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3.9 out of 5 stars279
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2015
I don't mind Die Hard 4, it's a Good 4th sequel i would probably rate it about 5/10
with regards to the storyline & Directing etc
where is the first 3 sequels i would rate close to 10/10 for sure, it's personal preference really

the original DVD release of Die Hard 4 had both the Theatrical cut which ran for about 123mins
and the Unrated cut version which ran about 125-129mins roughly
which had extra scenes of more violence and swearing really
so it was a very Good idea for 20th century fox to release both versions to the public then they could choose which version to watch

but for some bulls*** pathetic reason 20th century fox did not do the same thing for the blu-ray release
which they definitely should have, they had no reason not to, very stupid
this blu-ray release only has the 123mins Theatrical cut, not the Unrated cut
it's common sense check the total runtime of the blu-ray you'll see for yourself
the product Details on the listing says 129mins runtime well this obviously Dead wrong

personally i prefer the Unrated cut which i have on my DVD version of the film,
i have the U.S. 2 Disc collectors edition which has both versions so i'm staying with that
it's personally preference really, you either like the Theatrical version or you want the Unrated version
apart from that all the special features from the dvd release have been carried over to this blu-ray release
so that's something to be Happy about

for fans who prefer the Unrated cut, don't buy this blu-ray which only has the 123min version
still keep your dvd release of the Unrated version
but if you don't mind the 123mins version then by all means buy this blu-ray
otherwise you can hope there will be a blu-ray release for the Unrated version cause there still isn't one as far as i know
20th century fox U.S. still has not released an Unrated cut on blu-ray yet
2 stars i gave this U.K. blu-ray mainly cause it doesn't have both versions on the 1 Disc
so it's not really worth buying in my opinion
i'll stick with my 2 Disc collectors edition DVD instead
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on 11 May 2008
I was sceptical watching yet another Die Hard movie, but actually, I was very pleasantly surprised. The action was fast paced throughout and the sheer audacity of the plot kept me fully absorbed. McClane, although looking pretty much older these days, is still plausible as the energetic lone hero determined to do his duty and conquer evil. Yes, the plot was totally unbelievable but why would you want to depress yourself with realism - take a look at the daily news for that! I appreciate a good bit of escapism and this really fits the bill. If you like a movie with a good deal of ass-kicking and where unsuspecting, ill-equipped good guy/lone hero outwits gang of highly skilled, technologically well-equipped and thoroughly organised assasins then this could be the movie for you! And it looks to me like the daughter - a chip off the old block - could be the star of future Die Hard movies assuming her father's mantle?? - now that would be a good movie !!! Give it a go - what have you got to lose?
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on 2 November 2007
The fourth instalment in the Die Hard films is a surprisingly enjoyable and welcome addition to the series, arriving twelve years after Bruce Willis' last outing as Det. John McClane.

The latest adventure for the hard-nosed cop involves him tracking down a group of cyber terrorists hell bent on melting down the United States' economy, power supply and anything else run by computers.

McClane is helped and hindered at various stages by hacker Matt Farrell, played by Justin Long, of Dodgeball fame - who is far less irritating in the role than many might expect.

The film doesn't have the claustrophobic feel of the original, superbly set in the Nakatomi skyscraper, but it is filled with plenty of in-your-face action.

Some of the action sequences are ludicrous, but often it is those moments that make the De Hard films so enjoyable. Realism is not what the movie is aiming at - it is a film designed to entertain and offer a pure adrenalin rush.

Willis has lost none of his charm and edge as McClane, firing out one-liners along the way, although the remaining hair on his head has disappeared.

The film works perfectly well as a stand alone, with no need to have watched any of the previous three...although there is one enjoyable reference to "Agent Johnson" those who know the first film will appreciate.

Die Hard 4 is fast, loud, entertaining and ludicrous...and far better than most would have initially expected. For action film fans, it is well worth it.
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2007
Beautifully paced, well scripted and with some quite extraordinary photography, there is no good reason for this thriller to be a 'Die Hard' movie. But what Bruce Willis brings to the film is - put simply - pain. When Matt Damon or one of those other youngsters takes a knock, they're back on their feet in no time. Watching NYPD detective John McClane whine and curse about his injuries adds a welcome level of realism you rarely see these days.

Alongside Willis, the photography is the other star of this piece. Outstanding dolly-shots in traffic compete with ambitious CG sequences to out-wow each other. The effect is mesmerising.
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We were a bit wary before we watched this. Die Hards 1 and 2 were excellent but by 3 is was all getting a bit tired and run of the mill. No need to worry; even after all this time 4.0 is seriously entertaining. Some of the action scenes are so fast and hard and in-yer-face that you get breathless just watching it.
The script is plausible (cyber-terrorists bring the USA to a grinding halt for their own devious means), and John McClane has to save the day again. He also has to save a geeky hacker who might be able to unravel the online mayhem, and he has to save his grown up daughter too.

There's guns, there's shooting, there's quick-cut running and driving and shouting and -- heck, there's even a scene where Bruce takes out a helicopter (in mid air) with a car. 'My gun was out of bullets' he says, smirking.
There's plenty of one-liners, punchy dialouge and it all rattles by at a fair old pace. Bruce Willis plays the role well, too; you believe in his age and you can believe that he's just about taking the punishment. Although he doesn't strip down to his vest this time!

