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Dukes of Hazzard: Complete Seasons 1-7 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Tom Wopat , John Schneider , Denver Pyle , Allen Baron    DVD

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Region 1 encoding (requires a North American or multi-region DVD player and NTSC compatible TV. More about DVD formats.)

Note: you may purchase only one copy of this product. New Region 1 DVDs are dispatched from the USA or Canada and you may be required to pay import duties and taxes on them (click here for details). Please expect a delivery time of 5-7 days.

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Welcome to Hazzard County! 29 Jun 2012
By Timothy L. Swan - Published on
From 1979 to 1985, the very popular CBS program "The Dukes Of Hazzard" became a fixture and staple of Friday evenings for many viewers during that time (myself included). The show produced a total of 145 episodes, each time scoring high in the Nielsen ratings. Taking place in fictional Hazzard county in the Southern United States, the series focused on the continuing adventures of cousins Bo (John Schneider), Luke (Tom Wopat) and Daisy (Catherine Bach), along with the family patriarch Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle), as they continually try to outwit the corrupt County Commissioner J. D. Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and the town's sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (James Best). Usually assisting Hogg and Roscoe in their schemes are deputies Enos Strate (Sonny Shroyer)and Cletus Hogg (Rick Hurst). The Dukes are also good friends with the town mechanic Cooter Davenport (Ben Jones). Appearing in several of the season five episodes are cousins Vance (Christopher Mayer) and Coy (Byron Cherry), who stayed on the Duke farm while Bo and Luke went to realize a life-long dream of racing on the NASCAR circuit. Occasionally visiting in Hazzard is Boss Hogg's crooked nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman), who usually ends up more dishonest than his uncle. Boss Hogg's wife, and Rosco's "fat sister", was Lulu Coltrane Hogg (Peggy Rea), who constantly challenged her husband for authority and rallied for the equality of women in Hazzard, and was one of the few people in Hazzard that Hogg was actually scared of, though he seemed to genuinely love and care for her. The main narrator of the series for the entire run of the show was Country music superstar Waylon Jennings, who is credited as the Balladeer. After numerous requests from fans to see the Balladeer on-screen, Waylon finally appeared in one episode, the seventh season's aptly titled "Welcome, Waylon Jennings", in which he was presented as an old friend of the Dukes. Of course, there were many other celebrities who made guest appearances on the show, as well: Cale Yarborough, Jaine Fricke, Mel Tillis, Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, Johnny Paycheck, Dottie West, Tammy Wynette, Hoyt Axton, Donna Fargo, Freddy Fender, The Oak Ridge Boys and Buck Owens made cameos as themselves in various episodes. Now, all 145 episodes from all 7 complete seasons are gathered together in this massive collection, contained on 38 DVD discs. Each show is presented in its original, chronological order of broadcast. There are also numerous DVD extras that showcase the on-going popularity and legacy of this unique series, created by Gy Waldron. So, sit back and take a spin in the General Lee over to the Boar's Nest for some good old down-home fun, with "The Dukes Of Hazzard" on DVD.
36 of 46 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY 16 July 2008
By Dawn Dickinson - Published on
I have been a Dukes of Hazzard fan since the show first aired. As a fan of the show, you know that the Dukes would not ever stand for being "cheated" and neither should we. Before you purchase this product, here is something you need to know. It is CHEAPER to purchase Seasons 1-7 INDEPENDENTLY rather than this set. The price for Seasons 1-7 independently is $111.93...compared to the price of $203.99 for this set...that's a difference of $92.06! Check it out for yourself, do the math, and save some money for the same product! Keep between the ditches!!
9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hazzard box Set 26 Dec 2008
By Grace Rogers - Published on
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
I bought this as a gift for my husband. It has the whole series, and a bonus DVD or clips of the reunion to current times, and looking back. My hubby really enjoyed that part of it. I believe it also details facts of the car and how things were done. This a great buy for any Hazzard County fan.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Dukes Kick Ass!!!!! 19 Jun 2012
By Taheen Lopez - Published on
THE DUKES OF HAZZARD ran on CBS from 1979-85 and was a comedy/drama series about 2 cousins known as the "Duke Boys" which were Bo Duke(John Schneider)and Luke Duke(Tom Wopat)who lived in a rural part of the fictional Hazzard County, Georgia with their foxy cousin Daisy Duke(Catherine Bach)and their wise old widowed Uncle Jesse(Denver Pyle)as Bo & Luke would often race around in their customized souped up '69 Dodge Charger called the General Lee evading the scheming corrupt police commisioner Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg(Sorrell Booke) who was always looking for an excuse to get the Dukes busted & out of the picture and Boss's incompetent county Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane(Jim Best)who was like his partner-in-crime, but Bo and Luke would somehow alway manage to get caught in the middle of various escapades & incidents that often occured in the area.

