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VINE VOICEon 22 September 2007
This set comprises all the TV adventures that feature the character of Davros, which is fine, the one tiny problem is that all the stories bar one have already been put out onto DVD and the one that has not is set for release soon.

If you are a individual that has not bought these standalone discs then this set would be a good purchase, however to entice the people that already have them 2/Entertain have put together a package of 'exclusive' extras to the boxset.

There is a new version of Remembrance of the Daleks featuring a couple of documentaries that were not on the original and there are even suggestions that this is going to be released solo eventually. A documentary about Davros himself and an exclusive audio drama from Big Finish that complements the brilliant "I'Davros" mini series of audios from the same company that also appear on the disc, and that is it. It's not really much of an incentive for people to double-dip especially as it is very expensive.

I'm not going to go into detail about each individual story as that has already been done on their own review pages. All this makes it sound as if it's a second rate set, it is not. It's just that, as the title says above, I wish they had released this a few years earlier. For fans that own the single discs there is really not much here, now had they provided new extended features for every story that would have been a different matter.
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on 20 November 2007
Serious collectors have been put in a nasty situation with this release. Most collectors' of the classic series have already bought all but 1 of the stories featured here. This would all be fair as the 'Destiny Of The Daleks' is being released as a single disc at the same time. But, 2 Entertain - the distributors of this title are clearly aiming to push sales by adding extras that are not available unless you buy this set. They've improved 'Remembrance of the Daleks' by fixing the original botched release and enhancing it with a 5.1 Soundtrack. On top of this there are documentaries and audio stories that will never be made available as stand alone discs. What the buyer effectively gets are 5 stories, one never before released on DVD, one improved and 3 stories which need never be removed from the packaging if you already have them. The most irritating thing about this release are the 3 stories you may already own. It just seems so wasteful. In effect, the serious collector is being tempted by one and a half new releases plus a few extras that usually turn out to be watchable once in every 10 years and have a tendency to be tedious. I'm just not sure the price tag is worth 2 new discs and a few extras. If you don't own anything included in this release then you've got yourself a bargain. If you're an old loyal collector, then you've got yourself over a barrel! Edit: Several years later: The once exclusive 'Davros Connections' which was exclusive to this box set is now available on the re-issue of 'Remembrance Of The Daleks'. So, at the end of the day with this set, you're not getting anything exclusive - other than a collection of Big Finish audio only plays, related to Davros. The bug with this extra audio-only disc is - it is a DVD, so no chance of listening on your MP3 player, in the car or on any equipment other than your DVD player. As this set is now out of production - it would be more economic to buy the individual releases. I've tried to sell my copy several times now - and nobody is prepared to pay very much for it. Now, it just takes up valuable shelf space. It has quite nice packaging, that's all. I really do regret wasting my money on it.
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on 28 August 2011
I bought this the moment I discovered this and I was not dissapointed, I am relatively new to classic Dr Who and have only bought the genesis of the daleks so that was 4 amazing new stories, 8 new audiobooks in a beautiful boxset - best bargain ever. The boxset itself looks beautiful and the extras on eaach disc are incredibly extensive and entertaining. If I am being honest the main thing I was looking forward to was the audiobooks as it fills in the gaps and is completely new to me. I was so looking forward to haveing the cd to download and listen on my mp3 player but to my great dismay the 8 stories are stupidly put onto one dvd , if you are celebrating all that is Davros and making a big thing about having 8 audiobooks then have them on a cd as opposed to dvd as it greatly limits where you can listen to it. Overall a great product, if the audio was on cd - it would be absolute perfection
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on 16 July 2008
The first thing I need to get out of the way is the understandable resentment a lot of fans (including myself) feel about having to buy a boxed set of stuff just for a few exclusive extras and a special edition. I really just wanted this for the Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition and had already resigned myself to waiting a few years for it to come out separately. (All fans have this choice and I am not going to let this affect my grade of the product in question.)

Until somebody on the Doctor Who Restoration Team website pointed out that the Big Finish website (Big Finish are the company who produce all the Doctor Who audio adventures and spinoffs) were selling the Davros Collection at a huge 60% discount. So I took a deep breath and ordered my copy.
The way I saw it, I didn't yet have "Destiny of the Daleks" on DVD and I didn't have any of the Davros Big Finish audios so what I paid was a good price to get all of these together. Add to that the newly remastered/remixed version of "Remembrance of the Daleks", the interesting new "Davros Connections" documentary (which links the chronology of the TV stories with the Big Finish audios) and the exclusive audio adventure "The Davros Mission" then I am looking at some great bonus material. The fact that I now also have two copies of all of the other Davros TV stories on DVD means that I can consider keeping the old Davros DVDs as backup copies or else I can flog them on eBay and make at least half of my money back!

