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4.3 out of 5 stars60
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 10 May 2012
Over the years "The Krotons" has come under fire from scornful fans, complaining that Troughton classics like "Fury From the Deep" were wiped while this story still exists. That's unfair for several reasons. Firstly, when a story no longer exists it can gain an element of myth. Secondly, this story is actually a lot of fun. Whereas "The Dominators" is a truly dull drag only raised by the main cast, this is a flawed but enjoyable little self-contained story. It's also the first story by Robert Holmes, classic Who's finest writer. He's still finding his feet but gives us an intriguing mystery along the way.

As always the three leads are a joy, particularly when the Doctor and Zoe have a go on the learning machines. The Gonds often get a slagging but they're okay really - Philip Madoc's deliciously evil eyebrows make their Who debut in this story. Then there's the Krotons themselves. Again they get mocked by fans, but with their unusual crystalline heads and roaring voices they're actually quite effective. Admittedly in long-shot with their skirts showing they are a bit lumbery, but in their lair they are better than many Who man-in-a-suit monsters.

For the time being, this is the last Troughton story to be released on DVD. I hope that like many other classic Who stories its reputation gets a more generous re-appraisal. It starts here - I openly admit my love for "The Krotons"!
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on 30 January 2012
The Krotons was written by Doctor Who's most well known and prolific writer, Robert Holmes. Although The Krotons is not his finest hour, it is still a solid 4 part Troughton story with a stella cast and great performances. Robert Holmes was to script nearly 20 Doctor Who serials in the 20 year association he had with the programme, as well as one of the finest writers to work on the show, Holmes script edited the greatest 3 years of the series to date, the Philip Hinchcliffe era with Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen. Here, Holmes pens a interesting tale of science and slavery. The Gonds in this story are slaves of the Krotons, an alien menace that landed on this unnamed world thousands of years ago and are now controlling the primitive gond populace, I say primitive because the Gonds are only taught what the Krotons teach them, they lack any kind of curiosity and skills in any other area they have no knowledge of, which is quite alot. This in effect makes them a slave people, who send their brightest learners to be the companions of the Krotons in their ship, the Dynotrope. We later find out that these companions are harvested for their mental power and then destroyed. Nothing less, nothing more.

As usual, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe intervene and stop these Krotons from exploiting the defenceless Gonds. In the end of course, with a rocky ride as ever, the crew of the time-space vessel succeed in destroying the evil Krotons and restoring peace to the planet of the Gonds. Although The Krotons is never high up in any fans opinion polls, it is still a great little fast paced adventure that still exists in its entirety. Lets be grateful for that at least.

Another point worthy of mention is the casting by director David Maloney, {himself a great and well known Doctor Who director} such great performances come from Philip Madoc {a well known Doctor Who villain}, James Copeland as Selris and Gilbery Wynne as Thara, I particulaly enjoyed his performance as leader of the revolution Thara. The one thing I cannot fault the Krotons on is the acting, the story is very well performed and does not disapoint.

I look foward to the BBC DVD release of this story some time in 2012 / 2013, as currently it exists only on video, and in appauling quality, very much in need of a restoration from the team. So until then, I would hold off buying the video, which is expensive enough, until the BBC release this classic Patrick Troughton adventure on to DVD. Highly Recommended.

Many thanks for your time.

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on 28 February 2014
Previously only available in 1990s scratch o vision on VHS this story looked like it was 450 years old not 45. Even when shown on BBC2 13 years after its original broadcast it looked awful. Now fully restored it looks and sounds marvelous. The Restoration team has worked its magic on the once rackety prints to bring us a great looking slice of late 60s Who.

I never enjoyed the Krotons in any of its previous iterations but did on DVD thanks to this transfer.

Its not the best the show has to offer but its now certainly not the worst. From the days when there was no need for the Doctor to snog every companion or be the centre of years' long arcs, The Krotons tells its story and gets outta here. As it should be
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on 6 July 2012
This DVD includes a fabulous 50 minute extra covering the Patrick Troughton years. It is worth the money just for that alone. There is also a piece featuring Fraser Hines and his catchphrase as Jamie "Look at the size of that , Doctor"
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on 17 August 2012
The Krotons is not the best Troughton episode but far from the worst. I enjoyed the story and plot with the Krotons looking and sounding a bit odd. The effects in this show are very poor compared to other Doctor Who from the 1960s.
The problem for me was the very lame acting. The biggest incentive for me to buy these old b&w episodes is not for the fancy effects or quality picture or sound, it's the story and acting that attracts me to these early Doctor Who and the acting here is not up to the standard I prefer.
Overall The Krotons is an average Doctor Who DVD.
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This is a classic Troughton era Dr Who story and is wonderfully restored to a standard that is enjoyable today.
The plot is excellent for its day and still wears well now. The Krotons were real behind the sofa stuff in their day, and with the budget given the BBC did a good job with this story. No collection is complete without this DVD
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on 25 March 2013
patrick troughtons doctor is many peoples favorite doctor,with many classic stories under his belt.he also benefited from very good companions.the krotons is a solid filler story with an excellent picture given its places you can see budget restraints,in others it is quite inventive.all in all worth a look.
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on 4 April 2013
As is mentioned in one of the extras on the disc, the main flaw of this story is that it dared to still exist, while other, better stories were junked. However, apart from the (perhaps) regrettable design of the Krotons themselves, the story has a good concept and is executed reasonably well. It is a little bit too vanilla, and so is easily overlook. There are lovely moments though, such as the Doctor on the teaching machine, and the supporting cast seem to be giving their all.

An excellent documentary about the Troughton years features on this release, which is quite candid about some of the problems that were being experienced behind the scenes.

For die hard fans only though...
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on 19 August 2012
I love 60s Who and i note that reviews have been positive about this release. I enjoyed the story and love Troughten but....The Gonds are the most boring people ever; are the Krotons subtly taking the mick out of them by putting on a comedy Brummie accent every time they talk???
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on 12 February 2004
In my opinion this is Doctor Who at his best and got me into Patrick Troughton. It explores the idea of slavery and the effects of a society not allowed to progress with a civilisation, the Gonds, forbidden to study science and acting as "brain food" for the mechanical Krotons. It also has that BBC 60's style about it where script dominates over visuals. A classic!
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