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4.4 out of 5 stars42
4.4 out of 5 stars
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What I've come to expect from Eve Langlais romances: funny, quirky characters; quick and quippy dialogue; a sexy, hot connection between h/H; usually a curvy, always spunky heroine; and a sometimes lovably caddish, always possessive and hunky hero. And we have all of that here in this romance.

Speaking of lovable cads, this one's part human, part demon, and all flirty bad boy. As he tells the heroine, "You can call me Remy, but, when I get your thighs around my neck, feel free to call me God." Gotta love a hero with that sort of confidence and charm. I read this book with a grin on my face, totally caught up in the verbal foreplay between Remy and Ysabel. The author writes these two with a lot of zip, the dialogue quickly bouncing back and forth, bristling with desire and sexual innuendo.

Lucifer assigns Remy to help Ysabel locate and return the lost souls she cursed to Hell when her village burned her centuries ago. At the time, she made a contract with Lucifer, a deal for vengeance on five of those villagers, a deal to damn them forever, and, in exchange, Ysabel would serve Lucifer for 500 years. In order for this contract to be complete and finished, those souls must remain in Hell's Prison for eternity; except all five of those souls just escaped, and now Remy and Ysabel have to work together to track them down.

Ysabel doesn't easily trust men, and she doesn't want Remy as a partner, not at all. She doesn't sleep "with demons. Or men. Or anyone," and I guess being betrayed by a lover and then being burned at the stake as a witch would do that to a girl. And 500 years is a long time to go without. She's tough, prickly and just a little touchy (horny?), that tongue razor sharp, but Remy is more than her match and actually enjoys riling her up, provoking whatever reaction he can. Plenty of sexual chemistry with these two.

It doesn't start off well between them, not when you combine Mr. Sexy Pants with Ms. Prickly Pants. All this verbal sparring leads to a fairly combustible sex scene. Not only was it hot, but it was sweet, too. At this point, the author has made me fall completely for Remy, the bad boy, and I wanted him to win Ysabel over, to wear her down and make her trust and love him. He's so sexy, so charming, so bad and naughty, and he fell so hard for his little, curvy witch. I love to see a man fall hard, and with a loud thud.

This isn't a complicated read, but it is creative and well-written, with a kind of fun, campy feel to it, like a wink to the reader. It's like a bowl of popcorn- easy, light and fun and you don't expect it to be filling, yet you end the book, feeling oddly satisfied with it and wishing for more. I ate it up. I know I want to read the next one, A Demon and His Psycho, and I definitely want a story about Ysabel's hellcat, Felipe. I even fell in love with Remy's crazy mama. And how could I like Lucifer? But I did.

This isn't a complicated read, but it is creative and well-written, with a kind of fun, campy feel to it, like a wink to the reader. It's like a bowl of popcorn- easy, light and fun and you don't expect it to be filling, yet you end the book, feeling oddly satisfied with it and wishing for more. I ate it up. I know I want to read the next one, A Demon and His Psycho, and I definitely want a story about Ysabel's hellcat, Felipe. A Demon and His Witch is a fast, light read but very good, and a fun start to a series that I want more of.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 March 2014
The end is in sight; in only a few weeks Ysabel's 500 year contract with the devil will end. She's got her revenge on those responsible for labelling her a witch and gleefully watching her burn at the stake. She has power and clout in Hell but Satan is a difficult boss that she has to verbally slap down whenever they are alone. Yet trouble lurks as the 5 souls Ysabel trapped in Hell all those centuries ago have escaped and entered the mortal realm. It's Ysabel's job to track them down and return them to their Hellish punishments, but every day that she fails to retrieve all 5 souls, Ysabel will experience the full pain of her fiery death. Every day the pain will last 1 minute longer until she falls into drooling insanity. As Satan has a hidden soft spot for Ysabel he decides to send help her way in the luscious form of half demon/human Remy; a notorious man-ho with a 100% success rate when he targets a woman for seduction.

Remy and Ysabel immediately clash, but there is an instant sexual chemistry that sizzles between them. Ysabel isn't sure she's ready to trust a man (after all it's only been 500 years since her lover betrayed her), yet the rampantly sexual Remy is amazed that he's finally found a female he could contemplate a future with and is determined to whittle down her barriers.

The outrageously graphic crudities Remy constantly aimed at Ysabel amused me rather than offended; his over the top lewd behaviour has enough charm and mischief to keep Remy likeable rather than turn off the reader. I also thought Ysabel a great character; she's not one to turn down a fight, even if she may be hobbled at times by her new curse. Amid the action, an endearing love story unfolds between Remy and Ysabel, plus the high level of humour seriously ups the entertainment value. I've just starting to read "Lucifer's Daughter"; book 1 in the "Princess of Hell" series, and I like the fact that leading lady Muriel is briefly introduced in this book. 4½ stars
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on 26 October 2013
I was disapointed with remys character he seemed a bit one dimensional, he had no depth to his character and his naughty quips though funny for a while became a bit monotonous as this was the only side to his character.
The sex scenes didn't start really until I was 64% of the way through the book and by then I had gotten a bit bored of the story which also had no depth to it. The story felt like it was written in a rush and not much thought went into the story line and characters.
I thought the story was hard to get into and I normally love this authors work, the writing is good though, its just the lack of substance between the characters and storyline grts a bit boring. It is not really a bad read and thats why I've given it 3* im just disapointed as I had expected to like this book. Im not sure buy would buy the next in the series though.
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on 21 August 2014
I have been hearing a lot from other book reviewers on Twitter and Facebook regarding this author, and as she just had a book come out in June, people were even more heated about her hotty hot authorness (that’s right, I just made that up, but you know what I mean!). The book that most recently came out was Hell’s Kitty, which is the fifth book in her Welcome to Hell series. It is against my book nerd religion to pick up books outside of order in a series (I prefer to read them in order), so I grabbed the first book titled A Demon and His Witch which was currently free on Amazon and B&N. If you missed the hot tips about that freebie which were dropped on Facebook and/or Twitter, then you guys should step up the stalking.

