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4.6 out of 5 stars21
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2014
This review is from: The Dragon's Queen (Dragon Lords Book 9) (Kindle Edition)

Loving The Dragon Lord Series by Michelle Pillow as much as I do I couldn't wait for the Dragon's Queen to be finished. Throughout all the books in the series Queen Mede has been a character I really enjoy and admire.
Mede has always been a great secondary character but until now we have only had small glimpses into her past.
Now that her wonderful story is told in this new book, I really enjoy and admire her even more.
Mede grew up one of the few precious females to be born on her planet, as well as being the only dragon shifter. Rather than growing up to be like her mother Mede dreams of being a warrior as the other Draig men and yearns to bring honor to her family.
It has been quite an uphill battle for her but one she has conquered very successfully.
During the Dragon Lord books Mede is usually introduced during the Mating Ceremony and she and King Llyr are always portrayed as being quite the loving and extremely affectionate couple that still set each other on fire. Now we get the yummy background details.
I have also loved how Mede interacts with and influences her new "daughters" on the secrets of dealing with her very alpha sons. Always elegant and very wise (especially in the ways of the Draig men), Mede's yearning to form a bond with each of her sons' new wives was a very touching and fun part of each story.

Mede is a headstrong, brave, sassy young woman who has no desire to end up a wife and mother one day. Fate has other plans for her as she finds herself captivated by the handsome Prince Llyr, heir to the Throne of the Draig
Llyr is a true life Prince Charming who knows Mede is his true mate. Now he just has to convince this stubborn proud female that her Destiny lies with him and her place as Queen of The Draig. Of course true love is never that easy and there are several trials and suspenseful situations that they must overcome.
For those who are familiar with the series, there is much background in this prequel that fills us in on not only the courtship of Mede and Llyr but also the story of the Var (the other shape shifters that share their planet), including a young Prince Attor and his evil uncle.

Once again, Michelle Pillows pulls us into her imaginative, magical world of the Dragon Lords and captivates us with the spellbinding story of two key characters we come to love and admire even more.
I highly recommend this awesome, exciting romantic book, it is great addition to this amazing series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 September 2014
Although the ninth book of this series, "The Dragon's Queen" is actually a prequel detailing the courtship of the parents of the dragon lords. I was a huge fan of the "Dragon Lords" and "Lords of Var" series, but think I may have OD'd somewhat and became disinterested in the prevalent theme of a reluctant bride battling her attraction to a hunky shape shifting warrior whilst adapting to life on a barbarian world. I'm not going to lie. The formula remains exactly the same; however there is a slight twist as the leading lady is a native shape shifting dragon who has also trained to become a warrior.

Lady Medellyn (aka Mede) is sick of the attention she gets as a unique native female. Every male that meets her is convinced their crystal will glow confirming her as their destined mate. Mede has no such indicator; having elected to destroy her own crystal years earlier and hopes to never marry.

Even before Prince Llyr was old enough for his crystal to glow in the presence of Mede, he has known that she was the one for him. Wanting to convince her that they have a connection without a crystal having to glow, he hides his own crystal and attempts to woo a woman who is more eager to run into a fight than into his arms.

Mede is a feisty entertaining heroine who proves to have the potential to become legendary in the shape shifting world. The plot is fairly steady with moments of action followed by periods of inactivity but the verbal exchanges between Mede and Llyr entertain throughout.
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on 3 October 2014
SO GOOD!!!! I was seriously dubous of this book I pre-ordered it anyway. I loved the original series with a passion and fell in love with the princes, however felt that a prequel was a step too far and was not looking forward to it. When the book arrived on my kindle, i am ashamed to say that it sat there for a few days as i put it off as i was not really looking foward to reading it as coudn't really see that it was going to be that great.

HOWEVER, as with all Michelles books it was brilliant, the writing was good, the humour was excellent and the female lead was strong and lead the male a merry dance, what more can we want, lol!!

An excellent additon to the series, and will definitely recommend to family, friends and anyone ready this review. Would also recommend the entire series, a seriously good read.
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on 3 November 2014
I received a copy of The Dragon's Queen in exchange for my review.

Mede is unusual; the only female dragon shifter on the planet. And the male dragons around her never let her forget. With proposals happening at every opportunity, Mede smashes the crystal that will tell her who her true mate is. But the Gods aren't to be messed with, and even if she refuses to play along, Mede will end up with the right dragon. Prince Llyr knows in his gut that Mede is his true wife, but instead of forcing that upon her, he becomes her friend and her lover, building the relationship between them. Meanwhile the enemies of the dragonshifting Draig, the catshifting Var, are plotting, and with their prince, Attor slowly becoming more and more determined to have Mede as his wife, things are tense.

Link to Goodreads
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I'll be totally honest, it took me a while to get properly into The Dragon's Queen, though I don't think that had anything to do with the book, and was more the mood that I was in (I switched books and when I came back to The Dragon's Queen I had no problem getting back into it). When I was in the right mood the story, and the characters dragged me in and I couldn't help but get swept up into their world.