Since Bo and Luke and Uncle Jesse were on probation for previously transporting moonshine in the past, Bo & Luke would use bows and arrows for defense instead of guns since the Duke boys weren't allowed to use firearms, but Bo and Luke would still always manage to foil the disgruntled Boss's illegal scams.

The Dukes also had their wild rebellious mechanic Cooter Davenport(Ben Jones)who was often breaking or treading on the edge of the law who was also the Dukes best friend and considered part of the Duke family.

Deputy Enos Strate(Sonny Shroyer)was an honest, but naive young officer who often found conflicting morals since he was often reluctantly forced to take part in Boss and Roscoe's crooked schemes, but then Sonny Shroyer(Enos) left the show in the Dukes 1980-81 Season to start his own short-lived spinoff series ENOS which flopped and then cancelled by the Summer of 1981 and didn't return to the show until the Fall of 1982 when Schneider and Wopat left the show briefly, due to a salary dispute with Warner Bros.

Therefore, Enos was replaced by Boss Hogg's doofus cousin Deputy Cletus Hogg(Rick Hurst)in the 3rd and 4th Seasons of the DUKES OF HAZZARD in Enos's absence, but was even more clumsy & naive than Enos was, but was also a reluctant participant in Hogg's plans, but then Cletus was ousted in the Dukes 1982-83 Season when Enos returned to the show to be sworn back in as Roscoe and Boss's fellow deputy, but had temporarily partnered up with Cletus in the first 5 episodes of the Dukes 5th Season, but had no real explanation on why Cletus left and had only mentioned 1 time that Cletus had gone on vacation, but was never seen, mentioned, or returned again after the "Big Daddy" episode when Cletus made his last appearance as if Cletus never even existed.

In addition to the changes that occured in the DUKES OF HAZZARD's 5th Season; since John Schneider(Bo)and Tom Wopat(Luke)didn't report report to the set in the Spring of 1982 while filming was due to begin for the Dukes 1982-1983 Season since Season 5 was underway; the producers had to improvise by bringing in the new Dukes reluctantly hiring 2 lookalike replacements Byron Cherry(Coy Duke) and Chris Mayer(Vance Duke)as Uncle Jesse's long lost distant nephews to replace Bo and Luke which had so-called left Hazzard County to go race on the NASCAR circuit, but then the DUKES OF HAZZARD took a sharp nose-dive in the ratings which prompted the producers to bring the old Dukes back since the show was hurting and not going in the right direction without Bo and Luke.

Therefore, they brought the old Dukes back in the Winter of 1983 in the "Welcome Back Bo & Luke" episode when Bo and Luke had supposedly changed their minds and returned to Hazzard County after their NASCAR tour while Coy & Vance left Hazzard County to take care of a sick relative which resulted in Coy & Vance only lasting 17 episodes since the new Dukes were ousted from the show after only 5 months along with the fact that Cherry & Mayer were originally only contracted for just 10 episodes as stand-ins still with hope of a settlement being reached with Schneider & Wopat, especially since the scripts that were written for Coy & Vance were originally scheduled for Bo and Luke, but were literally crossed out and then penned in for Coy & Vance, due to Bo and Luke's absence, but this shows significant drop in ratings prompted Warner Bros. to renegotiate with Wopat and Schneider & a settlement with them was finally reached and the show proceeded with Bo and Luke for 2 more seasons.

Unfortunately, even the return of Bo and Luke was welcomed by ardent and casual viewers and Duke fans alike & resulted in a slight recovery in ratings, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD never completley regained its former popularity and never returned to its former glory since the premiere of KNIGHT RIDER on NBC in the Fall of 1982 had stole the Dukes thunder and became the hottest car on Friday nights, especially since supercar KITT outclassed the General Lee & had 10 times more breathtaking feats and advantages than the General Lee ever along with the fact that KNIGHT RIDER wiped everything out in the ratings back then at number 3 and had K.O.'d THE DUKES OF HAZZARD practically beating the Dukes to a pulp since the Knight 2000 made the General Lee pale by comparison.

