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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I much prefer a cream deodorant to a roll-on and this one combines the best qualities of both. It's got a nice soft texture but doesn't feel at all wet or sticky going on and leaves your skin feeling quite moisturised (but not sweaty). The cucumber and green tea fragrance is also really nice - it's quite strong going on but soon soaks in and isn't so noticeable, but even straight out of the tube it smells lovely. Seems to be quite effective as a deodorant even after being on all day, too.

Absolutely the only thing I can complain about is the confusing packaging. It is the usual sort of plastic dispenser with a dial on the bottom, with the cream itself having to be dialed up to push through holes in the plastic cover. The directions on the back advise "turn clockwise until product appears" whilst the illustrations show an anticlockwise arrow. The product is so far down the tube that it takes awhile to dial up to the top, but turn the dial anticlockwise and you will get there eventually. And hopefully feel less ridiculous than I did at being stumped by my deodorant.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It explains on the box: "Who is Dove Maximum Protection for? It is for women who want maximum wetness protection."

This seems to suggest that it won't work for men. But it does...

I got this Dove antiperspirant for my partner who uses it in the mornings rather than before bedtime. She says it works fine but doesn't really want to elaborate.

So I creamed some off (so to speak) and tried it for myself.

I have very sensitive armpits and can never use stick-type deodorants as they cause me acute soreness. I can only comfortably use spray-on deodorants of the powdery sort, like this: Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh 24 Hour Anti-Perspirant 150ml. In very hot weather, I shave my armpits which makes deodorant much more effective.

I applied this Dove Max' very sparingly. Although it is opaque, it completely disappears when thoroughly rubbed in -just like moisturising cream. So any reports of its leaving white marks is probably due to over-application or not properly rubbing it in.

I experienced no discomfort whilst applying this and going to sleep with it on was fine; my armpits didn't feel sticky, sore or odd.

The following morning I gave it a thorough soapy washing and went to work without applying anything else.

It was an extremely hot day and I was very busy. After work I marched around the corner and had a couple of stiff ones in the bar.

My armpits were still curiously dry. It was a slightly odd sensation as they felt 'naturally' dry. That is, I coudn't detect any layer of deodorant but my armpits were still completely dry and fresh-smelling.

So yes, this stuff is amazing and DOES work fantastically well, for men as well as for women. I didn't experience white marks. It has a subtle, pleasing fragrance when applied but it is the antiperspirant properties which are more impressive than any deodorising -especially as I assume the fragrance is washed-off during showering.

Neither my partner nor I had any difficulty using the twisty dispenser.

I give this stuff my Maximum Recommendation.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I usually use deodorants by Nivea or Vaseline, as my skin is dry and sensitive, so can burn, breakout and/or itch with load of various products. However I don't feel very confident when it comes to either brand's protection levels, so I tend to carry the deodorants around with to freshen up at various points throughout the day. I've now found a deodorant that offers greater protection AND is still non-irritating on my skin; Dove's Maximum Protection range doesn't need 'freshening' up - I'll apply it in the morning and it will last me the entire day. Such a little thing as not constantly carrying deodorant around, has done great things for m confidence.

This is a cream deodorant, so is a bit pricier then roll-ons or sprays, but it really does seem to last longer then the alternatives. Also - the cucumber and green tea scent is probably my favourite in the range, as it really does wake me up in the morning, as it is a fresh, zest and energising combination.

I've been converted to deodorant creams now and definitely won't be going back...
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VINE VOICEon 20 August 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I really like these cream style antiperspirants. They seem to work so much better than the more traditional roll on or spray products.

You are recommended to apply the product, 2 clicks per underarm, before you go to bed. I find it very hard to shower and dress without applying it again which means I get through it a bit quick, but I do find that the protection increases with 2 applications per day.

I have used the Sure Maximum Protection antiperspirant as well and I feel that the Dove antiperspirant offers slightly less wetness protection than the Sure version, but I do think it's a nicer product to use. I found the Dove version applies smoother and I use less product per application. It leaves your skin feeling soft and it doesn't irritate at all. It also dries quickly, but you do still need to leave it a few minutes to avoid white marks on clothes. The cucumber and green tea fragrance is fresh and not overpowering; it's noticeable when you first apply but doesn't linger.

All in all I really like this product and think it is worth the price.
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've always avoided wearing anti-perspirants as they often irritate my skin, or just don't work - I prefer to wash regularly instead! However, this is really soothing on the skin, and goes on almost like a moisturiser. It's great at keeping me dry in normal day-to-day use (didn't stop me sweating when I'm running, but I wouldn't really expect/want it to!). My only complaint is that it leave some serious white marks that are really stubborn to get off. I've had to avoid using it when wearing black. I really liked the gorgeous smell though that lasts for ages and keeps you feeling fresh.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I suffer from hypersensitivity and have to be really careful about the products that I chose. I wasn't sure which anti-perspirant deodorant would be suitable for me so I tested Dove maximum protection and Sure women Maximum protection sensitive.

Both are Unilever products made in the Philippines. They have identical applicators, which I have come to dislike because any form of debris trapped on the skin such as bits of lint from clothes or bed linen gets trapped in the holes and are a pain to get out of the applicator.

You have to twist the bottom of the applicator for about 30 seconds when you first use it and then twice to squeeze the right amount of deodorant through the holes to apply to the skin.

The instructions state that the product should be applied to the underarms before going to bed for optimal effect and that it provides scientifically proven wetness protection, which lasts throughout the following day, even after a shower. I've always gone to bed au-natural and never considered using a deodorant at bedtime but I tried it and it does work without too much irritation.

