motown, Punk, Jazz, Pop, Classical. Old school electro, heavy metal. I was quite impressed with the audio quality on every song! At full volume there was no distortion to my ears which is probably down to the excellent build quality. The sound is nicely balanced for all genres of music, this isn't a bass heavy speaker in my opinion. If you use the Tune In radio app on your smartphone which I do a lot then this is perfect for playing that through.

This is a cracking little speaker for the price and given it's build quality it can take a few knocks and will last for years hopefully.

This device was kindly provided for me to test and review by the distributor.

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on 11 June 2015
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on 14 May 2015
Really easy to set up, dinky, nice design. Bluetooth range is fine. However, sound quality is bit disappointing. Based on other reviews I was expecting a bit more oomph. The main drawback for me is that music sounds slightly tinny, drum beats in particular seem to have a mild hiss,or more accurately a fuziness. Some songs sound a lot better than others, but I can't quite put my finger on what is different between the ones that sound ok and the ones that are a bit off. For the money though I suppose they are okay. If I hadn't expected so much based on the previous reviews I probably woudn't be disappointed, maybe my expectations were too high. I think if I was making the choice again I would spend a bit more and get something that sounds better.
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