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Devolo dLAN 500 Wi-Fi Adapter
by Devolo
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You can certainly use Devolo in conjunction with your existing Netgear. I do and it is very effective.
8 May 2014 by jonathansalmon
NO. You need the Duo 500 Adapter which is plugged into mains near your router and an ethernet cable connected from router to duo adapter. The D Lan Wi Fi can then be plugged in where you need connection. Has option of connecting via ethernet cable or of course via wi fi. Hope this helps Ray
5 Mar 2014 by adfaman
Not sure which early model you have but my 500 wifi adapter works fine with a 200 set-up. Hope this helps - or you could ask Devolo tech support for advice.
5 Jan 2014 by Selsey Bill
Yes, it is - but it connects to a LAN ring which is connected to the mains supply. You need a wired connection from your router to a Devolo unit which is plugged into the mains. Once you have this, then you buy any number of wireless re-routers like this which you just plug into the mains in another part of the house/building. Most people start off with a "starter-pack". Try Googling: Devolo dLAN 500 Wi-Fi Starter Kit
8 days ago by Paul C. Taylor
That will depend on the wireless standards of your mini-system, but if it is relatively new, then yes, it should work. remember the devolo connection is password protected. If you can't enter a code on your system then you may have a problem.
16 Jun 2014 by Paul C. Taylor
I don't think so.
14 May 2014 by M. M. Otway
No there is no USB on iPad therefore USB to Ethernet will not fit. I use iPad to wirelessly connect though.
30 Apr 2014 by I B.
There should be no difference in the BB connection, is the TV connected by cable or Wifi. If it is Wifi you will have to reconfigure the wireless network on the TV.
27 Apr 2014 by John S.
You need the starter kit then the adapters can be placed in different rooms
3 Apr 2014 by Mrs S.
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