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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2015
I found out about this book as I was searching desperately online due to symptoms that are basically reflux coming into my sinuses and causing daily pain. This book is more aimed at those who have LPR (acid comes up to the throat) but most of it applied to me as well (I just wished she had mentioned acid coming into the sinuses as a possibility explicitly...). I followed the induction diet very strictly for around 3-4 weeks and then less strictly (occasional meal out etc. during the Christmas period) for another 4 weeks or so and then I have been less strict again (following the diet for breakfast, lunch and snacks, but having more 'normal' dinners sometimes) for the past month. I have to say, the improvement from doing the induction diet was well worth the initial torture. I never ate particularly unhealthily, am not overweight, don't smoke or drink, but I had the usual in an office environment...two coffees per day and a bit of chocolate/cake/biscuit depending on what was on offer. I followed the diet (easiest part was changing main meals, hardest part was the lack of caffeine and my one or two a day habit of something sweet) and after day 10 of being very strict on the induction diet, my symptoms basically disappeared. After about 2 weeks, I didn't miss anything I used to have, other than the odd bit of cheese! I mostly had (and mostly still have) porridge for breakfast, banana for a snack, salad for lunch (just different salad leaves and either cucumber/chicken/tuna/carrot added), melon or plain/salted popcorn as a snack, fish and rice/chicken and rice/fish and kale/potatoes for dinner. I only drink water (cold or hot, but always plain) and maximum one coffee a day. After 4 years of pain, lots of drugs and tests, it only took 10 days of eating 'clean' and my body started to fix itself. I can't stick to the induction version of the diet permanently (and it's not designed that way - it's an induction, after all) but I am still finding my way through what other things I can eat without causing damage. I have just started a proper food diary and hope it will help. to the book itself, there is conflicting information in it (I only realised when I got to the end and there is a list of food pH levels that I probably could have been including things like avocado, white onion, etc.) and there's a fair bit of scaremongering about cancer (and I believe it's a possibility but clearly I have bought the book and am doing something about it already - I also didn't have a bad diet or lifestyle to begin with so it feels like I'm being blamed somehow) and the recipes are not doable for me (I need a dinner I can make in 15 minutes, and is cheap - they all seemed to be expensive and time-consuming even if some sounded very nice, I just don't live in that ideal world with plenty of time on my hands and money to spend on fancy ingredients so I mostly stuck with plain rice and plain fish etc for speed and simplicity). Overall though, it's worth a read just to get a better overview than you do from blogs etc. online, and for more information on what you should and shouldn't eat.
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on 12 July 2015
No doubt if you are completely at a loss with what to do you with your gastritis/reflux this is certainly a good starting point. The aching symptoms of gastritis should disappear if you stick to roughly a diet like this.

However I think there is way too much concentration of the ph of the food ingested rather than the effect it has on gastric acid secretion. Milk is of course suggested but the protein content and calcium are shown to increase gastric acid secretion in the hours after ingestion thus raising stomach ph levels and thereby you drink more milk and go round in circles of gastritis/reflux. In addition to this they say to avoid coffee but one cup a day is ok of you put it with milk? Christ anyone with gastritis knows the horrors coffee causes, latte or not.

Also this book recommends a relatively high protein intake which I have found to not be so helpful. The main topic of the book is pepsin which is used to digest protein and sticks to eosphogus when relfluxed. Pepsin is reactivated by acids, hence it suggests to not eat anything with a ph under 4 or 5 (depending on severity). However in other to digest protein one needs to excrete pepsinogen (precursor to pepsin) and if you ingest a meal of meat and potatoes thats a lot of gastric acid and pepsin floating around with the potential to break through the LES if its weak.

Then there are the recipes which aren't up to much. What is strange is that they seem to contain quite a few of the banned ingredients in "small amounts". Quite a bit of which is pan fried food. Let google be thy friend on the recipe front me thinks. There is not one mention of gelatinous bone broth which is the most helpful thing for the digestive system.

