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4.8 out of 5 stars221
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Like many people, when this show was recommended to me I tried not to smirk. The whole idea sounded kitsch at best, and time slot filler at worst. Oh how wrong I was. Other reviewers have done more justice to this `gem' of a series, so please look to them for a full synopsis. I have managed to seen season one to eight, and while some episodes/seasons seem too stretch the realms of the plausible and one season stands out as not being on par with the rest - I have really enjoyed them as each story is `fresh' and entertaining. My opinion, for what it is worth, if you cannot buy it, at least rent them from Amazon, but definitely give a try. Enjoy!
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on 2 January 2014
Honestly, I don't see why so much negative feedback is given to the second half of the series. The series never noticeably dipped in quality for me. I would recommend this series 100%.
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on 27 November 2013
this review is about the boxset, its a great quality boxset, sturdy and compact, glossy finish on the red cover, opens in the middle, 4 seasons on side with artwork that is exclusive to this boxset
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on 13 February 2014
(At this moment in time......... ) Bought as a fabulous, no-brainer of a bargain. All EIGHT seasons...... do the math! Having just finished season six on my local RTP2 channel, i simply couldn't stand the idea of waiting nearly a year for season seven and even longer for season eight. (Running the risk of discovering more and more spoilers.) Rather than opt for a quick purchase of season seven....... let alone season eight.... i took the complete box set route. This attractive, sturdy set cost only a little more than i shelled out for seasons one through four. AAAAARRRRGH!!!

What of the seasons? There are already more reviews than one can poke a stick at, and readers will see that the "post-Trinity" seasons don't generally appear to satisfy as much. As for my personal ratings: season one (Ice Truck Killer) is simply superb; season two (Bay Harbor Butcher) ditto, although i always found the denouement a little too easy; season three (Miguel Prado) sees things taking a bit of a breather; season four (Trinity Killer) is possibly one of the greatest of all seasons of anything...... John Lithgow illuminates with a truly breathtaking guest star performance; season five (Barrel Girls) is a solid season and rather underrated; season six (Doomsday Killer) is the only real disappointer..... very flat. Colin Hanks is the weakest of all the guest stars and Edward James Olmos not that interesting; season seven (Koshka Brotherhood/Hannah McKay) with Ray Stevenson giving a very menacing performance and lovely Yvonne Strahovski simply radiant. I found this quite excellent; season eight (The Brain Surgeon) ...... i feared the worst, on the basis of people's typical reviews, but found it to be very worthwhile.

The surprising thing is that so many seem to have found seasons seven and, particularly, eight so much of a letdown. Perhaps viewers didn't go for the "what would we do out of love?" exploration. I came to the end of the journey yesterday, in tears during the final episode. Maybe it depends on the old business about whether or not one believes in the journey of the characters. I found myself quite desperately wanting things to work out happily, in spite of the numerous leaps of faith which have been required of us. What we get is one of the most moving, haunting, bitter-sweet conclusions i know in any tv series. I'll inevitably come back to a full rerun of "Dexter" in a couple of years. In the meantime, this deluxe set will take pride of place on a shelf.

PS. Now available in a more compact, cost-optimised version. The slip case has gone, but it still looks good.
PPS. The rerun confirms the terrible stodginess of season six. Also a bit less favourable, regarding season eight, but running concurrently with "Breaking Bad" definitely didn't help.
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on 6 November 2014
Another purchase made on the back of customer reviews. I had missed this completely when it was on TV but it was mainly the fact that its set in Miami that attracted me tobegin with.
It is very entertaining and has the voice -over and dark humour that I really like.
We're only onto series 3 but could easily watch them back to back, it is different, entertaining, shocking and a bit sad all rolled together.
Why on earth I didn't see this when it came out is beyond me, but at least i've discovered it now.
A little tip - if you don't want any spoilers, try not to watch the scenes playing in the background when you get to the 'choose episode' screen - it shows bits from all the episodes on that disc so you could end up seeing stuff that spoils the later episodes for you.
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on 1 March 2014
I actually had never seen Dexter before, until a few years ago when a friend was going on about it, I decided to watch an episode on Youtube - which then resulted in me buying a few seasons on DVD. I've never really enjoyed American TV shows so it took me a while to get into it - after which I was hooked - couldn't stop watching it, whenever I had free time I would watch for hours and hours! Honestly if you have never seen Dexter before - Buy this DVD, you will not regret it!

This Complete boxset is a great bargain. Although I had most seasons on DVD, I decided to purchase this set - It's good to have the full collection, I'm currently re-watching (and it's like i'm watching for the first time - I'm hooked again!!).
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on 15 February 2014
Fantastic from start to finish! Great story lines and great acting. It is a shame it all had to end
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on 20 November 2013
this review is actually about the product. We all know the storyline is great and all that stuff. If your buying this then i gather you know what your buying anyway. The box is very well made. the dvd cases are full size (not those slim down ones you get with some box sets. and the simplicity but link and symbolism to the season of the dvd design makes it such an appealing looking set. the box opens in the middle. you can probably see that if you look closely on the pictures. There is a red thick plastic sleeve which fits nicely over the top. (it's the part with the words dexter that you see on the pictures) the picture of dexter is on the box which is white. it's a well made box. Each dvd has 4 discs in it and all include special features on the last disc.
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on 14 February 2014
This is a brilliant show. I am working my way through the 4th series but each series is better than the previous. Buying all eight in one hit is a must, for a couple of reasons. One - cheaper per series, two - if you buy the first series and no others you will have to wait (and spend more) before able to jump into the second series.

The script is great, the characters are strong. Some you love, some you hate, some you are intrigued by and some you are repulsed by. Exactly the way it should be.

If you have the money, then definitely by this. You won't regret it.

Why are you still reading this review?! You should be hitting the Add to Basket button!
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on 10 April 2015
What else is there you can say about this show, I knew this was on netflix but thought nah not my sort of thing, I'm not really a tv show sort of person, but the first episode just got me hooked, michael c hall is a phenominal actor, loved the idea of him narrating what his dark passenger is really thinking, brilliantly clever and I think this really made you connect with the dexter character, must admit i actually cried for him and Debra a few times. And I am so gutted that season 8 was the last one. Fantastic show gonna miss it. 5 stars and then some.
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