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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2005
Season 5 of Voyager is possibly its best of all seven as finally the series has a clear sense of momentum unlike the rather stale first 2 series where enemies such as the Kazon were encountered again and again and storylines from The Next Generation were rehashed. For a change, the viewer actually feels the crew are getting closer to home and with Seven Of Nine now an integral part of the main cast, it allows for a great deal of much deeper interaction between the characters and consequently, a lot more character driven episodes. The viewer might also notice that elements from the rest of the Star Trek universe (Borg, Starfleet, Cardassians) are perhaps more prevalent in this season than previously, reinforcing the rather more progressive stance of this season as well as the fact that Deep Space Nine was coming to an end at the time this was being produced. Simply put, it is an incredibly well-written season which manages to avoid any of the usual filler episodes which have been the bane of its earlier seasons as well as its sister series, TNG and Enterprise.
Among the season highlights are:
NIGHT: Travelling across an area of space devoid of stars, the crew encounter the Malon, a group of intergalactic polluters and a race which is threatened by their pollution.
EXTREME RISK:Tortured by the thought of her dead Maquis comrades (at the hands of the Dominion/Cardassians), Torres risks her life in increasingly dangerous situations.
IN THE FLESH: Chakotay discovers a recreation of Starfleet Headquarters which is being used as a training ground by Species 8472 for an invasion of the Federation.
TIMELESS:The 100th episode where Chakotay and Kim travel back in time to prevent the death of their crewmates in a tragic accident.
NOTHING HUMAN:Unable to remove a parasite from Torres, The Doctor consults a hologram of an infamous Cardassian exo-biologist to deal with the problem, causing unrest amongst the former Maquis and Bajoran members of the crew.
COUNTERPOINT:Perhaps one of the best Voyager episodes where a member of a race against the presence of telepaths seeks asylum on Voyager in exchange for helping a group of telepaths concealed on the ship escape, posing a dilemma for Janeway.
BRIDE OF CHAOTICA:An ingenious story as aliens from another dimension go to war with Doctor Chaotica and his army on the holodeck. A great send-up of Flash Gordon.
DARK FRONTIER:The Borg Queen demands Seven of Nine's return to the Collective in exchange for Voyager's safety.
COURSE OBLIVION:A sequel to Season 4's 'Demon' with a great twist as the crew find themselves and their ship breaking down at the cellural level.
RELATIVITY:Seven of Nine travels through Voyager's past to stop a saboteur intent on destroying the ship. A very fun episode - a sequel of sorts to Season 3's 'Future's End'.
EQUINOX, PART 1:An excting end to the season as Voyager makes contact with home (of sorts) when they find the crew of another Federation starship. However, the actions of the Equinox crew in the Delta Quadrant place the Voyager crew in grave danger.
The extras are well put together and significantly longer and in depth than either TNG or DS9.
All in all, the season is a real gem, perhaps one of the strongest individual seasons of any Trek show and highlights the way Voyager will go in its last 2 series. Roll on Seasons 6 & 7!!
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2009
This is the fifth season of Star Trek Voyager, and the boxed set contains all twenty six episodes as well as some interesting special features. Picture and sound quality on the DVD release is excellent, and offers the added incentive of being able to watch without constantly being interrupted by commercials.

Voyager is a science fiction television show that is set in the twenty forth century. Each episode follows the adventures of the U.S.S. Voyager a Federation Starship that becomes stranded on the other side of the galaxy. Her Captain (played by Kate Mulgrew) and her crew must find a way to get home, and face the prospect of spending their entire lives travelling across unknown and usually hostile space.

There are various incantations of Star Trek such as this Voyager, but also Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation and of course the Original Star Trek. While each are based around the same idea, each is somewhat different from the other, and as a result every fan of Star Trek, or Science Fiction, will have their own personal favourite. Voyager is mine, and while it may not be the most serious of the Star Trek universe, I find it the most gripping, the most involving, and where we really get to know the various characters.

This fifth season has to be one of Voyager's best as it offers so much. Many of the episodes are nothing less than brilliant and a true credit to the show. Episodes such as "Drone" where the Doctor and Seven accidentally create a 29th Century Borg. "In The Flesh" we see Species 8472 planning an invasion of Earth. The great and epic "Timeless" episode where a future Chakotay and Kim try to prevent Voyager's destruction. "Bliss" where the crew are tricked into thinking they've found a way back home where in fact there flying into the stomach of a massive space organism. The two part "Dark Frontier," "Relativity," the list goes on and on, but needless to say all make for a very enjoyable season.

I would normally include a list highlighting the best parts of the season, but in the case of season five, there are far too many too include. But there really are some exceptional moments that do deserve a mention such as watching Seven Of Nine (played by Jeri Ryan) singing, and the showdown between Janeway and Captain Ransom.

