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Dixit 4 Origins
by Dixit 4 Origins
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What is it? 29 Jul 2014
Each box has beautiful cards with unusual pictures on them. Each player is given 5 cards. The other players cannot see your card. The player says a word or phrase which describes their card an puts it face down on the table. The other players then select a card in their hand which could also be described by the same word or phrase. They place them face down. The first player shuffles the cards and turns them over placing them against the numbers on the game board. The other players then use numbered tiles to guess which card belonged to player 1. Points are scored for guessing correctly, and for any players card which other people guess in error. The points are recorded on the game board. The winner is the player who reaches the end of the game board first. This is a really good game for adults and older children.
29 Jul 2014 by Fudgecat
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