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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars25
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2012
This is a staggeringly beautiful collection of THE BEST work of almost a dozen artists whose speciality is prehistoric life.And what a range of talents have been brought to bear on this subject!I have rarely seen so many spectacular illustrations of the creatures and places that time has forgotten now brought back to life by the colourful and passionate imaginations of paleoartists in a single book.Bravo.
This volume contains glorious illustrations of both the oldest and newest creatures to have been uncovered over the years and each benefits from the individual artists interpretations of just how they would have appeared in their natural environment.There are some wonderfully detailed pencil sketches but the majority of the work displayed here is in the form of great pages filled with colourful illustrations.Some of the foldouts are simply stunning in their detailed authenticity and depth of field,and ,whilst the more photo-realistic work could easily pass as prehistorical digital holiday snaps, there are pictures here that are oil paintings in their own right.The range, techniques and talent displayed here is as wide ranging as their dinosaur subjects.
And there are many of them. From pterosaurs to prehistoric mammals ,from Jurassic seascapes and skies to Pleistocene pastures, all the favorite and famous "monsters" are present, along with many of the newly discovered bird raptors from China.This is the best volume I've seen for years.Truly a joy for the eye to behold.
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on 10 October 2012
This book well deserves a five stars rating. It includes the art and opinions of eight leading 'paleoartists'. In each case we have an interesting interview with the artist plus numerous illustrations of his work. They have different conceptions of how prehistoric life has to be depicted: for example Antón, Sibbick or Martín have a 'classical' style; and, with an opposite concept, Luis Rey is quite daring and innovative. Every reader will have his favourite, and I side with the 'classics', but to me all of them are great. So diversity is one of the assets of this book.
It is nicely produced -good paper, good binding, good size- and the illustrations (all of them, and there are many) are top quality, so it is in itself a piece of art.
Dinosaurs predominate, but mammals and sea reptiles are also represented.
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on 20 November 2012
Super artwork, interesting test, and, of course, DINOSAURS!!!. This is a great coffee table book, really enjoyed looking through this with my little boy, it's thrilling and reminds me of many happy hours as a child spent pouring over dinosaur books.
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on 7 August 2013
This is a fascinating book, and well worth the purchase price, with one proviso. The quality of the reproductions is excellent, and the art works themselves are wonderful. However, purchasers need to be aware that this is primarily a book about paleoart and artists, not the animals they depict. While there is a certain amount of information about the creatures themselves, the emphasis is firmly on the artists, their techniques, materials and the problems they face in reconstructing ancient creatures from their fossilised remains. This is therefore a book for grownups - if you are tempted to buy it for a dino-mad youngster you might be better to look elsewhere, despite the amazing art works this one contains. On the other hand, if you have a teenaged aspiring artist in the house, or an interest in the crossover between art and science represented in this book, I would say this is a must-read.
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on 28 December 2012
My boyfriend had seen this book on Amazon and asked if I would buy it for him for Christmas. The book arrived a couple of days after I had placed the order. The artwork is superb and if you like the dinosaurs then I would recommend this book.
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on 15 May 2013
This is an amazing volume of dinosaur art. beautifully presented and a must for dino enthusiasts. gives a real view of what life must have been like with the dinosaurs
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on 31 October 2012
It seems awfully grumpy of me to give such a small grade, to a book that could have been a cherished dream come true. But to be honest, it was somewhat disappointing.
Of course I fully understand the Editor's conundrum: how can you be certain of your choice of only eight (8) artists, specializing in the representation of lost prehistoric worlds? Do these eight really represent the cream of the crop? Are they universally acknowledged, by scientists and the general public as the "Greatest"?
Well, there are of course no easy answers to all the above. In art, any art, choices are deeply personal - and Mr. White is just another person. Of course, when compiling such an anthology, you cannot ignore giants like Anton, Henderson, Sibbick or Martin. And Csotonyi (unknown to me) was a very pleasant surprise. But the remaining three did not really impress me.
Perhaps I am more of a traditionalist and I cannot abide to representations of prehistoric animals, based more on an abundance of poetic license, taken by the artist, than solid scientific hypotheses about the said animals and their ecology. And brilliant colors or "heretic" views on the creatures' shape, movement and / or environment are, for me at least, a really poor substitute for great design (Sibbick, Martin), masterful anatomical and dynamic representations (Anton) or rigorous insight in the animals' total ecological environment (Henderson, Csotonyi).
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book. And the fold-outs of my favorite artists were a marvel! Most of the material is really good "Dinosaur Art". Sometimes even great "Dinosaur Art". But certainly not "The Greatest".
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on 21 September 2012
I am stunned at the quality of this book for the price. I'd gladly pay £40 or more for something of this solid quality AND in hardcover. The top names in modern palaeoart are involved, with hardly an omission- Csotonyi, Paul, Anton, Henderson, Marshall, Sibbick, Rey, Conway, Nicholls and Martin. WOW! Stunning full page and *multi-page foldout* (I hardly believed this when I saw it) colour images, using methods running the gamut from pencil to digital/composite photographs. Virtually every page explodes with colour, action, imagination and scientific rigour. This is modern, state-of-the-art palaeoart: based on the latest evidence, with some fossils portrayed juat a few years (or less) since discovery. If you're a palaeoart fan already, you'll recognise some recent classics here (but no oldies like Charles Knight) but also there is plenty of new art to keep you happy, or it was new to my eyes anyway. The text is minimal and focuses on the artist and their perspectives on the field/approach to palaeoart.

Buy it, treasure it, cuddle it at night... it is just so great! And I think children would appreciate it almost as much as adults, so minimal ownership of 1 copy per family should be made a very strict law-- speak to your local MP please. Except for the prior sentence, there is no hyperbole in my review. This probably is the best palaeoart book I've ever seen, especially at this insane price, which seems like charity. Gorgeous, well presented, top quality stuff. If you've gotten this far in my review without purchasing this book, stop reading and do it!
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on 20 September 2012
Lots of people think that pictures of dinosaurs are for people with a dinosaur thing going on, but in fact they are wildlife paintings but from THE BEGINNING OF TIME!!! What could be more fun then getting to look at how everything was before we came along, looking at what the world looked like way back when.. This book is full of beautiful paintings and also includes the artists talking about how you paint things when you don't know what they look like, which gives a great insight into the fact that a lot of what we think we know is based on pure guesswork, or painstaking research with a big dollop of guesswork thrown in. Have a read, have a look, and get some completely new visuals on your planet as you've never seen it before. Impresses the kids, impresses the grannies, a great buy for all ages!
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on 28 February 2013
Great art & high quality drawings, however i expected a bit more explanation about the animals themselves, instead of writing about the artists all the time.
but in general: great stuff & impressive
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