The cast and crew should be given a pat on the back, as they have managed to create and work with some excellent scripts, ideas and episodes plots, to create something that is truly admirable. The acting from the cast is second to none as all makes from a very entertaining and enjoyable experience.

Well it's taken me a while but I've finally managed to watch and review all seven seasons of Voyager. I hope these reviews have been helpful to you, and I hope that I have done justice to the show that is a great piece of science fiction.

Naturally if your new to Star Trek Voyager, then it would be a idea to start watching from the first season to get a better understanding of the show. If your already a fan, then I hope you already have the boxed sets, if not it's time to buy them all.
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on 16 January 2005
Star Trek series have a habit of getting better and better as they mature. Season 5 doesn't disappoint. Rather than write one of the usual reviews I thought I mention my surprise when I discovered that the feature length "Dark Frontier" episode - a highlight of this season - featured deleted scenes that did not air previously and were not present on the VHS version of the episode. As always these boxsets' bonus features are usually worth the price itself, but this slightly altered version of a much watched episode really surprised me and I'm so glad I bought this.
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on 4 January 2008
Just had to respond to the 2 "reviews" on this page, and confirm that these boxsets certainly DO contain all the extras that were found on the original boxsets. So even more reason to get them!!
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There are some really good reviews of this season, well here's my pennies worth. I do not own any the slimline versions that said I am sure the quality is the same? Some who love the show and have deep pockets will buy these at this too. Season 5 sees Voyager making some progress to towards the Alpha Quadrant. The character of 7 of 9 seems better embed with the Janeways' crew. Some of the seasons narratives, we see Species 8472 in a more `human element'. There is the accidental creation of a Super Borg and we meet a `Nazis' like xenophobic race who persecute telepaths with unnatural cunning zeal. The stories mentioned are just a sample of good season. All in all a very good series with a great female captain who really held her own, it's a real pity that the whole TV franchise has not explored more of the Star Trek Universe.
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on 11 May 2014
I can't say just how good Voyager is. For us it captures the feel of the original series the whole exploring the unknown, discovering new races. One or two people find particular characters annoying, but in honesty, the diverse mix of characters makes it more realistic. In any given group of people (let's say a group of ten) there are usually eight I want to punch, or at the very least imagine getting eaten by giant mutated jelly babies under the control of Mr Stay Puft... erm... yes my point being, for me there is only one such person in Voyager (Chakotay, the most uphimself, arrogant, irritating, goody goody two shoes... ARRRRRRGGHHHH!!!! I HATE THAT CHARACTER.....), all the other characters are excellent and very well acted. Janeway is an especially good choice with the Doctor being a close second (channels some great Bones-esque energy into the role!).

So, if you like Star Trek and are not of the "WAH!!!!!!! IF IT'S NOT KIRK OR PICARD I'M GOING TO BECOME A RIGHT EMO AND COMPLAIN ENDLESSLY UNTIL I COULD POWER A SMALL CITY WITH MY WHINING" crowd, give it a go, I'm sure you'll love it!

*DISCLAIMER - If you don't love it that is your problem and I am in no way responsible.
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on 18 July 2016
Bought this to complete my collection, I recommend the slimline version for neatness and space saving. I am a fan so my opinion on the series is biased. Condition was mint when it arrived and when I eventually got arroung to playing all the media no defect was found. Image quality is what you'd expect from DVD; yeah we've all got SD, HD & 4K these days, but it is still a crisp and clear picture.
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on 15 February 2014
As I purchased separately, all seven series of Star Trek Voyager; my review will end up the same for each. I'm in temporary accommodation and in need of evening entertainment (no tv) and these fit the bill. It's lovely to take it from the beginning and see it through to the end. Some of the episodes, particularly those related to the holo deck are a bit weird; but I do understand that to keep sane for several years in a space ship "lost in space" would take other amusements. Janeway's character is pushed too far, at the expense of others, Chakotay in particular, who I would like to have seen developed - but I'm enjoying them nonetheless!
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on 11 June 2008
I'd just like to re-affirm that it does contain all the bonus features, i got my copy this morning.
Great quality videos, pretty cool menu screens and the features are great too.
I'd advise people to make sure they know things for sure before they go bitching on amazon reviews.
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on 1 February 2015
I'm reliving my late teens and have just finished with series 5, a great watch, Timeless and Counterpoint are highlights. For all of the attention Seven of Nine gets (I sadly went to my first convention in London last year and met her, she's still holding up well, must have assimilated lots of vitamin tablets) I realsie now that my milf phase is at full impulse, damn Janeway is smoking, something about an authorotive woman! ;-)
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