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3.6 out of 5 stars167
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2008
11 new tracks from Oasis, the vast majority of which are very good, making it their best album in quite a while.

The good news is that Noel Gallagher seems to have rediscovered his muse, and his 6 songs on the album are among the best Oasis have made. Strangely, his offerings are also the ones that sound least like Oasis- ranging from psychedelic ('Bag it up') to Bluesy ('(get off your) high horse lady)) to a dreamy, out of this world feel ('falling down', my personal favourite from the album). Luckily every sound seems to work and it gels together surprisingly well.

The problem is that all of Noel's songs come in the first 2/3s of the album, leaving the other band members to fill the gaps. Liam offers 3 songs. First is 'I'm outta time', which is a typical Liam-written Lennon style ballad, although it is rather good. His second song 'Ain't got nothin'', is unfortunately quite poor, whilst 'Soldier On' is a solid but unspectacular conclusion to the album.

Finally, there's an offering from both Gem Archer and Andy Bell. 'To be where there's life' is a grower, (and surprisingly doesn't feature any guitars,) whilst 'The Nature of Reality' features terrible lyrics and is the second poor song on the album.

Overall, it's a better album then 'Don't Believe the Truth', but don't expect the string of great songs in the first half of the album to last. Why 'the shock of the lightning' was chosen as the first single is a mystery to me, as is why Oasis appear to have dismissed better songs (such as 'Record Machine' and 'Stop the Clocks'), just to be democratic.
If you like Oasis, you'll love it anyway, and if you're unconvinced you might be in for a nice surprise.

Best tracks: 'Bag it up' and 'Falling down'.
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on 14 October 2008
Oasis have mellowed in their old age. Liam Now gets up every morning and jog's like a madman....Oh and apparently he can cook salmon brilliantly.
Yes the self proclaimed "salmon king" and his older brother step into the fray once again with Dig out your soul. The first half is actually very good. But after the sixth song it turns into a bland jamming session. Very much like salmon but without any seasoning whatsoever.

Bag it up is a fantastic nuthouse of a song. (aka beetles esque)...again. Yet i raise the point. When film and Tv make so many homage's to classic films in scenes it's aplauded. If Oasis sound a wee bit like the beetles they get savaged for it.
Turning and waiting for the rapture are Ok songs, waiting for the rapture being slightly better full of thumping drums and some fine singing from Noel.

Now Shock of the lightning....I nearly wet myself when i heard this tune. It's like a forgotten song from definatley maybe. I thought to myself here it comes the album i've been waiting for from the manc masters. I was dissapointed when i heard the album as it is a one off. But a majestic one, off being transported back to the mid ninteys for four minutes thanks boys.
High horse lady is Noels shining track a very likeable track. A great grower.
I'm out of time shows Liam can write a tune. A fantastic tune A little light and very balladish. Great effort for an acomplished songwriter.

Then thats it. Really the rest of the album is the band going through the motions.
Saying that, nature of reality is the only saving grace in the rest of the five songs. A stomping tune very nice stuff.

Now then. If the first six songs were acompanied with five other "shock of the lightning" tracks this album would be a masterpiece. However as it is they should have held back another year to finnish it off.

when put alongside the Kings of leon album only by the night this album is decidely average.

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on 20 August 2009
In an interview in MOJO around the time this album was released, Noel let slip that he had had to leave out some of the more experimental numbers that he had been working on for DOYS, as Liam couldn't be bothered turning up to record the vocals.

Sadly it shows in Oasis' 7th studio album, which starts promisingly and includes several terrific songs from Noel in the shape of The Turning, Falling Down and The Shock of the Lightning.

Liam's I'm Outta Time is also worthwhile, but after track 7, the quality nosedives with 4 mediocre and derivative songs from Liam (Ain't Got Nothin' and Soldier On), Andy Bell (The Nature of Reality) and Gem Archer (To be Where there's Life), which were presumably added as an afterthought to make up for the missing material that Noel wanted to include.

It is clear that the recording of this album was not a happy affair and that it had been completed in haste, which is clear from it's confused running order, negative, downbeat nature and the inclusion of the half-baked numbers mentioned above.

It is no secret that there was always considerable tension between Noel and Liam from the start, due to Noel's arrogance and control-freakery, so Liam's hissy fit over his brother's creative vision for DOYS appeared to have been born out of jealousy and his delusion that he was as good a songwriter as Noel (and I think the jury's still out on that).

To my mind, the post-SOTSOG democratisation of Oasis' albums led to a slow but inexorable decline in quality, following the initial promise of Heathen Chemistry.

On the basis of this disappointing swan song and their rapidly deteriorating relationship, it was inevitable that they went their seperate ways.

Noel's subsequent solo album with High Flying Birds and Beady Eye's surprisingly promising debut would suggest that are both going to be happier and more creatively fulfilled apart.
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on 16 January 2009
Although I've always been a fan of Oasis, I don't normally buy their albums; but I was given this as a gift and I have to say that after a lot of listens I thoroughly enjoy it.
A word of advice though, this is definitely a grower. When I first got it the only songs I loved initially were "The Shock Of The Lightning" "I'm Outta Time" and "Falling Down." I would say on average that it took me around 8 or 9 listens before I even noticed the other tracks.
The only two which I still skip are "Soldier On" and "(Get Off Your) High Horse"
I received this album just over a week before I attended their concert, and my opinion on this could be biased since I saw the performance, but "Falling Down" is for me, a hidden gem.
Noel does this brilliantly as a solo and it sounds so different to any of their previous songs, I feel privilaged to have seen him perform this live. This song reminds me very much of Muse, which can only be a good thing in my opinion.
To sum things up, I think that this album is worth buying, but you'll only notice the depth to some of the deeper songs once you've played the tracks a few times over. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars was because of the fact I didn't love it initially, but if you give it a chance as I did, I don't think any real Oasis fans will be disappointed.
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on 12 October 2008
I rarely review anything on here but do so when I feel something isn't being justly portayed in my opinion. I can never really find the appropriate words to convey what I feel, but when I read this in the Observer it summed up what I thought about this album.