Therefore the DUKES OF HAZZARD couldn't compete with KNIGHT RIDER and CBS had suddenly cancelled the DUKES OF HAZZARD quietly ending its 7-year run in the middle of its 1984-85 Season in the Winter of 1985 after showing its last episode "Opening Night At The Boars Nest" on 2/8/85 resulting in the Dukes 7th Season being an abbreviated season along with the fact that this show went stale, the Dukes were getting tired, and the whole cast & crew of the show ran out of steam.

Overall, I loved this show growing up and it was one of my childhood favorites that I watched throughout it's whole 1979-85 run on CBS, but I don't see why Warner Bros. felt a need to release the DUKES OF HAZZARD on a complete series DVD box set like Universal did with the ROCKFORD FILES, the INCREDIBLE HULK, KNIGHT RIDER, MIAMI VICE, MAGNUM, A-TEAM, AIRWOLF, etc; but my hunch on why Warner Bros. decided to make a complete series box set of the DUKES OF HAZZARD even though Warner Bros. already has all 7 seasons of the Dukes in individual box sets like Universal already had with the INCREDIBLE HULK, KNIGHT RIDER, the ROCKFORD FILES, etc. is perhaps due to the 2-sided discs on the individual DVD box sets freezing and skipping at times which was the same problem that Universal had with the double-sided discs on their individual season box sets which prompted Universal to re-release a lot of their classic TV shows with 1-sided discs instead of 2-sided discs.

So I suspect that Warner Bros. was inspired to do the same thing with some of their classic TV show DVD box sets like the DUKES OF HAZZARD and WONDER WOMAN for instance which both have a complete series box set as well as individual season box sets.

However, this show takes me all the way back to memory lane to when it was part of CBS's Friday night line up since I used to watch the DUKES OF HAZZARD at 9PM preceeding DALLAS at 10PM after I'd watch the INCREDIBLE HULK at 8PM which was CBS's Friday night schedule from January of 1979 thru November of 1981, but then the DUKES OF HAZZARD was moved to 8PM and DALLAS was moved to 9PM when CBS had cancelled the INCREDIBLE HULK all of the sudden in the middle of the Hulks short-lived 5th Season in mid November of 1981, due to budget cuts which resulted in the Dukes taking the 8PM slot away from the Hulk since the DUKES OF HAZZARD remained at 8PM every Friday night from mid November of 1981 till it tanked in February of 1985.

Something else I cant help finding intriguing about this show is rumor has it that the premiere of the DUKES OF HAZZARD in the Winter of 1979 resulted in the ROCKFORD FILES cancellation in the Winter of 1980 since the Dukes 9PM time slot on CBS conflicted with Rockford's 9PM time slot on NBC which resulted in the ROCKFORD FILES getting a slight decrease in ratings since the ROCKFORD FILES started losing a lot of viewers thru the DUKES OF HAZZARD since the Dukes were brand spankin new and an instant smash when it debuted on CBS on Friday January 26, 1979 when Rockford was in the middle of its 5th Season along with the fact that the DUKES OF HAZZARD was in its honeymoon phase of the show while the ROCKFORD FILES honeymoon phase of the show was already long gone.

Therefore, you could say that the Dukes beat Rockford to a pulp since the DUKES OF HAZZARD had K.O.'d the ROCKFORD FILES in the ratings since Bo and Luke(John Schneider) were peaking while Jim Rockford(James Garner)was creaking since Garner had ran out of steam and had reached a saturation point with his Rockford character unlike Schneider & Wopat which were just getting started in their acting career and their series with lots of spunk and energy while Rockford was getting tired and starting to drag since age caught up with Garner forcing him to quit the show.

Unfortunately NBC had cancelled the ROCKFORD FILES all of the sudden in the middle of its 6th Season after showing its final episode on Thursday January 10, 1980, due to James Garner developing chronic back and knee problems.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome show 29 Nov 2010
By Wachovia - Published on
Format:DVD|Verified Purchase
My two year old loves this show. He watches it all the time. The sets are great and well packaged. I was very pleased with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who likes the Duke boys and Daisy.
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