As I said this book is a good starting point but poor value for money. The "science" is so dumbed down and short that is makes you question how stupid doctors think people are. They repeat the list of allowed food three times in such a short book just to bulk it up. But the fact that this book is flawed and these are the leading experts makes you question the medical profession as a whole. The enormity of people who suffer at the hands of incompetent and arrogant doctors is repulsive. The whole system needs to be overhauled.

Because I feel that the authors/publishers are overcharging immensely for this book I have no problem giving a synopsis here:
No beverages but chamomile tea and plain water
No fruit but bananas and melons
Very low fat
Mainly starches (potatoes,wheat,rice etc) and vegetables (no cucumbers/peppermint)
Some lean proteins - chicken mainly
Avoid tomatoes, acidic fruits - particularly citrus, coffee, tea, sodas, spicy foods.
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on 10 December 2010
This book is different in that it has been written by the director of the Voice Institute of New York, who is a leading authority on laryngopharyngeal reflux (otherwise known as silent reflux) in combination with a french chef. If you are one of the people who find that reflux medication does not work for you, in fact the medication makes your reflux worse, and you don't know why, you need this book. Non acid reflux is explained with great clarity, how it differs from acid reflux and why your medication may not be working, and then points the way to getting your life back by controlling the PEPSIN reflux with diet.
She starts out with a strict 2 week cleansing diet (not bad - you can eat chicken and fish and all the veg you want..... with a few exceptions like tomatoes). That 2 weeks is important, you begin to feel in control of the reflux and then can start expanding the diet a bit.
The recipes are american with quite a few ingredients I've never heard of or could be difficult to get, however sensible substitutions can be made and still be true to the healing diet. It's a well produced book with photos of the dishes and cooking tips and advice specific to each recipe.
This book has been written with great care and consideration. Highly recommended.
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on 7 April 2015
Dropping Acid is a 'clever,word play' title that is obviously used to catch attention, but it still needs to deliver in content.Very American in its approach. Some interesting ideas but also some very contradictory ones. Why say that oranges are taboo and then use them so often in the recipes given? I am not sure how easy it would be in this country to get a GP to be sympathetic to their hypotheses. To be honest, I found it more frustrating than helpful.
Ok I have an admission to make the paragraph above is a form of plagiarism as I have copied it from an earlier review but only because it states exactly what I wanted to say.
Sadly this book is exactly what I thought it would be prior to buying it full of recipes that are probably delicious but too expensive to make for the majority of us. It also is definitely aimed at an American audience and does not mention sweets and desserts to avoid.
Like I suppose most of us that suffer from Acid Reflux I am looking for a way of living with it easier on a daily basis and I hoped that this would help me achieve my aim but sadly it doesn't so the search goes on.
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on 28 April 2011
Useful medical and practical advice on how to deal with acid reflux.
Doctors can be very ignorant about how to treat acid reflux , simply handing out pills. The authors are a Doctor and Chef and look closely at different symptoms and how diet effects these symptoms. My reflux mostly affects my throat rather than oesaphagus heartburn. Recipes are not bad either.
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on 9 February 2014
This book helped my recovery from throat problems caused by acid reflux. An excellent guide to better eating habits in the future
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on 7 March 2012
Excellent book. Very well presented. What a lesson in understanding. No more otc antacids. Just give up alcohol. Thank you.
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on 18 May 2013
was recommended to buy this due to reflux problem. not just a cook book but offers advice on different types of reflux.
has already made a difference o me
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on 7 February 2015
I have already written the review for this. But I will say it again; It helped me with my acidity problem. I followed the weeks, it was hard work but worth it and I now I maintain as per the book. Some of the ingredients in the recipes I cannot use because my stomach can't tolerate them so I substituted and it works
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on 21 July 2014
excellent. cuts to the chase and helps you through the conflicting information from other sources. A must read for GORD sufferers.
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