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Dymo D1 Tape 12mm Black on white
by Dymo
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43113? 21 May 2014
As far as I am able to ascertain the Dymo tape I am using in my USB Dymo Tape machine is described as "DYMO D1 12MM BLKON WHITE TAPE or DYMO D1 12MM BLACK ON WHITE TAPE 43113. I *assume* that the 43113 is the specific Dymo catalogue or product number for this specific tape. HOWEVER I have notice that some catalogues are also listing the SAME tapes with the product number 45013 and the tape size in feet and inches a then the product number S0720530 and the tape size in metric! Dymo could certain make its product identification more straightforward especially as mistakes could be expensive! Hope the above helps.
22 May 2014 by Anthony Barthorpe
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