Great action movie, nothing too taxing for the brain cells, nothing too scary for younger kids. There's some stand-out fight scenes (especially with the guy who climbs a ventilation shaft like he's some kind of rabbit, and the karate kicking bad girl) and plenty of 'wow!' moments.
Afterwards, you might wonder about some of the plot twists -- but don't think about it too hard. Just sit back and enjoy it.
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Two computer hackers are playing an online war game in their den when behind them - a computer screen inexplicably glitches. Annoyed at this intrusion - one drops his handset and presses the DELETE button on his computer's keyboard to get rid of the techno mess on his screen. A device inside the hard drive ignites and blows their home to smithereens. Outside - an unmarked black van pulls away - moving on to the next hacker on their list. Next thing you know the FBI Cyber Division in Washington, DC is being hacked, then the Transit system, then the Utilities. But to what cause...

Directed by Len Wiseman in 2007 - the fourth instalment in the Die Hard franchise was only supposed to be an efficient sequel - but for me - it's the best in the series (also known as "Live Free Or Die Hard" in the USA). It also goes a long way to easing the wounds after the tedious and strangely soulless recent fifth chapter - A Good Day To Die Hard (set in Russia).

Written by the same guy who gave us the superb Hugh Jackman/Ewan McGregor/Michelle Williams corporate swindle film "Deception" - Mark Bomback's sassy script for D4 is clever, fast moving and filled with fabulous set pieces. It even has great one-liners for Bruce Willis and Justin Long as Lieutenant Detective John McClane and his keep - a computer hacker/internet genius called Matthew Farrell (the second target). Throw in ice-cold bad guy Timothy Olyphant with his even colder gorgeous hacker/assassin Maggie Q - and you're on a hand-to-hand combat winner.

Die Hard 4.0 also has fabulous production values. This is a proper looker on the BLU RAY format. Be it night or day - the clarity is superlative - gridlocked city streets, collapsing highways, cars leaping into helicopters, exploding power stations, increasingly sweaty and bloodied teeshirts - it's all present and accounted for. And the thoroughly muscular 5.1 DTS-HD Audio Mix will wake up the neighbours. Why I'm almost tempted to shout Yippee Ki-Yay Motherf***er at a commuter on the Victoria Line - but I really shouldn't.

Extras include several 'Making Of' featurettes and Audio is also in English 5.1 DTS Description and German and Spanish 5.1 DTS. Subtitles include Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and English For The Hard Of Hearing.

"Die Hard 4.0" on BLU RAY is described on its box as "An Adrenalin Fuelled Action Epic" by one British newspaper - and you know they always tell you the truth. Just like little old me...

PS: please note that the American version on 20th Century Fox is REGION A LOCKED so it won't play on our UK machines. Stick with the UK REGION B issue - and in 2014 - it's dirt cheap anyway...
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on 22 October 2011
Not a Die Hard fan really, only saw the first and second DHs a long time ago. For some reason I got this today and put it on without expecting much really, and was surprised to find a well directed, engagingly scripted and tolerably well acted action film, with a buddy for Maclane (MacClane?) it's spelt funny somehow. who is a modern geeky kid genius with computers - a big cliché these days, very overworked; but on this occasion I felt it came off pretty well.

There were plenty of people getting shot and thumped and generally made to feel extremely unwell in all sorts of terminal ways involving guns, falls from helicopters, car wrecks, fireballing cars in lift shafts (what film doesn't have the latter?)

And it was all jolly good fun. Completely ridiculous, naturally - but do you really want to spend yet another two hours (was it really as long as that?) watching yet more crappy TV documentaries made by National Lampoon Geographic?

The action isn't absolutely continuous - with an odd pause or three, but overall it's a real rollercoaster, much as many prospective buyers might expect.

By the time many film franchises have reached their fourth generation, the interest and originality has all leeched away in the quest to wring another couple of dozen million $ out of a keen fan base.

I felt this film had plenty of energy, humour, and general whizzalong quality to keep even an old fart like me interested in what was going on, not always an easy task. The last third of the plot line did rather spiral into real wonderland nonsense but it was surprisingly easy to forgive it for that, and I'm seldom given to forgiving film makers for such outright silliness.

And if DH5 should come out in a year or two, I might even buy that too.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 April 2011
The news that another Die Hard movie was on the way was met with the usual howls of derision that greets such developments. Coming almost twenty years after Die Hard had bench-marked the action genre, and twelve years after Die Hard With A Vengeance divided the critics, it smacked of being a money making cash cow. Upon release, Die Hard 4 (lets keep it simple eh?) not only had the critics unsure as to its worth, but also the franchise's fans. Many felt it was a pointless exercise that saw Bruce Willis' John McClane watered down for the new millennium. Embracing an internet driven plot {based on John Carlin's digital warfare based "A Farewell To Arms"} it was clear the makers were indeed updating McClane's tough as nails cop, but Die hard 4 is far from being the embarrassment many thought it would be. With subsequent revisits, now the dust has settled, showing it to be an explosive and hugely entertaining piece of action fluff.

