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4.5 out of 5 stars45
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2010
Amazing. The word that pretty much describes the finale. I loved that all the doctors previous foes returned in this
epic 2 part finale to in prison the doctor inside the Pandorica. The Scene where Amy is at her wedding and she begins to remember the doctor is a truly magical moment and one of the best moments of series 1-5, for me personally.
I recommend buying this DVD if you loved the finale, but then again, WHO DIDN'T!? I would just like to remind people that doctor who has barely lost any viewers, says the bbc. They say that "more people today are watching programmes on demand (that's true) and this series has been no exception. people don't want to miss doctor who and I'm sure it's going to be on our television screens for many, many years to come." I've loved every moment of this series (well, almost) and I hope you have to. ALSO I must say that i love the new Daleks, I loved this series and I can't wait for the Christmas special
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on 13 July 2010
This disc contains 4 very solid episodes of 'Doctor Who'. 'The Doctor and Vincent' is on course to be the best Doctor story ever dealing with the subject of bi-polar disorder but alas it doesn't qualify because it is ruined by the the 'Giant Chicken' GCI!! For goodness' sakes if the monster was a metaphor for Van Gogh's depression surely, it could have been more subtle and disturbing and less garish and laughable? But a bloody good episode nevertheless. 'The Lodger' is simply lovely and even James Corden is watchable (because he's toned down) in it. One gripe here - the music drowned out the denouement so I couldn't work out why the snogging saved the day. 'The Pandorica Opens' - the writing (the title as well) just kept you well away from its reveal/cliffhanger, so well done Moff on yor literary skills there. Cracking stuff here - Daleks, Sontarans, Sycorax, Cybermen and Romans mix together well! BTW, easily contains the BEST Cyberman scene ever & the most poignant 'death' of a companion scene too! 'The Big Bang' by far is simply the most beautiful 'Doctor Who' story ever told. You just have to love it to bits. It's got complicated Timey-Wimey bits, alien explosions and intimate character moments to warm your cockles all at the same time. A I said before BRING ON SEASON 6!!!
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on 13 July 2010
What I like about Steven Moffat's writing is how he plays on connotations so we all expect the 'Big Bang' to be a huge FX, all-exploding, loud finale while, infact most of the big bangs here are all felt inside and character driven. It's amazing that the ideas behind this finale are so huge on the sci- fi front but work eloquently on an intimate level too. Sublime stuff. Vincent's story was heartbreaking too. This really is 'the little show that can'!
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on 1 July 2010
New cast, new production team, new budget... so to be honest, we had to go into this series with an open mind, just knowing that it would be different to the last five years. To be fair, after the "not-so-special" specials, the show needed a re-work, at least from my perspective. It needed a strong, energetic and fun start and The Eleventh Hour delivered. After that, it needed to not only appeal to new fans (a great jumping on point for many) but also current fans aswell. Did it work? To an extent, yes.

Overnight viewing figures declined, yes, but stop going on about it because you are missing the bigger picture. Iplayer records have been broken by Doctor Who this year and timeshift ratings are higher than ever before. People ARE still watching, but a mix of the world cup, hot weather and unconsistant scheduling has cut the live ratings. Some episodes even did better than their previous series' counterparts overall! Just remember that the lowest ratings since 2005 in it's normal timeslot was due to a world cup match...

But the series itself, I've said it again and I'll say it again, Matt Smith most certainly is the Doctor and the 11th incarnation has more alien qualities about him than both 9 and 10. Anyone still sitting on their high horse named "The tenth doctor 4eva" after a full series, needs to ride off and never come back as far as I'm concerned - the series could do without you, it really could.

Yes, this series had it's weak points and yes there was the odd filler episode. Can it improve? Yes. Will it improve? Most likely. Every show needs to find it's feet and with the amount of changes that have taken place behind and in front of the screen, Series 5 may aswell have been a different show so with the right support (not just by the BBC X_X), it should be able to build up on what we've had thus far and really go places. Can it be done? Hell yes, it can. It was always going to be a case of finding out what worked and what didn't with so many new people in so many new positions so yes, hopefully, it can only get better...

Regardless of any setbacks this series - I really enjoyed it and I'm unashamed to say so and give the new team my full support.

In terms of this disc, it contains two of THE best episodes this series. The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. Playing with time is fun, once you get your head around. Fezzes are cool, everyone. Peace.
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on 20 September 2010

The four episodes on this dvd are among the four best episodes ever made of the show since its creation way back in the 60's. Vincent and the Doctor is the most touching story I have ever seen on Doctor Who, and Tony Curran who plays Vincent was perfectly cast and incredibly moving. Matt Smith's performance in this one touched on the buffoon on one or two occasions, sadly, but made up for it magnificently otherwise, especially in the touching and heartwarming conclusion.

The Lodger introduced me to James Corden for the first time, and he made a nice job of it. The story itself was clever, although the resolution was rather idiotic in my opinion, but all the same the concept of the Doctor having to live a normal life for a few days and seeing him wrestle with ordinary day to day things was a scream. This episode I found hugely entertaining, and it left me with an intriguing question...Who was responsible for trying to build a Tardis on top of a house?