Mede was the kind of character I love. An independent woman who didn't need or want a man for protection. In fact this went as far as her wanting to protect her man. I thought it was refreshing to see this so well pulled off, and to have the male characters around her acting like she was the same as them. Of course it probably helps if you can shift into a dragon.

I loved Llyr. I wasn't too sure at first, mainly because I wasn't sure about Attor at that point, but everything that Llyr did just ended up endearing him to me. The fact that he actually thought about how Mede would react to a forced mating and then took all the steps possible to make her actually like him. Their relationship was sweet and passionate and I really felt they belonged together.

Attor though...I liked him at first but with every chapter about him I disliked him more and more. I thought that the author did a fantastic job of demonstrating his insanity and that carried through to the reader.

I got really immersed into the world of The Dragon's Queen, and can't wait to find out more about their customs and practices!
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on 21 April 2015
The Dragon Lords Saga begins!!! This is a prequel which shows Mede and Llyr as young dragon shifters.

Mede is most definitely not getting married!! So much so she smashed her crystal when still a youngster. She sees mating as an end to the life she has, no more training with the men or running in the forest. That is just not the HEA she is after. So she goes after entry to the Dead Dragons, a Draig order of Chivalry, and a high honour.

Whilst completing her initiation, bringing back fur from a Var, she stumbles across a noble Var, who allows her to scrape off some of his fur. He finds her smell intoxicating and realises she is the fabled female dragon!! And Prince Attor wants her for his half mate. Var don't fully mate like the draig, he just wants Mede for his collection. He thinks that having Mede will make him overall ruler of the planet - cam anyone say delusional!!!

Prince Llyr had seen Mede when they were children and new she was his mate. He understands that she wants to be her own person but isn't above a bit of subterfuge to stack the deck in his favour!!

A stonking good story and a great way to fill in some of the remaining gaps from the Dragon Lords series. We see what shaped Attor and his beliefs and how the two shifter tribes came to a kind of non-war stalemate. Great read
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on 20 April 2015
I loved how Michelle Pillow brought all of the stories together and this the final book for the Draig family. I enjoyed Mede sprit and will to never let anyone stop her. She never intends to fall in love but when she meets Prince Llyr all bets are off. However, his crystal is not glowing? What trick is up his sleeve? We also are introduced to a young, arrogant and very self-centered Attor. Mede gets her first encounter with Attor on a club initiation. Little does Mede know how dangerous or twisted Attor is? His lack of a mother has truly hurt his upbringing. Attor’s father blames his son for the death of his mother. A burden no one should carry. Attor is determined to have Mede as his half mate at any cost. Llyr is so intrigued with Mede that he becomes a friend instead of a chosen mate. They spend their first time together in a very romantic cave. Will the Gods allow this pairing to happen? Have they come together before marriage what will happen to these two mates? I cannot wait to dive into the Catshifter’s next.
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on 9 September 2015
Ever wondered why King Attor of the Var hates the Draig? Ever wonder who came up with the idea of the grooms wearing just a loin cloth? '

Well look no further!! This wonderfully written story draws you in from the beginning and doesn't let you go. As much as it is a prequel to the first 8 Dragon Lord books, I liked the fact that this is book 9. It answers questions you didn't realise you wanted answering and I certainly had some 'Oh so THAT'S how it happened' moments.

If you have read the first 8 then you need to read this.
If you haven't read ANY of the Dragon Lord books.....where have you been hiding?! Go out and buy them now!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!
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on 14 March 2015
Mede is special, she’s the only female dragon shifter and she’s determined not to be mated… even to a prince in this bewitching paranormal romance. I have to say that I am really glad that I get to read King Llyr and Queen Mede’s story as well as getting a fascinating look at what started King Attor’s obsession with ending the Draig’s bloodline as it gives the reader a better perspective of the life on Qurilixian. I have to say that I quit enjoyed this romance and Mede’s intriguing character and I can certainly understand why she makes such a great dragon queen.

See my full review at: The Romance Reviews .com
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on 28 July 2015
In this prequel we get to find out how king Llyr and queen Mede met and fell in love. As well as the reason behind the war between the Draig and the Var. Mede is feisty, brave, strong, stubborn and the only living female dragon. I think she might be my favorite female so far. I really liked Mede and Llyr together. I enjoyed this book. I loved the humor and the romance. The book is very well written and a must read for all paranormal readers.

I highly recommend this series. It's a really good read.

***Received gift copy***
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on 12 July 2015
Love the entire series - read everything Ms Pillow produces - and this one is a definite favourite - great to see a female warrior and she turns into a really great mother in law which is very unusual

Read the entire series - worth the effort and can do wonders for ones temperament if stuck on a wet UK beach holiday
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