Alan McGee, Oasis' former manager has recently hailed the album as the "true follow-up to What's the Story Morning Glory, completing the elusive and perfect rock'n'roll trilogy that began with Definitely Maybe." in his column in the Observer, McGee compared the album to The Beatles' Revolver and The Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet, McGee also wrote "Dig Out Your Soul works because Noel has returned to the original inspiration of his youth for his songwriting. Definitely Maybe was about their dreams of rock'n'roll stardom, Morning Glory was about achieving the dream, Be Here Now was the coked-up aftermath, now Dig Out Your Soul is a glance to a psychedelic yesterday, again. For me, the past four post-Morning Glory albums never captured the magic of the first two. Songs from the past five albums had moments of pop reverberations and incredible songwriting, but were never complete statements. With Dig Out Your Soul, the notorious Oasis brothers have found their mojo. It's back, without a doubt."
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on 11 October 2008
Here we go again, everytime Oasis release a new album, people que to criticise it because its not as good as Definately Maybe or Whats The Story? What people have to accept is that those two albums will go down in history as two of the greatest of all time. No band has a back catalogue with every album in that class and Oasis are no different! This is a great album, but may take a few listens to grow on you. Having just seen them live, the tracks sound even better! Standout tracks are 'The Shock Of The Lightening', 'Im Outta Time' and 'Falling Down'. Those of you who jump on the critical bandwagon everytime a new Oasis album comes out, need to remember one thing. Had any Oasis album since DM and WTS? been released by any other band, it would have been acclaimed as a classic and their best material. Many other bands would jump at the chance to have produced such material. 'Dig Out Your Soul' is not 'Definately Maybe' or 'Whats The Story?', so don't expect it to be. What it is, is a very good album in its own right - classic Oasis sound with a bit of a twist in places. Those of you who have given it one star either need a reality check or you don't respect good music.
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on 11 July 2013
Oasis have done some serious good heavy Rock songs over the years but this album
probably has their heaviest sound yet although i honestly dont think it contains one good guitar solo or even good guitar intro.
I say that because the base on this album is as heavy as Kasabian or Ian Brown albums but drownes out the tunes throughout.
Noel said it was about 'the grooves' and hes right but i also knew he would be
covering up for lack of melodies and tunes and im not surprised this was the end of
Beady Eye recently played their new album 'BE' at gigs with acoustic versions which showed the strength of the melodies and sheer quality of the songs before going onto
play the songs with electric guitars like originally done. I cant imagine anything on Dig Out Your Soul being played acoustic because it would show the lack of depth and soul to the songs.
If you want to Rock and drink and party then blast out Bag It Up, The Turning,To Be Where Theres Life and Nature of Reality, but theres nothing else here that will stand up in time.
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I'm a big Oasis fan, and I really like this album, but like others have said, it's not quite a 5* album.

I do agree with the comment made by another reviewer, Mani, about (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady, whereby it sounds like a rip off of Give Peace A Chance in the intro and then sounds like a copy of Hi Heel Sneakers in its instrumental composition. However, Paul McCartney said (at a press thing in 1997 in Bishopsgate for the Flaming Pie album), "If they're going to be derivative, it might as well be of us" (Us being The Beatles). He and I both mean this in a good way; I love both bands, as does Macca!

I especially love The Shock Of The Lightning, but that's because of the memories I have of ripping it up to that song at one of their recent live shows.

Overall, the album is great, as I have already said, and certainly deserves 4* but does not quite reach the dizzy heights of Definitely Maybe, What's The Story Morning Glory and The Masterplan for me. Still, it's great to have the boys back in business.
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on 5 December 2008
As a lifelong Oasis fan I was expecting the usual drivel that accompanied any new release from them, Oasis are back, Oasis still sound the same etc...
My thoughts are that this is just ok, its a grower. Some tracks such as Shock of the Lightning stand out as classic Oasis tunes but some for me are nothing more than album fillers and wouldnt get near the first 2 albums.
Buy it, try it and see if like me you think its just ok.
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on 5 October 2008
I see as usual with Oasis reviews, it's either a 5 star or a 1 star rating! I beg to differ. This is a pretty good album, with a bit more experimentation from the band and all four members contributing to the songwriting like the previous two. However, I don't think it's as good all the way through as the 2005 Q album winner, Don't Believe the Truth, which in my opinion has no weak songs and I'd rate as a 4 star. Their first two albums are obviously 5 star. This album does have some really good tracks, particularly Bag it Up, The Turning, The Shock of the Lightning, I'm Outta Time and Falling Down. However, other tracks like To be Where There's Life and The Nature of Reality tracks are pleasant but average and Get of Your High Horse Lady and Ain't Got Nothin' are B-sides really. Definitely an album for the fans, since if you don't like Oasis already, it won't change your mind. I suspect this album will get mixed reviews in the press, due to some of the weaker songs, but it does seem that Oasis have to write one of the best British albums ever each time, in order for their work not to be criticised.
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