Looking at the product itself it is a thing of beauty and the content has been very lovingly restored. The documentary features for the TV stories are all very interesting in their individual ways. But the thing I loved most about this set was that you could listen to the audio adventures and watch the TV stories in the order of Davros's own timeline and build up a picture of the development of the character. The imaginative audio mini-series "I, Davros" takes you through Davros's childhood, his formative years and his life before the Daleks introducing all the people and events in the man's life that shaped him into the figure we first met in Genesis of the Daleks. In addition to this we have the generous inclusion of the previously released Big Finish Davros audios (starring Colin Baker and Paul McGann) to fill in the gaps between the classic series stories and the new exclusive audio to help bridge the gap between the classic series and the time war of the new series.

This is a beautiful set to own and I am glad that I took the plunge. I'm really enjoying it.
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on 26 September 2009
If you have already got the Davros stories on DVD then this Boxset isn't really worth it however, if you have only one or two and would like to get all the Davros stories from all the Doctor Who formats then it is well worth investing in this boxset. All the usual DVDs plus all the audio plays and a specially extended Remembrance of the Daleks, only just released separately. If you check the items individual prices against the boxset then the real value of the collection becomes clear. All in all a good boxset for fans and collectors alike.
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on 6 April 2009
Excellent collection - nice to have on DVD (I have it also on VHS). Also now includes extras such as commentaries, making of etc. and audio adventures. Some of the "making of" features seem a little repetetive, with almost identical material in features linked to different adventures, and much of the material has been seen in other Dr Who releases. I think it is still worth getting, as picture quality beats VHS every time, and there is some previously unseen extra material.
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on 24 February 2013
With no fear I admit that this is the Best Classic Doctor Who Box Set that has been ever released.

The package is delicious. With a practical as well as beautiful design.
The theme - Doctor versos Davros adventures - is wonderfully chosen.
And the extras are very interesting, complete... The set is full of interesting extras.
It contains all the (5) adventures of the Doctor against the evil scientist who created the Daleks:
- Genesis of the Daleks
- Destiny of the Daleks
- Resurrection of the Daleks
- Revelation of the Daleks
- Remembrance of the Daleks (SE)

In addition the set contains the 8 original full-cast audio dramas of Davros: Davros / The Juggernauts / Terror Firma/ I, Davros saga (Innocence, Purity, Corruption, Guilt) and The Davros Mission.

Highly recommended by a Catalan Doctor Who fan!!!!!
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on 23 November 2007
Bringing together previously released material, adding a single exclusive audio play and special features disc on Remembrance, is really not fair on the fans who have purchased said previous releases.
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on 24 September 2007
This sort of thing realllly annoys me; releasing products that have been previously released with more extras, jsut to squeeze more money out of fans. I'm sure the extras are excellent, as all the extras on the Who releases have been, but I for one will not be shelling out again. BBC/2 Entertain? Greedy gits!
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on 25 September 2007
The Davros Collection is an 8-disc DVD set that contains all five Doctor Who stories featuring Davros, the creator of the Doctor's deadliest enemies -THE DALEKS- that were broadcast on TV from 1975 through 1988 with 2 bonus discs of supplemental material exploring his early years and what he was doing between and after his appearances on TV.

1975 Genesis of the Daleks (2 discs) 4th Doctor with Sarah and Harry
1979 Destiny of the Daleks (1 disc) 4th Doctor with Romana II
1984 Resurrection of the Daleks (1 disc) 5th Doctor with Tegan and Turlough
1985 Revelation of the Daleks (1 disc) 6th Doctor with Peri
1988 Remembrance of the Daleks (1 disc) 7th Doctor with Ace

Bonus disc 1 Davros Connections - A history of the character using all the TV and audio stories in the set.

Bonus disc 2 Big Finish Audios - Original full-cast audio dramas starring the actors who played the Doctor on TV as well as Terry Molloy who essayed the role in 3 stories in the 1980's.

I, Davros: Innocence
I, Davros: Purity
I, Davros: Corruption
I, Davros: Guilt

This mini-series chronicles Davros' early life to just before Genesis of the Daleks.

Davros - Set between Resurrection and Revelation (6th Doctor)

The Juggernauts - Set between Revelation and Remembrance (6th Doctor)

Terror Firma - Set after Remembrance (8th Doctor)

The Davros Mission - Newly recorded for this release and set between Revelation and Remembrance.

Destiny of the Daleks is newly released with this set and is also available as a single.

Remembrance of the Daleks is a new Special Edition with remastered picture and sound upgraded and enhanced since it's first release in 2001.

It now has 2 new making of features as well as a new 5.1 soundtrack.

This collection is limited to 10,000 so if you want to get it you better get cracking!
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