The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, the two final episodes on this! Even the Doctor did not forsee that he himself was the terrible monster that was to be locked in the fabled Pandorica. Taking both episodes as one story, it was complex, to say the least, but the story was so well told and well shot in my opinion, that I for one had no trouble following it easily. The use of Stonehenge was awesome, and how ingenious to return to several of the Doctor's previous adventures during the finale. The Doctor's touching talk with Amy in the forest in episode 5 had stood out in my mind more than any other in that particular episode, and with the finale, we had the satisfaction of understanding very clearly why he was wearing his jacket, and exactly what he meant by "Remember!" Matt Smith was brilliant and moving in all these episodes, and in the final two in particular; but even so a lot depended on Karen Gillan's performance, and with the Big Bang especially, she really proves that she deserves her place on the Tardis. An awesome piece of television!

All in all, the entire season was totally amazing, and these four stories are among the best. If you prefer to be selective and buy only those stories you enjoy rather than the whole thing when it becomes available, then you certainly cannot go wrong with this dvd!
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on 19 August 2012
Doctor Who and Vincent is an episode that I personally found fascinating and unexpectedly moving.
It seems to be one of those episodes where everything seems to come together successfully.
The writing, direction, editing and acting combine to produce elements of emotion that I might have thought
unlikely in Doctor Who. And the cameo role of the art historian is a gem of a performance by Bill Nighy.
There is humour alongside the emotion of course which always helps.
Acting plaudits to all!
The whole series 5 is excellently done but this episode stands out in my opinion.
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on 28 June 2010
Doctor Who series five has captured my imagination. Matt Smith has created a Doctor Who that has a worldly wise and brave manner that stands in defiance of convention. Smiths physicality as an actor makes the look of the Doctor unique and his sense of dress is individual, intelligent and dare I say it, even sexy. Karen Gillian, is a wonderful actress, she conveys a character we would all want to know and befriend instantly, she again conveys an inspired spark which plays off Matt Smith beautifully and a sense of real affection and admiration does come through their performances together and with the added mix of Alex Kingston, adding a gorgeous flavour that easily rivals Captain Jack any day, in fact I think she has more of something he often boasted to having too much of!!! I am sure we have not seen the last of her.

The whole series has created some very beautiful stories and it is wonderful television for the family and for children to engage with. I think that this series has stayed true to how I remember Doctor Who as a child and in many ways I prefer it to the previous four seasons since the Doctor conveys a humility now and a sense of real joy for being what he is, a lone, mad, gifted individual who is brave enough to stand up for what he knows is right and wholesome and frankly can many say that they do and live by such moral standing? Intelligence is attractive, being brave enough to be who you are is inspiration for your spirit and the Doctor projects a perspective that is enriching and truthful, the writers have done him justice and there is still room to grow. I am irritated to read reviews which keep comparing this series to the last, this is a new Doctor and new characters and I didn't instantly take to the Eccleston's Doctor at first and Tennant was a brilliant Doctor but he conveyed the Doctors conflicting feelings of anger and lose though he was arrogant in a brilliant no nonsense sort of away, these aspects of the character had to be worked through so what we have now is a more rounded Doctor and more joyful, youth is joyful and inspirational and so this series will be a success story and if you buy these DVD's on blue - ray you will be treated to extra footage and stunning visuals and storytelling which leaves you feeling emotionally up lifted. You and your children can't go wrong with the Doctor and his friend Amelia Jessica Pond - such a great name!
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on 3 July 2010
A fantastic end to a fabulous series. Matt Smith is spellbinding as the Doctor. Roll on Christmas!
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on 25 December 2011
Bought this purely for the Vincent Van Gogh episode which has be to one of the most moving classics of the current Doctor Series. Tony Curran's superb portrayal of Vincent underpinned by Bill Nigh's pivotal character truly is heartwrenching. Accompanied by the other great episodes, it's no wonder Dr.Who is such a massive success. The creative expertise from all those in the entire Production process, showcases globally, British talent at the Industry's best. Excellent entainment value for the money.
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i was dreading the first episode here, the lodger. james corden, one of the most annoying men on tv in an episode that at first glance seemed to be stunt casting. but i was very pleasantly surprised with this very funny episode as the doctor attempts to blend in and seem like a normal human being while staying at james corden's flat. even corden himself is actually very good in it, and is big shock, very funny for what is for me the first time ever. it's not a classic episode by any means but it's a good diversion for 45 minutes and we get to see former footballer matt smith's football skills. oh how we could have used the doctor playing for england in the world cup, but that's a rant for another day i think! the final 2 episodes of the series, the pandorica opens and the big bang is fantastic, and 2 of the best episodes of season 5. it sees the return of river song, and if you thought that the daleks and cybermen in army of ghosts and doomsday was good, wait till you see the cliffhanger at the end of the pandorica opens! the big bang is terrific entertainment that finishes the series off, and matt smith is now one of my favourite doctors. can't wait for the christmas special. series 5 more than makes up for the average season 4. the doctor is well and truly back!
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