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3.8 out of 5 stars68
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2013
First things first, this is a very reasonably priced product. I know there have been claims of "overpriced" etc, however, if you examine that Seasons 5-7 are still priced at £35+ for bluray, then you have the Specials and seasons 1-4 included also, then £165 is quite decent.
Secondly, the product is very nicely packaged - The cardboard box is nicely designed and of good quality. The new cover designs on seasons 1-4 are VERY nice, and in my view a definite improvement on the previous packaging. ONLY problem I have is that they changed the "Doctor Who" logo from its "new credits" logo to that of the "classic doctors", which is fine, but from Season 5-7, the logo remains that of the "Matt Smith" era, completely breaking any continuity. My own thoughts are if they updated the packing from 1-4, then surely a logo change would have been easy to do on the newer series.
Now, there has been a lot of complaints about "slowing the show down" and that it runs longer on season 1-4. This sounds ridiculous to people, and yes, it is. The picture quality has DEFINITELY improved, lets get that out of the way first. In fact, my own thoughts are that the later seasons actually seem slightly grainer in comparison with the up conversions. If the show has been slowed by ANY amount, it isn't something you'd notice.
The sound quality is fantastic, I can honestly say that when Murry Gold's "Eleventh Doctor Theme" kicks in, it's amazing.
Now, my issues with this box set:
If you aren't bothered about extras or bonus features, then this won't be an issue, but for others there are some problems:
1. The bonus features are actually reduced in number from previous releases, not only on season 1-4, but on Season 5-7 as well.
2. The advertised bonus features of the Proms performance in 2010 is NOT included. And it has no plans to be.

Other minor niggles: The time that the disks take to reach the menu on season 5-7 is MADDENING. There is a whole series of unskippable "Accessibility" screens etc to go through, having timed them, it takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes JUST to get from one advert/access section through to the start screen. It's at times ridiculous. BBC - For future releases, whilst I very much appreciate your drive to make dvds and blurays accessible to all, please make the screens skippable for those of us that do not require them.

Again, it does slightly irk me that the extras on this are actually less than when bought on DVD or indeed, bought separately. This box set is meant to mark the return of the longest running sci-fi franchise in history, and its 50th Anniversary. I fail to understand why some additional features or documentaries marking this fact were not included.

Lastly, the BBC has again, sold the UK license Payers short with this. The American release comes with EVERYTHING plus additional content in the manner of the above paragraph; namely the features regarding the shows 50th anniversary and also the "best of" moments from the show since it's return. Why is it that the American release gets these and the UK is left short again?

The UK is overlooked on special features from NUMEROUS American studios in the Region 2/B releases. Why are we now being overlooked from our own establishments?

In short, the picture and sound quality as well as the price, DO make this a pretty decent buy. However, the oversights, ommissions and shortcomings are very noticeable, and I think show a bit of a hash job from the BBC. Not an issue for those just wanting to watch and enjoy the show, in that instance, I couldn't recommend this set more. But, if you're a big fan, and want ALL the bells, ALL the whistles and ALL the extras, then, in my view, the level of the picture quality improvement on 1-4, don't make this a "must have purchase" over the DVD's that contain everything else you could want.

If you're after extras, additional content: DVD and single season blu ray releases are the way forward.
Just after the show and quite a few extras in decent quality and at a pretty good price? This is the set for you!
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on 6 January 2015
I have seen a lot of criticism for this set because of the fact that the first 4 series have been up scaled from standard def but having watched them all, I can say that they look fantastic and are the best that we an ever expect them to look. The Beeb could have done a lot worse like then Fox converted Buffy to HD recently and made a complete mess of it. If you haven't got any of the boxsets then I can't recommend this enough well worth the price. However if you have previous blu ray releases then just stick to the DVDs of 1-5. Unless uou can find them cheap on eBay individually.
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on 16 November 2013
Does anyone found the easter egg of "Blink" in the relative disk? I didn't. But is stated that is included inside the season 3 box card. If someone found, please, give me directions to find it in comment and I will edit.
The episodes in the seasons 1 to 4 are a bit longer because of conversion to 1080i (25 to 24 fps), but nothing serious.
The episode of 5th season miss the trailer of next episode at the end of each, like in previous DVD and blu ray: shame on editor.
The boxes of seasons 1 to 4 and 2009 specials have the classic (slightly revisited for the 50th) logo instead of the reboot one and the 5th to 7th have the new "Moffat" logo. Ugly to see this discontinuity.
The boxes for seasons 5 to 7 and the 2009 specials have the same content but with a new graphic on the discs and on the back of the cover.
None of the boxes contain the relative "Episode guide" like in previous DVD and blu ray edition; instead they have a simple sheet with the same cover artwork in the front and the "table of contents" in the back.
The package should have contained an extra dummy case to replace with 50th anniversary and 2013 Christmas specials, to let us make it complete (like in "James Bond 50" box).

About the inner quality... too long to describe how disappointed I am.
Some scenes seem been taken with a consumer HD camera, others seem restored from a 1940's movie: there's no visual continuity in the photography anymore. Is strange but I had almost the same result when I upscaled myself with my computer the 1st disc of 1st season to HD. This box is better but... just a bit. So, I'm pretty sure that NO RESTORATION HAVE BEEN DONE TO SEASONS 1st TO 4th EPISODES. Anyway, newer episodes look better than older: I think that this depends from the quality of the recording.

For its value, doesn't worth the actual price (about 170£). Stick to the DVDs.
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on 2 November 2013
This is the first review I've ever written on Amazon. Never before have I purchased a product so badly put together that I've felt the need to write one to warn others! Everything about this set screams cash in.