Both products are equally good at controlling wetness so 10 out of 10 on that score, however, I found that Sure, which has a very subtle scent, doesn't mask odour as well as the Dove, which has a lovely fresh cucumber & green tea scent.

Sure washes away quickly in the shower but Dove seems to leave a slightly sticky residue and is more difficult to wash off in the shower.

Both Sure and Dove have been dermatologically tested but I found that Sure started to itch and irritate me a little after three days but I haven't experienced any problems with the Dove.

All in all both are very good antiperspirants but I am opting for Dove as my favourite.
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VINE VOICEon 10 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This was reviewed/used by my wife ...

I have to admit to being slightly biased towards Dove products, I've never bought one that has disappointed. This item appears above average even by their own high standards.

Firstly, it's an effective product. I've had a few days doing heavy work in our sheltered and very hot garden and while the rest of me might be sweaty, my armpits aren't.

The container has a wind up mechanism that allows you to dispense a measured amount of the cream, which you then wipe across your armpit to smooth in. It dries faster than a roll-on, which is useful if you are always in a hurry. The idea is that you put it on at night so it has a chance to be absorbed into your skin while you sleep; a bit like a body lotion. The upside of this is that it's one less thing to do in the morning race for work, and so far I have not seen any white marks on my clothing from it.

Although I don't have any skin conditions my skin is very dry, and with conventional roll-ons I have to make sure that I have a few days `arm pit holidays' without using them from time to time to let my skin recover (and I can't use spray deodorants because of my partners asthma). So far I've not needed to do so at all with this product.

I'm also falling in love with the 48 hour concept. You only apply it every other day, and however many showers or baths you have it doesn't need reapplying in that period. Which means you don't have to take it to the gym, and another few seconds knocked off your changing times. The price weight for weight might look a little expensive, but when you halve it to account for the fact you only apply it every other day, it's actually good value.
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on 30 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It is the time of year that a public transport user like me dreads. Betwixt spring and summer there is a time when it is neither cold nor hot - people leave the house in an overcoat in the morning, only to require a t-shirt in the afternoon as the sun arrives. This means that there are lots of people sat on warm buses with too many layers. For the majority of the year cheap deodorant is acceptable to cover those too cold to sweat, or those warm enough to shed layers, but during the sneaky hot days when people are wrapped up too warm; some people stink to high heaven. If everyone wore the `Dove Maximum Protection Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream' I would no longer have to hold my breath on the bus in May and early June, we would all smell lovely.

`Dove Deodorant Cream' is a great product, a very high quality deodorant that is extremely effective at stopping you from actually sweating. Some people do not like the concept of stopping their armpits from `breathing'; this is not the product for you as it does just this. You are meant to apply `Dove Deodorant Cream' at night before going to bed as the effect lasts more than 24hrs, my partner did not do this and found it was just as effective to use it during her usual morning routine. As a deodorant it really works and for a decent length of time. I would recommend that everyone wash daily anyway, but at a push it could last longer (we did not try this ourselves).

There are several products in the `Dove Deodorant Cream' range, what differentiates this from the others is the Cucumber and Green Tea smell. This is a very nice pong, but it soon fades away to a neutral odour. The addition of a cucumber bit is nice, but not necessary for it to work. The range as a whole is excellent and easy to apply. Come one, come all and stop smelling on my Number 9 bus.
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on 10 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
OK it's expensive, but not as costly as having to replace your T-shirts every month because you wore out the armpits. I've experimented with a lot of different deodorants over the years. Finally the technology seems to have caught up with my toxic sweat. (Sorry to talk about sweaeting, but it's a deodorant review.)

To be fair, I don't think this deodorant has ever been near a cucumber or an infusion of green tea. Legally you can call something Cucumber and Green Tea as long as they have a synthetic fragrance that vaguely resembles the natural ones, but as long as customers insist that their cosmetics must be "natural" the manufacturers will put pretty watercolours of fresh fruit and veg on the packaging to be consistent with their brand identity. And all that.

To be extra fair, that really doesn't matter. It's got a tiny whiff of that fake tan pong, but that wears off pretty quickly. And if you do like they say and put it on before you go to bed, the whiff has worn off by the morning when you really need it to start working. And boy, does it work? I tested it to see how long it would go. It gave me three days' worth of pleasantly dry, pleasantly smelling armpits. So I put it on again.

So it's an investment but worth the money. It works very hard indeed. And if you're wearing your best clothes and want to avoid perspiring around the underarm area and ruining them, I'd say it's essential.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This works as an antiperspirant, but is a strong contender for "overpackaging of the year". Firstly, you get a pretty box - its a very pretty box with white, silver and green misty pictures, but once the product is removed from it, it goes straight in the bin.

Now for the challenge, getting antiperspirant out of the plastic jail its encased in. Take off the lid - that bit is easy. Remove the foil sealing the top - not too bad. Now "twist base until product is dispensed". Having cut my teeth on the Pomegranate scented one, I twisted and clicked in an anticlockwise direction and after about 1.5 minutes of twisting was rewarded with little bobbles of cream appearing through the holes in the rigid plastic top.

Said rigid plastic top with holes is not comfortable to rub against your underarms. I do like the fragrance of this one more than the Pomegranate one - its fresher and greener. I still don't like the applicator though.

Personally, I prefer a perfume-free, roll-on deodorant and if that's where you're coming from then this one may take a bit of getting used to.
However, if you want something to stop your underarms perspiring altogether, this might be for you.

I've subsequently increased the star rating on this as the initial irritation of the packaging faded, to be fair the antiperspirant really did work well
even in the recent extreme heat.
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