The plot basically sees terrorist types attempt to bring the U.S. to its knees by way of cyber war, yep it's hacker warfare folks. Enter McClane who is around the area trying to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter Lucy {Mary Elizabeth Winstead}. Asked to go and collect an under threat good guy hacker {Justin Long as Matt Farrell} McClaine and his unwitting sidekick soon come under attack from the nasty baddies led by Timothy Olypahant's smarmy Gabriel. On the run they go, the tough no nonsense cop and the computer-literate geek {see what they did there?} and then things get personal, very personal.

Len Wiseman directs and fills out the picture with truly fantastic stunts and set pieces. Most modes of transport are given an explosive part in proceedings. Be it a chopper, a truck, a jet, cars or an elevator, they are either aiding our intrepid heroes or naturally hindering them. And in some cases even being used as weapons of mass destruction! Willis quips away with the usual McClane cheekiness and with the affable and wise-cracking Long playing off him to good effect, it makes for over two hours of unadulterated popcorn fun. All of which of course is played out amongst the rather scary concept of Virtual Terrorism. You have to believe that John McClane is the hardest man on the planet, but really he is you know! So although the vest may be absent, McClane is still someone not to be messed with, and that can never be a bad thing really. 7.5/10
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on 10 August 2008
Welcome back John McClane, it's been too long!

I'm a big fan of the Die Hard series - they are all solid action films in their own right and Die Hard 4 is a very worthy 4th installment.

The film isn't without faults (the baddie is really not that scary or menacing for one) but I can't remember seeing an action film so unashamedly in your face and fast paced for an age.

The plot revolves around a cyber terrorist and ex DOD employee, Thomas Gabriel who earlier in his career hacked into the US Dept of Defense systems to show them how lax their security was. The DOD didn't take kindly to this blunt demonstration of their lax security and Gabriel was forced to leave the DOD in disragce. He now wants payback and sets about shutting down every system that runs on computers to bring the US to its knees!

McClane gets wrapped up in this when a request is made for him to bring in a young hacker, Matt Farrell, for questioning. As McClane attempts to escort Farrell form his apartment they are attacked by another band of terrorists who have been hired to eliminate all the hackers in the employ of Gabriel as the tasks they have been employed to perform are now completed.

Needless to say McClane saves the day and a cat and mouse chase ensues across the city whilst he tries to keep Farrell alive as he may be able to undo some of the damage to the country's networks.

The film scores highly because as an action film it's almost peerless in it's relentless pacing and set-pieces. The beginning is essentially a superb shoot-out and chase scene which starts just a few minutes into the film. Strap on your setbelt form here on in as it never lets up! The set piece in the tunnel is awesome with McClane pinned down by a helicopter at the tunnel's exit, the part with the jet fighter chasing McClane in a big truck and the part where he crashes a jeep down an elevator shaft and fights the female kung-fu ninja terorrist are all solid gold with amazing camera work. This would still be a top action film with half the action. The stunts are far fetched and you have to turn off your reality gland but it's great fun.

Like I mentioned earlier, Gabriel just isn't menacing enough as the computer wizard turned cyber terrorist although the plot itself is contemporary and feels quite realistic. It could be called "when geeks attack" and you know that given 30 seconds with him McClane would kick his ass into next week. It's his team of terrorists that are the muscles of his operation but none of them really stands out as an ultimate baddie. Also, Farrell is a slight bit annoying as McClane's sidekick.

I have to say that the picture quality of this DVD is superb. The best one I own other than this is Pan's Labyrinth and this is right up there. The picture is very clear and surely must be amongst the best you can get on DVD. I'm getting used to hi-def bluray but this DVD stacks up unbelievably well in comparison when it's upscaled. There's a slightly de-saturated and contrasty look to the film and a gritty feel to it. It suits the film well.

Sound is also great - the action sequences are plenty loud! I don't have a full surround system but so can't give a full appraisal. I did enjoy the soundtrack though - it's very involving.

All in all a great watch!
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Given his age (52), Bruce Willis does a more than respectable job playing the role of John McClane and while the story's quite good it's the theme that's showing signs of age here. All the three predecessors were decent action movies, but let's face it - it's 20 years since the first one came out and no-one that I know of was dying for a fourth. Of course it was always a guaranteed banker for the producers, as it's about to enter the top-100 grossing movies of all time (at #103 as I type this) and has already generated over US$377 million at the box-office. That could well double over the next decade so financially it made sense to make it, but for me, while I enjoyed the action and the stunts as they happened, by the time it was finished I soon got the feeling that I had seen it all before and that it won't go down as the most memorable of what is now a quartet. Everyone involved makes a decent effort at making it as exciting as possible, but in the end it's really rather forgettable. From the action/adventure perspective I don't think it broke any new ground and there were some big scenes that reminded me of films made well over ten years ago (e.g. True Lies). Still, for teenagers who might not have seen any of the Die Hard movies before, they probably won't be disappointed with this latest - and hopefully last - rendition of a genre that's fast becoming nigh-on impossible to make with any sense of originality. Good fun though, at times.
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