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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars1,252
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 31 March 2015
Ordered a uk size 6 as this was my first pair and I am between 5-6 in other footwear, fit absolutely perfectly, very comfy, look great with black jeans especially, came with black and yellow laces to my joy, the leather is high quality and the air sprung insoles are like walking on clouds, also delivery was very fast, bought late on Friday night and were delivered Tuesday morning in perfect condition, will definitely be buying more, highly recommend 5/5
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on 13 February 2012
Ordered these with my parents or 'Santa' for Christmas 2011. I am 12 but please still read my review.

Great service. I'd been excited and nervous to order them. We did so, got an email taht they would be shipped the next day and should arrive within 5 working days. They arrived in 3 in orriginal Dr Marten packaging (to me joy). I oppened them up to make sure they were the correct pair. I ordered the dark purple Dr Martens 1460. They were beautiful; didn't want to wait for Christmas day!!! PLEASENOTE: IF THEY ARE NOT IN THEIR ORIGINAL DR MARTEN BOX THEY COULD BE DODGY. Service is 4/5

The product os beautiful;. I have had them for 3 months and there isn't a scratch on them. The sole hasn't worn down at all , unlike other shoes. There has been some complaints about comfort. I literally put them on my feet the minute I got them and I have felt no pain at all. I were bed socks with them purely for sze issues as I am not a proper size 3. I have had no trouble with colour rubbing off either. On the sole, mine say THE ORIGINAL so any complaints with the ones that say that may be purely unlucky people. They seem to be ab A beautiful sight for others as well. I wore them to school and received many compliment. They even made 'Doc Haters' look impressed too. Product is 5/5

The price was extremely reasonable from Amazon. On the Dr Martens UK website they were £80-85, whereas, on Amazon, they were £65!!! That is quite good to me. Price is 5/5

OVERALL Rating :
Likes: This product is completely likable. The only way you could dislike them is if they were dodgy. That is unlikely.
Dislikes: Nothing
Looks: They are beautiful, eye catching and unusual. There is nothing bad about the way they look. 5/5
Comfort:Very comfortable. No blisters or rubbing was experienced.I was actually getting ready for it but there was no need. 5.5
Whole product: 5./5
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on 8 August 2013
When I was 15 I set my eyes on the oxblood 1460 Docs, I wanted some for ages and when it finally came to my birthday I managed to scrape together £100 and buy my first pair of boots.
I went in with my heart set on some oxblood ones and I came out with smooth black ones. I decided I wanted to wear them for school, which I did everyday with my tight black trousers which I tucked into my boots with the laces raped around the boot and tied at the front. I got told off for wearing them everyday but I loved them.

Now onto the shoe:

Mine are the Black 1460 Boot-Smooth at £100.

Where from?
Leeds Doc Martins shop.(buy them new they could be fakes)

I differ from a size 6 to 7. My foot is pretty wide and the length is normal, I had to get a 7 to fit my foot. If you have thin feet I would advise getting a 6.5 if not still a 7 because they are more comfortable loose for when your feet expand in the heat.

How they fit/fitted (breaking them in):
At first they are really tight they take effort to get on and they hurt so bad to break in. When you first walk a fair way in them DEFIANTLY wear socks. Where they hurt me was on my widest part of my foot (they were tight) and the supporting heal. It took me (wearing them nearly every day)about 3 months to break them in maybe a bit more. Just persist with them because when you do break them in they are amazing! So comfortable and in snow and ice I never fell over.

What they are like in weathers:
In normal weather they just look and feel amazing.
In rain they are 100% waterproof because they are leather i have walked into puddles over my laces and my feet haven't got wet. If they do just polish them with leather cleaner to boost the leather skins moisture and they will be good as new.
In warm weather they are pretty warm and this is when they start to smell however I did get told if you put news paper in them they take the smell away (I've never tried). They might be warm but with a dress/shorts they look awesome because they are on full show.
In ice/Snow they are the best shoes ever especially if you leave walking to your destination with no spare time for delay. I haven't fallen once in these, I haven't got snow in my shoes, when everyone else is moaning they have cold feet from the snow that's when you really love your docs. I bought my docs at Christmas and that January and February we got our snow, slipper socks and Doc Martens what a team.

So 5 years on and how are they doing?
Well they still look amazing on the outside but on the inside well there alright and the sole not as good as they were.

The sole:
Well the under the arch part has started to fade off, i would say an inch square and on the back of the heal in the corners I have worn about 1cm off.

The look of the shoe:
I have a couple of scuffs from when i scuffed them climbing at brimham rocks but not much, they have creases on the part where you bend your toes, above the support part on the ankles, the yellow thread is still going strong around the sole and still yellow, one stitch on the shoe lace part has come away but its not obvious and its been that way for about a year and nothing has come away further, there is a slight breakage from the crease probably because I have only polished them once in the whole of the 5 years of owning them and them being my 80% go to footwear for the whole 5 years.

The inside:
I do have an extra sole in them now because they have lost their comfort ever so slightly, they do mold to your feet so i wouldn't advise getting them second hand because if they walked more on the inside of their feet and you walked more on the back part of your foot they will be uncomfortable and you will find yourself walking on the inside of your foot like them and that will give you aches in your feet and legs not worth it. The heal support is coming away ever so slightly so i am afraid that Ill break them more. They also leak a little but not so my feet are sapping wet but apart from being a bit fostey from mud, rain and woodland they are still looking top notch.

