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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 September 2012
I`ve had one of these for many years and always keep it attached to my bike, its saved me many times, mainly when my main pump has gone missing. The kit weighs 485 grams and there is space in the bag for additions you may want. The bag attaches to your cross bar with Velcro fastenings which in many years have never failed.

Pump: The pump is schrader/presta compatible (some reviews are in error). It comes set for schrader, for presta: Unscrew the cap at the valve end, remove the rubber insert (pull lever to assist) and you will find a little orange part, remove and reverse for presta (nipple faces in), re-attach the rubber insert reversing that too (small hole to outside) replace the cap and your done. The pump is very small though so it takes some work to get a decent pressure.

I`ve used the puncture repair kit a number of times with permanent success, though oddly it is missing chalk. There are only two plastic tyre levers but they are adequate for the job.

The multi-tool is very handy, but be aware it is missing some tools and some are impossible to use due to positioning. It has 2,2.5,3,4,5,6 & 8 mm hex (allen) keys, strait, cross point & 1/4" drivers, 8,9,10mm 1/4" drive sockets, 8, 10 & 15mm open ended spanner plus .136" spoke key marked 14G (a single piece so limited use). For me the missing pieces are a 14mm 1/4" drive socket (some may need a 12mm version), a six way spoke key and a link-remover.

Overall, an essential emergency kit I would not be without, just be aware of the limitations.
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on 26 August 2011
I ordered this product as I wanted something cheap incase I got a puncture. For the price its a good product. I owned it for about a week and then sure enough the inevitable happened and I got a punture (thorn in my tyre). Was a bit weary about the tyre leavers being plastic but needn't have woried as they got the tyre off no problem they are surprisingly sturdy. Punture kit is basic but did the job no problems and within 10 minutes I was on the go again. The one thing I would say is the spanner on the multi tool is not the greatest and if I had needed to remove my tyre completely I would have been snookered as it was pretty awful to use thats the only reason im marking this down from 5 stars. Carry a proper spanner and your laughing. The pump is good and the case it comes in is nice. Overall I was happy with this purchase.
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on 15 March 2015
I've just changed a tyre and an inner tube at home. Tools worked well. The pump will not allow to get to a really high pressure, but it's descent more than enough to get to a normalish PSI. Also, convenient to use.
review image review image
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on 16 June 2012
I had my doubts about the pump but it works well once you discover the locking lever. The tyre levers are good quality plastic, plenty strong enough and lightweight. The allen keys don't go up to head stem size.
The puncture repair kit contains 9 patches and the tube of glue (Indonesia) actually has something in it, unlike cheap repair kits.
One thing you definitely need to repair a puncture is a decent wheel nut spanner, so I carry the pump and tyre levers, my own proper spanner, and a spare new tube, it fits inside the bag which can be strapped almost anywhere.
review image
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on 1 March 2012
The multitool is amazing. I would be more than happy to pay the price for that alone. The allen keys work beautifully and there are 7 not 6 (there are 6 physical keys but the last one is a cap that fits on the largest one), but what I really like is that unlike conventional allen keys where it's difficult to tighten when using the long end, you don't get that here. And obviously the others tools work as good as others. There are three wrenches that add onto a spoke (8,9,10mm). The hand pump works on a schrader valve not sure about presta (if you don't know which one you have google them) but it's small so you're going to be pumping for a while. Tyre levers make changing wheels so much easier so no complaints there. Finally in the repair kit you get 9 assorted size patches, rubber cement, a metal scourer and 2 rubber tubes to mend any broken valves. Bearing in mind that I only use these as a temporary fix (just enough to be able to get home to change my inner) these have worked fine with no complaints.

The wrenches that come with the multitool only goes up to 10mm any bigger and you're going to need something else. There's a blade with wrench indents for 15mm but it's been useless as a wrench. I also found that almost immediately after I got this the tool became loose, but was able to easily tighten it easily with another allen key. The pump is also very fiddly and requires getting used to with a fair amount of trial and error.

Solid bargain. I would recommend this to anyone.
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on 20 July 2016
- Comes with everything you need
- Plastic prongs help get the tyre off (use hook to clip onto spoke so one stays in place whilst you attach the other)
- Decent quality allan key kit.
- Pump works.
Note with the pump, the lever must be down when you attach it to the bike air nozzle. Then lift the lever UP, to close the seal when you are ready to start pumping, not the other way around.

A friends rear tyre blew. It had literally worn through, and worn out, completely. We used two patches, one on the inner rubber tube, and another inside the tyre, to give him a millimetre of new tread, so this can save the day in the very worst type of scenarios. And it did, brilliantly.

Not being sure how long to let it dry for, we gave it nearly 15 minutes, which was enough time. Tyre pumped straight back up, maintained pressure, and allowed us to continue.

There are several patches inside of different sizes. Plenty for multiple incidents. An entire kit can be bought from pound land for £1, which you can use to top up/refill this kit, with new patches, more glue, etc. You won't need more patches until you have had half a dozen punctures though.

NOTE: It did seem that the glue was not sticking to the rubber very well, so glue was used in abundance. It did stick, just very slowly, and required encouragement. Be patient, take your time, allow the glue time to melt into the rubber and keep the punctured area of the inner tube still and leave it to set for as much time as you have, would be my advice).

LOVE the tiny size of the whole kit, including the mini pump which is cute. There was space inside the kit to add a pen, USB light, cable ties, a miniature spanner, and tiny emergency things which you might want to keep in there. Velcro is good, strong, holds on well.

Downside is that because the durable, rain proof case looks so nice, you might not want to keep it on your bike permanently, just remember to take it when you when going on those long journeys.

Hope the review was helpful. If so, please give it a like.
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on 2 June 2010
Arrived two days after ordering, well packaged. Used it to repair a puncture less than two weeks after buying, not used the multi tool but it seem quite sturdy and fits all on the bike.the pump is very small but it does work but so do you!
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on 5 April 2011
Since this product has arrived I cannot count how many times I have used it (for my bike as well as the bikes of the other three members of my family - I'm not THAT accident prone!!)

The multi tool can be a bit annoying as the attachments come loose when you are using it and sometimes get in the way, but I don't really care as it has come in so handy over the last few weeks. Also, one of the elastic holders which held the pump to the case has already broken.

As a beginner cyclist I would say it's quite good for my needs as it has been a useful and compact bit of kit to attach to the bike. I'm sure there are better quality products out there I guess, but for me this does the job and for what I paid for it, I am quite happy.
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on 19 October 2011
This is a very handy little kit, it's compact and the tools inside should have every alan key you will ever need. Not to mention some spanner pieces, and everything necessary to remove a tyre, repair a puncture and refill the tyre. This also has everything you'll need to tighten break pads and such.

The only thing that I found I needed an extra tool for was when I removed my rear wheel. I needed a separate wrench. Such a wrench could fairly easily fit into the pack and can be bought fairly cheaply, so I won't fixate on this point.

A very good product, and a good price. Recommend!
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on 6 January 2016
This tool set is great value and has a lot of stuff you need. I switcjed out the multi tool for this VeloChampion Bike 'Gooj' Multi Tool 18 with Chain Breaker / Pin Splitter / Cutter and Carry Case. I also recently bought these to replace the standard patched: Slime Skabs Peel & Stick Patches.

The pump is the most confusing thing! The instructions weren't clear enough and I resorted to asking a friend to help: turns out I didn't try every permutation of the orange and black inserts! A simple diagram would have helped.. (both valve types are definitely supported).
That aside, a great cheap kit.
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