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4.8 out of 5 stars65
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Dorling Kingsley have produced a variety of Character Encyclopedias for various franchises over the last few years. Marvel, DC, Pixar, Star it's only fitting that Doctor Who receives the same treatment, especially with this year (2013) being the 50th Anniversary celebration of the show/franchise.

Like previous Character Encyclopedias, Dorling Kingsley have put together a splendid book for readers. Doctor Who fans can enjoy a concise, easily digestible guide that's well laid-out, has great pictures & use of text and a very good structure to it.

Jason Loborik, Annabel Gibson & Moray Laing are the team of writers who have compiled all the entries in this encyclopedia, and on the whole, they've produced a fine piece of work, condensing the whole cast of the Doctor Who Universe into a nice hardback for fans, one that's light & easy to handle.

The A-Z doesn't cover EVERY-SINGLE-CHARACTER in the show's 50-year-history, but it does a great job in covering the most prominent players from the classic eras and those of Russell T Davies & Steven Moffat. (N.B. This Character Encyclopedia covers the Doctor's history from the show's very beginning to "The Snowmen" (the 2012 Christmas Special), so there's no updated information on Clara (as revealed at the end of Series 7) or things like the revamped Ice Warriors or Whispermen.)

All (to-date) 11 incarnations of the Doctor, his greatest/deadliest enemies (Daleks, Cybermen, Master, Davros, Weeping Angels, Silence etc), companions/friends (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sarah-Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song etc) and miscellaneous characters are all profiled/detailed in separate one-page spreads that feature excellent photos, stills & text-boxes. It's not the ULTIMATE guide to the Time Lord's world, but the encyclopedia certainly does it justice. The contents and index further solidify this as a good source of information.

Doctor Who: Character Encyclopedia is like all the other counterparts Dorling Kingsley has released. It's a handy hardback with good information for new fans who wish to know more about the show's history. For the more learned fans, it may come across as a bit lacking, but it's still worth having for being so well compiled and presented. Recommended.
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on 27 April 2013
This book is an excellent resource for prehaps whovians that are new to the show or those who havent seen the classics. My first doctor happened to be the 7th (Sylvester McCoy) but still this book is packed with interesting facts about all 11 of the doctors and every other character to present (not including the current series monsters and characters). It helps particularly the newbies understand some of the context of the show and what things were and are.

Definitely a recommended read.
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on 28 August 2013
This book is a great detailed guide of Britain's longest running science fiction series in the form of Doctors, Companions and aliens. An impressive book with good photos and images. If you are new to the series it is a great informative insight to the series.
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on 8 August 2013
Although that I have visited Worcester City Centre with my parents today I decided to visit a local book store which was Whsmiths. However the product gave me an idea because I looked at in the store today and I think that the quality of the book is excellent. But the value was £12.99 so I decided not to purchase it today. I even saw the wonderful pictures such as the all eleven doctors from William Hartnell Patrick Troughton Jon Pertwee Tom Baker Peter Davison Colin Baker Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann Christopher Eccleston David Tennant and Matt Smith. Of course were many old and modern villains in the shows such as the Prisoner Zero from the 'Eleventh Hour' in 2010 the Alliance from 'The Pandorica Opens and the Big Bang' the Mighty Jagrafess from 'The Long Game' the 2006 style of the Cybermen from 'The Rise of the Cybermen and the Age of Steel' the 2005 Russell T Davies style of the Daleks the brutal menace of Davros from 'The Stolen Earth and Journey's End' in series four Solomon the trader in 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' as played by York actor David Bradley and the veteran actor of Richard E Grant as the character of Doctor Simeon who appeared in the 2012 Christmas special 'The Snowmen' and in the finale of 'The Name of the Doctor' in May 2013. Not to mention the companions were included in the book such as Brian Pond who is played by fifty three year old Bromsgrove(Worcestershire) actor Mark Williams the Weston Super Mare actor of Rupert Graves as big game hunter John Riddell in 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' and as seen as Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade in the BBC crime drama series of 'Sherlock' Freema Agyeman's character of Martha Jones from series three the actress Catherine Tate who played Donna Noble in series four the Birmingham actor of Arthur Darvill who played Rory Williams in series five series six and series seven part one. Also there is the lovely actress of Jenna Louise Coleman who is playing the current Doctor Who companion of Clara Oswald in series seven part two and she is in series eight for the programme in 2014. So in theory I decided to order the book from for £8.96 today because I think it is an exciting experience for me to read about the background stories of each and every individual character. I mean, I cannot wait for it to come in the post soon and I am the media consultant. Thank you Five stars all round!!!
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on 3 September 2013
Not perhaps the cheapest book, but we found it well worth the money for our ten year old. Lots to browse and look through, good pictures and info. Nothing you couldn't find scouring the Internet, but its nice to have all the info in one place
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on 25 September 2013
Good book for both new and old Whovians ,covers every single Doctor and each of his resourceful assistants from the past 50 years, as well as unforgettable baddies like the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master.
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on 29 June 2013
Great source of doctor who info. A bag dedicated to each doctor who character past and present with just the important information. Comes in handy if you have forgotten who that's characters was.
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2015
Really great book for doctor who fans old and younger, a children's division book it is a fact file of Doctor who character from way back to recent as Matt Smith and Clara, and as such had a wider audience than just children.
It is set out in a good way with generally a page per character, with lots of clear writing, but not lots to read and a big picture.
The paper quality is glossy and thick and the book itself a lovely thick hardback. Covering a lot of characters.
A bargain at its rrp, let alone the bargain price amazon had at time of writing.
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on 23 February 2014
This was a gift for a 7 year old so I can't speak personally but I am told this is really cool and is inspiring reading practice, whichis an unexpected bonus.
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on 28 March 2013
just arrived in the post, and after leafing through its pages, i have to say i,m very disapointed. considering this enclclopedia is supposed to be celebrating 50 years of doctor who, its a lot smaller then i expected it to be. when i saw how small it actually was, alarm bells started to ring.

once opening it up, things didn,t get much better either. although its understandible that minor characters who only appeared in 1 episode get a small 1 page entry, the authors have taken this approach with every single character in the book, every doctor, every enemy and every companion. the daleks, 1 page, the cybermen, 1 page, davros, 1 page, i could go on, but i think you get the idea.

although i understand that encyclopedias don,t necessarily have to have extensive entries, this book is supposed to be celebrating the shows 50 years, so a better attempt could have been made. considering the daleks and cybermen have such extensive histories, its sad to see them relegated to 1 page. anyone remember ACE? well, her entry basically says that she is the troubled girl who likes to blow things up.

its sad when authors just try to make money from doctor who by pushing something this lackluster on its fans. the official anneversary isn,t till september, so maybe they should have taken more time and produced something bigger and better than this. as it is, this is poor, very poor
review image review image review image
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