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on 28 October 1996
I actually "inhaled' the book the first three times I read it. Then I settled down to "read" it and create my own chapter by chapter version of "Chuck's Lessons for the Digital Revolution". The book creates the digital revolution's strategic camp site and its on-line Virtual Chapter at [...] provides the long term strategic planning sessions. Brilliant combination. As a CEO of a Digital Estate company, I have lived through the 'revolution' for the last 18 months, often being totally unaware of either 'the forest or the trees.' I was overwhelmed by the clarity with which Chuck Martin captured the entire scene.

His message to boardrooms around the world is sooooooooo loud and clear: "Don't think that because you don't see it, it's not happening". CEOs reading the quote from "the CEO of a Fortune 500 company," when this man said, " Why did this have to happen on my watch?" should 'see it' right then and there, as far as I am concerned.

Chuck Martin was the founding publisher and Chief Operating Officer of Interactive Age, the magazine that helped define the interactive marketplace. In this book he challanges the 'establishment' to "see it" and use 'the electronic business models' developed by the Digital Estate companies! He has laid down the challange masterfully. The standards for measurement will be high. The playing field has been leveled. The Digital Estate Companies "see it" and are capturing "it's" market share in nanoseconds. The book is a "must reading" for all CEOs worldwide - they have no choice if being 'left behind' is not an option.
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on 15 November 1996
A lot of people will be abruptly introduced to the power of the Internet in the coming years -- and it won't be pretty. This book explains why traditional ways of looking at business don't necessarily work on the Internet. It also gives you a business tutorial (happily,no engineerspeak) from executives of companies that have not only figured out how to think about doing business on the Net but have been successful. It is my contention that not only will everyone be famous for 15 minutes, but they will also work on some project involving software development; the Internet makes my forecast almost a certainty. Many executives are going to have to think and act in dramatically different ways. This book explains just what's involved in that adjustment. Anyone who "gets it" will still find useful strategies; anyone who doesn't "get it" definitely needs to get it (the book, I mean).
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on 30 April 1997
There is a tremendous amount of hype written about the Internet today. Many of the books are written to describe why the online world is cool or simply to say that online business is inevitable. "The Digital Estate" is one of very few books that goes beyond that.

In this book you will find a serious discussion of what to do and how to do it. If you are running an Internet based firm you will be inspired. If you are responsible for your comapny's online presence, you will be educated. If you are a top level executive in a large coporation, you may be awakened. I can think of noone who is in business on the Net who will not benefit from reading this book. Many who will realize that it is time they got their act together. Chuck Martin truly "Get's it". He will help you "Get it" too.

Roman Godzich
TotalNEWS Inc.
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on 22 January 1998
This book is a "must read" for all company owners and managers involved in the corporate planning process. The Digital Estate digs into the successes and failures of pure on-line businesses and electronic efforts of other companies to define the principals of doing business today. This is not a "technology book" and is not targeted for "net heads" or persons already in the Internet business. It is a business book for executives that contrasts the "old way" and new methods that are transforming business thinking. It is a book for business heads that need a grounding in business on the Internet. Written in a clear and concise manner, sans hype and jargon, it is engrossing, clever and insightful. I can not over emphasize the importance of this book to all business executives.
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on 6 May 1997
If you have anything to do with traditional publishing, you must read this book! Chuck Martin cuts through all the hype regarding what is required for those who want to successfully compete in this new arena. Everything in the book is concrete and actionable. No wild theories, just things that will work and the reasons why they will work.

You have to buy the Digital Estate if you currently publish anything in print or are involved in broadcast. Because of Martin's having one foot in traditional media and the other in the web, he is the first author I've read who fully understand and clearly articulates the dynamics and opportunities.

The book is clear and readable. Get it!
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on 1 May 1998
If you've been awake and actively using the net over the past few years, you probably already know just about everything in this book. Martin has very good insight into what the web can really be...beyond all the technology hoopla, building virtual communities, supplying appropriate content, making a corporate web site that is actually useful to consumers, etc.. A GREAT read for those trying to make sense of the web, understand how people use the web, and see how other companies have created successful enterprises or applications integrating the internet. The copy I got had some duplicate/missing pages in the introduction of the book.
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on 10 August 1997
An *EXCELLENT* book, written in a very easy-to-read style, that puts the Internet revolution in perspective. If you are a confirmed 'nethead, then this book is not for you - it is only telling you what you already know. If you don't "get it", and/or you are sceptical about the net, then GET THIS BOOK. It has changed our lives and will continue to change it for some time to come. Chuck uses real examples from real companies and people to drive home his points. Some of the links need to be updated on his website, but other than that, I highly recommend this. A good companion read would be James Martin's "Cybercorp".
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on 1 May 1997
As a member of the digital estate, until I read Chuck Martin's book, I never understood what the establishment was saying to me - required: five year cash flow; required: proven management; required: total strategy day-one. When I read that what I was already using Mr. Martin's "Launch and Learn" Strategy, I felt alot better about the dynamic fast changing world that I live in..... and moreover, I now have an industry leader confirming my strategies. A must read for all established corporations seeking success in the digital estate. I give a copy with my business plan!
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on 30 April 1997
The pundits and gurus of new media have been burying us alive in hype, blather and B.S. about how to do business on the Internet. Chuck Martin just did us all a great big favor by droping a shovelfull of good sense on the top of the pile. You have to buy the Digital Estate if you want to understand the who, how and why of this business. Martin is the first author to understand the dynamic between the mega-telecom-glomerates and the webprenuers -- and he lays it out in a clear, readable fashion. This book will help you make money in new media. Don't pass it up.
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on 3 May 1997
This book was a fast easy read the first time and a powerful strategic planner the second time. Mr. Martin provided many excellent 'short bios' on 'digital estate companies,' According to him these companies, which exist only on the Net have made great strides in capturing this new communication media 'ahead of the crowd'. It was an excellent collection of examples and provided the 'establishment' with real understanding of the 'launch and learn' strategies creating empires online.
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