I have worn mine nearly non stop for 5 years at school, climbing rocks and trees, hiking and splashing in puddles I think they have been 100% worth the money they still look (when on) only about a month old for appearances they do leak a little but I can deal with that. I have some for life boots on oxblood coming tomorrow so I wonder if they are as amazing as my original boots we will see.
I hope I have helped and not bored you with my preposition on everything but thanks for reading and I hope you get some!
Take Care, Jes. x
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on 19 November 2015
Only have these boots 5months and the soles are falling off them,I only wear them to work in an office environment,very disappointed
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on 6 May 2012
I have worn many English made Dr Martens 1460 boots in the past and was a little concerned by the fact that these boots are no longer made in England (these are from Thailand). However, I find that these boots are just what I wanted, perhaps the sole is not quite as soft as the originals and the upper leather did appear to be a little plasticky when taken out of the box but once polished and worn a few times my concerns disappeared. The fit is perfect and I did not encounter any blisters with these boots, unlike the English made ones. I recommend these boots, do not be put off by first impressions.
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on 8 October 2015
This is the first time I ever bought Dr. Martens, but after saving up money and deciding what shoes to buy I figured out that investing in a good pair of shoes is a good idea. I live in Cornwall, UK, so it rains a lot. I needed shoes to be waterproof and that won't break easily as it's not very nice to walk with soaking feet. I gave it a go when I seen all of these amazing reviews. Hopefully they will last a long time as I am a student, and money is a big issue.
So far so good. I can't really tell how comfortable they are just yet because they arrived today, but hopefully they'll be comfortable. :)

Update: they were massively large on me! I sold mine (just because I didn't wanted to spend £10 to return them and the hassle), thanks god I sold them very quickly so I was able to afford a new pair. Lets hope size 5 will fit better! I would say if you are somewhere between size 5 and size 6 (5.5) like I am, go for smaller size. Even with thick sock they would be massive on me. :(

Another update: size 5 is so much better, a tiny bit tight, but they should stretch. :)
Conclusion, if you have weird feet like me (size 5.5) get smaller size rather than bigger size.
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on 8 May 2015
It's a great shame - my old size 11 docs were quite roomy, but these were tight around the foot where the tongue is stitched on. The tongue stitching also stuck uncomfortably into my feet. Even worse, the left boot was noticeably tighter which should be impossible because my right foot is slightly larger! When I measured, the upper on the left boot was stitched on further down, making the boot about a centimetre smaller. An incredibly large error! I thought everything was made by CNC machine now, so why are the tolerances so poor?

In Amazon's favour, they gave me a free return so I've posted them back the same afternoon they arrived.

You might get lucky though - the leather seemed decent enough quality and if you don't have wide feet they may even suit you better. These were made in Vietnam. Maybe the ones made elsewhere are better but I feel too discouraged to try again. I might save up for the Made in England version instead. In my experience far eastern manufacturers are just as good as British or US manufacturers for most things, but for some reason not these DMs.
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on 1 September 2014
Dr Martens Boots are great would give 5 stars

But I received worn boots that had been poorly cleaned with the labels removed. A cursory glance would make you think they were new but they were fully laced which is not normally the case unless been tried on. The spare laces and label had been removed. The heel had clear wear on both boots and the soles looked a bit grubby on closer inspection they had been dirty and cleaned poorly. In side one boots there wer bits of twigs.Note to Amazon check your returns carefully. Note to customers Check goods carefully.
Item returned for full refund.
Waited 2 weeks for new stock to arrive. Paid two day delivery and arrived on time.

Boots were Perfect, all labelled and new. Takes a few wears to break them in would recommend the Wonder balm to help soften leather.
Highly recommend for all wetaher boots, very sturdy. Good grip to sole. Maybe not as cushioned as the old days.

4 stars in total. 5 stars for boots minus 1 star for receiving used/worn stock from amazon.
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on 10 February 2012
Dr Martens Unisex 1460 Boot.

I haven't worn Doc Martens for a few decades.I use to wear them as motorbike boots because they were waterproof
and isolated the vibrations from your feet. The big problem with them used to be that the uppers would last
forever but eventually the sole would wear through.

Well ordered myself a black pair which arrived promptly.
They are a bit stiff at first but so long as you wear thick socks there's no need to wear them in.
After two months use the soles have worn completely smooth, enough to render them unwearable in anything but
completely dry conditions. Positively dangerous in wet or icy weather!
They've only been used for general walking, not like i'm climbing mountains in them!
For the price of these boots you'd expect a bit more use than two months.
I'm fairly sure the Post Office and Police Force use Doc Martens, maybe they get a different type of sole.
Otherwise thier footwear bill must run into £ millions.

I got in touch with Amazon to try and get a refund but it was past the 30 day deadline so i wasn't sure what
the procedure was.Well Amazon emailed me a returns label to return them and within a few day i recieved a refund.
I'm impressed with the service from Amazon the delivery and returns process was painless.
5 stars to Amazon.
Zero stars for the product.
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What is not to like? This is a true classic, and even if you don't care a hoot about classics, it is a seriously good boot. The air-sole puts a little bounce in your step; it gives good ankle support; it feels all-round good, and it looks pretty neat, too. Mind you, you have to walk them in a bit - they are not comfortable right from the beginning. But don't give up, walk around in small bits at the start, and in a while it will shape itself to your feet and feel like a perfect fit. Some people recommend putting them in a bucket of water and then walking around the block in them, sopping wet, to speed up the process, but I haven't tried that!
I have had mine for four years and they are great. Oxblood red, if you must know, which contrasts well with the yellow trim. I have walked in town, at work and on long walks through the wilds of Surrey with them, and they are great.
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