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N-Gen Industries' new legal performance enhancer has failed during testing, causing severe physical and allergic reactions in 30,000 subjects except Angela. The company wants her brought in for examination. She's joined by her boyfriend and a few pals as they try to hide from those infected - and the corporation.

Danny Dyer,Jaime Murray
1 hour 32 minutes

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Devil's Playground

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Genres Thriller, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, Horror
Director Mark McQueen
Starring Danny Dyer, Jaime Murray
Supporting actors MyAnna Buring, Shane Taylor, Craig Fairbrass, Colin Salmon, Craig Conway, Bart Ruspoli, Alistair Petrie, Lisa McAllister, Del Henney, Victoria Pritchard, Louis Murrall, Michael Eaves, Ben Shafik, Paul Corkery
Studio Entertainment One
BBFC rating Suitable for 18 years and over
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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Albatross TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 30 Dec 2011
Format: DVD
Somewhere, someone said something like, "Hey, everyone loves zombies, right? And the Resident Evil films were successful. What about if we mix it with 28 Days/Weeks Later? We can't lose!"

Whoever said that lost.

The Devil's Playground doesn't so much as play homage to other (zombie/infection) movies as simply rips them off. It's mainly Resident Evil meets 28 Days/Weeks Later, but watch out for plot elements ripped right out of I Am Legend and various scenes re-worked from Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Night of the Living Dead.

London is overrun with zombies who don't just run like the modern crop seem to do these days, but also pirouette, somersault, bounce off walls and hang upside down from vans to peer in the sliding door (as opposed to simply looking inside said open sliding door). They've come a long way from Romero's `shufflers' - seriously, these guys are more graceful in the air than a ballerina. Plus, instead of just killing and eating people, they go as far as to `strike a pose' every time they enter a room, just for added menace (and to give any major characters a fair chance at running/clobbering them).

Talking of main characters - it's like a C-list of British action heroes, none of which have obviously ever seen a zombie movie, as it takes most of the film to figure out the ol' `destroy the brain' way of killing them. Danny Dyer and Craig Fairbrass fight it out for `most cockney hero' title. The leading lady spends most of her time looking frail and meek (certainly no Milla Jovovich here!). The rest of the cast just try too hard. They're a mixture of stereotypes who, if cast as `b*tchy' is UBER b*tchy, if cast as `lovable' is UBER lovable and so on. Poor Jamie Murray - she's worth so much more.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful By LukeW on 18 Oct 2010
Format: DVD
There's a decent idea buried somewhere in this film and there are fair performances from the cast. However, there's a big problem which lies squarely with the script. Taking ideas and plot lines from various other films does not result in a good movie. Nor does adding actors from other zombie/apocalypse films for no reason.

In short, a dodgy pharmaceutical company has tested 30,000 people with an experimental drug. Several weeks later, all bar one (Myanna Buring playing pretty much the same role she had in Neil Marshall's Doomsday) are infected with a zombie like disease which turns them into the infected from 28 Days/Weeks Later and gives them the ability to free run like that guy in Casino Royale. Remember that? That was good, wasn't it? I wish they'd make another Bond film. Daniel Craig is a great Bond...Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Said dodgy company who aren't the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil (not at all) send hardman Craig Fairbrass (not related to the two guys from Right Said Fred) after Myanna to find out why she's not infected and if she possesses a cure. Meanwhile, Myanna's boyfriend Danny Dyer, his mate (Sol from Doomsday, the camper from the opening scene from Dog Soldiers and one of the Crawlers from The Descent - spotting a pattern?) and a couple of pointless characters are hiding in a garage/workshop probably belonging to the director's brother. Once everyone meets up, it's time to get to da choppa without being eaten.

Like I said, there's a decent idea in here, but it's lost in a mish mash of scenes from several other films and it's definitely not helped by the use of actors from other, better films. Seeing Sean Pertwee in this for all of five minutes just reminded me how great Dog Soldiers and Doomsday were.

Give Devil's Playground a watch if you don't have anything else available and you keep your expectations extremely low. Then watch Doomsday and 28 Days Later to see how it should be done.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By tells it like it is on 11 Jan 2012
Format: Blu-ray
A pharmaceutical company called N-Gen tests a new drug on 30,000 poor mugs which goes a tad wrong, turning them all into zombies of some kind. All except one lucky lady (she should do the lottery this week) who shows no sign of turning into a labour mp,oops sorry i mean zombie. Anyway N-Gen think she may be immune so send their top man (Fairbrass) to track her down and bring her back to see if she holds the key to a cure. Meanwhile the zombies do what they do best and start infecting everyone by biting them which turns their victims into zombies too. Somewhere during all this she meets her ex boyfriend (Dyer) who happens to be a copper who is currently suspended for a reason which is of no real consequence but probably to show he has depth. They then meet up with a few others who decide that getting to a helicopter is the best solution of getting out of town. So do they escape? Does the girl save the day? Or is it all you can eat at the local kebab house?
The films plot is sort of a mash up of 28 days later, Outbreak, Resident Evil and any zombie film to be honest. there can't be many ways of turning people into zombies so fresh plot ideas are in short supply with zombie films.
This doesn't make it a bad film, far from it. The acting is of a standard you would expect with our so called b list actors, ok so Sean Pertwee is a bit above that but does not have enough screen time in the film to warrant too much of a mention.
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