The cover of the book has a red background which fades to black with flames licking up toward the hotty mchottenstein on the cover. The cover model is a well-muscled Caucasian male that is visible from just below the eyes to the waist level, and his dimpled chin is just the bee’s knees, y’all. Just below his gorgeous pectorals, you find the author’s name in white font, dancing gently across his well-defined abdominals. The book title is found just below the author’s name in a bold yellow and red (very flame-like as well) on a dark background. The cover is very well done and reflects well upon the genre of the book as well as the male lead in the story, who is a studly half-demon tracker named Remy.

This story focuses on a witch named Ysabel with an axe to grind, who ends up indentured to Lucifer for a whopping 500 year term. The young half demon Remy is tasked by Lucifer to help track down the remaining “issues” to seal up Ysabel’s rather lengthy contract with the Devil. Ysabel and Remy do not exactly mesh well to begin with, and the friction becomes more heated as the story progresses. If you have read her Furry United Coalition (FUC) books, then you know the author’s humor and style, which is hilarious. If you have not read those books, then you should buy them right meow…if you are into humor and romance and things that shift from people to…other things. I have a summary of the author’s work on the author page of my website! As the first in the series, this book has definitely lured me into purchasing the remainder of the books. I can only convey my joy at going through a series on a book train (since there are fiiiiive books in this series!) to those who truly understand and can sympathize – my book nerd people. My people, you understand me, and I understand you! <3

And now to submerge myself in paranormal book reader heaven…books 2-5! Go check that free book out, people! It’s worth your time.


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, check out my website or find me on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for stopping by!
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on 28 June 2014
Phenomenally stupendous! Eve Langlais does it again with this thoroughly entertaining book. ‘A Demon and his Witch’ is adequately described in the book description and fans of Langlais will know exactly what to expect, however this does not help all those unfortunate souls that are missing out on the awesomeness that is Eve Langlais.

I’m sure anyone reading this will already understand that I love the author and her books, so I’ll say no more on the subject.

With deeply emotive characters, fun and laughter mixed with heart rendering feelings, this novel is fantastically entertaining. The way it is written brings to the foreground the belief of many of Heaven and Hell, then twists the belief into something extraordinary different.

The book description is accurate and gives a brief outline of the story – read the book and find out the details… You won’t regret it.
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on 6 June 2014
This series is a spin off after the Princess of Hell books.

This is another great Eve Langlais book, with sexual tension and witty banter a plenty.

Both characters seemed played off each other with their barbs with ended up into verbal foreplay. Everything Remy said had a sexual tone to it which should have a times been OTT, but it so worked and his mum is awesome.

Our sexy witch and her sharp tongue were also funny and i loved her relationship with Lucifer, it really is almost like a father daughter relationship.

Can't wait to open the next book in the series.
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on 8 August 2014
Love this book! It could have been longer though. At just 159 pages I read this in one day, but then again, that also attests to the fact that I didn't want to put it down.

Ysabel is the perfect protagonist for me - an intelligent, foul-mouthed, sassy and powerful witch that gives attitude to one and all. Lucifer is hilarious and Remy is the perfect hunk of manliness that every woman is happy do dream about. The sex scenes aren't pornographic but they definitely get you wishing you had a Remy of your own!

I can't wait to read the next one.
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on 29 July 2014
This was my first Eve Langlais book and it certainly won't be my last. In fact I've already started a Demon and his psycho.
I thought A Demon and his Which had a great pace and the main characters worked well together. I loved Remy's come ons and that he quickly realised that there was more to Ysabel than a quick fling. I liked how Ysabel had a fiery attitude and was no damsel in distress. The quick one liners were great and kept a nice balance between comedy and romance.
I am definitely recommending this book and Eve Langlais to my friends.
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on 1 August 2014
sweet sexy read, nice twist to the theme, even hell has romantic problems, Ysabel nearly close to freedom, she's nearly 500 years up on her contract working the almighty dark Lord Lucifer, (he was very funny), he's just got one last job for her...easy she thinks but she is paired up with demon Remy, the man whore with a wicked body and even dirtier mouth how will these two get on?, loads of laughs and one liners to make you chuckle, good story with a twist which sets up the following books I'll definitely be looking out for those.
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on 26 January 2015
I read this book a while ago but I just re-read it so that I could read the second in the series. It's another fabulous Eve Langlais book and I absolutely adored Remy. (I want a Remy!)

The book is well-written (but having read a lot of Eve's books, I'd have been surprised if it wasn't). It's not overly long but it's a reasonable length for what it is... a fun, light read.
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