Firstly the artwork. The sets previously released on DVD have been included here with new artwork using the 'classic' logo and it looks great, however thats then been ruined by changing the branding on the more recent sets so even within this collection there is no uniformity. But that's the least of your problems. The bonus disc simple doesn't exist! The American release gets it but as seems to be the recent trend with Doctor Who us Brits are left out.

Series 1-4 have been upscaled and while they do look decent enough (although not a huge difference from watching the original DVDs on a good upscaling player) whatever method they have used has slowed down the episodes, I thought I was going mad but comparing running time on the DVD to these Blu Rays shows roughly a 5% slowdown!

The final problem is to me by far the worst and unforgivable. The Doctor Who DVD and Blu Ray releases have been plagued by both technical problems and issues with content (noticeably a rough cut of the Children in Need episode). Not a single one of these issues has been corrected. There is no way the BBC aren't aware of these problems so why not fix them? Only answer can be they simply can't be bothered.

Its such a shame as this was a fantastic chance to put the mistakes right and create a definitive set. Personally if I had been putting it together with it being now nearly 10 years since the return of the show a documentary on how the show came back and looking back at the first 10 years of the returned show would have been a no brainer.

2015 will be the 10th anniversary of the shows return, maybe for that the BBC can but together a decent box set.
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on 10 January 2014
I was at first a little torn on deciding if I should get this blu-ray Doctor Who box set. I have read many mixed reviews but after a while I decided to go ahead and get it. Now firstly, I have read reviews where some customers have stated that the Doctor Who Confidential episodes and the BBC Doctor Who at The Proms from 2008 are not included in this set. Well I can tell you straight up that they are all there in this set. The Confidential episodes are spread out on the discs very much like the original DVD's. The Proms show is in the Special Features section on the David Tennant Specials set so please don't worry about any special features being missed here because they're not missing at all.
Now on to the quality. The first 4 series are upscaled to HD so they're an improvement on the DVD quality but not dramatically. The sound quality is better and the music score in the background sounds absolutely amazing during those dramatic scenes, especially if you're using a home theatre system surround sound. Series 5-7 are in full HD although some people have complained that the show seems to have slowed down slightly and is noticeable when watching. I haven't had this issue at all and the picture and sounds is stunning. It may have been that those customers who complained about the show being slowed down slightly in picture may have a lower frame rate in their HD TV's.
The set comes packaged in a nice box. I like the design on the box and on the bottom on the base of the box it shows you all what's included in this set. Each series is individually packaged in a multi disc case. The designs on the covers look good, they have made new designed covers for the first 4 series. Again there have been complaints that the use of a retro Doctor Who logo has been used for those 4 series instead if the original logo used for those series. I prefer the retro logo used because I wasn't a fan of the logo used for Eccleston and Tennant. Anyway it's only a logo, the show is still the same great show. People need to stop moaning about silly unimportant things like that.
My only disappointment is that maybe they should have waited to release this set once Matt Smith had finished his time on the show. That way they could have included all his Specials and had all of his episodes so that it was complete that way. Other than that I can't complain.
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on 30 September 2014
All of the new series of Doctor Who in a Box up until The Day Of The Doctor (which isn't included by the way) in stunning high definition Blu-Ray Format. What's not to love?

Highly Recommended.
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on 24 December 2013
People who criticise the quality of picture, I suggest you either go to specsavers and get your eyes examined, or make sure you have a 1080p HD TV. The picture is better than DVD quality, though not as good as full HD Blu ray quality. It's watchable, enjoyable and much clearer than before. So, those of you who don't like, keep opinions to yourself. Don't ruin for other buyers, okay?
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on 9 January 2016
I saw this as a gift for my father for his birthday, needless to say it did not disappoint! He was very excited to watch all the old Eccleston and Tennant episodes in glorious Blu-Ray quality.

The quality of the episodes from what I have seen is spectacular (A definite improvement), and the amount of bonus features you receive is great too!

The size of the box is smaller than what I initially anticipated but it houses the boxes perfectly so that's all fine by me, there was no damage and it arrived swiftly.

The only niggle is that this set doesn't include Matt Smith's final episode, to get that you need to purchase another product that includes episodes you already receive in your Blu-Ray set. But to be fair, if you have the money to buy this set (The price tag is fairly hefty (But fair)), then an additional £10 to complete your collection isn't all that bad.

If you already own the DVDs on Blu-Ray then this set may not be worth the buy for you, but if you're like us and own some of them but only in Standard Definition, I'd really recommend going for it.

This will bring us entertainment and time together as a family for years to come.

5/5 Stars
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on 6 December 2015
Doctor Who is brilliant. Let's just take that as read... But £185 for this box set? Have a look on Amazon and price up each individual series and the specials compilation on blu-ray. The total is £132 (if you're paying 'brand new' prices - Dec 2015). Basically, with this set your paying over £50 for a cardboard box. I thought that was worth pointing out...! Cheers.
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on 2 November 2013
I don't usually write reviews but.....just received this item and it's being returned for a refund first thing in the morning.

How BBC Worldwide think they can get away with a blatant product description that is so completely inaccurate is beyond me. As an example, 1080p fully restored screen resolutions are only on seasons 1-4. The remaining box sets are just the existing ones already out there (in 1080i), included here to make it seem you're getting something 'special'. The thought that all seasons were upscaled to 1080p was a selling point for me so disappointed.

For those in 1080p the picture quality is also exceptionally poor. I see no difference between these and the DVD versions up scaled on a blu ray player. (And you don't get the 'juddering' effect that you get here with some of these discs during playback).

There's other issues but other reviewers have covered most of them.

Save your money till they produce something worthy of your hard earned cash.
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