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4.2 out of 5 stars43
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2011
I brought a book recently & really enjoyed it...only to my later embrassment to find it was written for young adults & teens. Sadly I am well past that stage BUT to my amazement I have continued to read this style of book & found the writing far superior than a lot of adult literature out there. Most 'chick lit' even if it's fantasy tells a sloppy story ....add a bit of romance & some steamy love scenes & hey presto have a best seller. If you can't rely on 'sex' to sell your books it's got to be well written instead.
This is one of those books.
In fairness I struggled a bit with this book at first. You have one body containing two teenagers demion Lucky & one human Liora. Lucky gets the body all night whereas Liora gets the body during the day. Lucky is wild brave & sexy whilst Liora is quiet & just wants to blend in.
Once you get use to the story swapping between the two really is quite good. Too complex story to write about but needless to say in the end both girls get the man.
Well worth a read regardless of your age & at the price offered on your Kindle you have little to lose.
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on 1 February 2014
This book takes an idea, rips it in half, and starts the story with the main female as two completely separate entities. The idea of a half human/half demon has been done before but never has it been done (that I have read) where they are so completely different as this. They used to be one person before they were cursed and ripped in two. Now they are resigned to living this way until they can break the curse which they hope won't be too long. But until then they are two - one 'Sapie' (human) with feelings, is an introvert and is around during the day; the other is demion, who views feelings as a weakness, is an extrovert and plays at night. Everything was going along as smoothly as is possible but then Kieron comes to town and everything changes.

The storyline is well thought out and follows along smoothly. The main characters and the supporting characters all have depth and are interesting to read about. Personally, I love Tatiana (Tattie) and would love to see more of her. This was a brilliant book to a new series that I will be reading. The only downside that I have is that it is all written from the first perspective and it isn't always clear until you have read half a page or more whether it is Liora or Lucky that is 'talking'.
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on 9 March 2014
this is obviously a 'teen' read but the title grabbed me (oh how id love to have that excuse!), and when i started reading i found the premise really fresh and original. i loved the idea of demons who weren't all bad and had 'jobs' befitting their talents. lucky/lioras 'split personality' was also clever and im sure appeals to all of us who would like to let our 'naughty' side out with no repercussions. i liked tatianas character and the love interest which just about survived the over done love triangle by being a sort of quadrangle; but then disaster of a "twighlight (yawn) saga" nature struck when both sides of lucky/liora suddenly wanted both male 'lead' characters!

- ive purposely forgotten their names, as apart from one of them turning into a slavering beast now and then, (decide for yourselves who and when!), they are equally wet and pathetic and interchangeable in their compulsory 'gorgeousness' -

oh how bored i am of boys running around carrying girls in their arms! its not romantic or cool, its very silly; also however hard i tried i simply could not figure out the motorbike tandem in a frock thing. was she side saddle? backwards? upside down and inside out?! perhaps he could get a side-car fitted a la 'wallace and grommit' for future use?! anyway, as you may have gathered my four star review was waning as the general silliness headed towards 'twighlight' and im sad the story veered from what had promised to be a strong, very original and intetesting start to a series i might have enjoyed. as it is i wont be reading any more demon style adventures but will wish all the oh so beautiful types all the best with their battles against the angels (oh hang on, they're demons after all! or are they? are they goodies? . . badies?. . (they certainly wont be uglies!), angels or demons (save us from dan brown references), im afraid i no longer care
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i read this beacause it had demon in the name and after the first couple of chapters i was hooked by it!! i love how the author puts so much description in it so you can imagine it happening and you can really imagine yourself in lucky/lioras place!!
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on 3 January 2013
It was an amazing read could not put it down!!!! I found it be so interesting, the different personalities of the 2 main characters
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on 20 February 2015
Human Liora and demon Lucky inhabit the same body. Things go smoothly enough when they follow the rules and stick to their alotted time. But Lucky doesn't like rules, and her grasp over what is acceptable behaviour can make Liora's life a living hell.

I downloaded this book for free - oh crikey, all the way back in December 2013. But as you sometimes do with free ebooks, they sit on your computer and kindle for ages before you get round to them.
Then I did eventually start it, and I was immediately put off. I don't know, from the synopsis and my own stupid brain that jumped to conclusions, I was expecting something else. I thought it would be more comedic, I thought it would be following Liora's attempt at human life and how the enemy Lucky was ruining it.
I know, I know, I shot myself in the foot. I read it and it was good, but I thought perhaps a three star.

Then one day at work, during dinner time when I usually get my reading done, there was one book I was supposed to be reading, but it was so bad I had to DNF. And the only other thing I had on my kindle was A Demon Made Me Do It...
I re-read it and I had to kick myself. How had I been so blinkered? It is actually a really sweet story. Liora and Lucky are such fun characters, and they are just like squabbling siblings. Lucky always plays big sister, looking out for Liora, whether she wants it or not.
And Liora is trying to play the good girl, trying to do well at school and make her life matter in comparison to Lucky's.

Some stories have a love triangle, this one goes straight for a square!
Lucky has to deal with her attraction to the new stranger in town, as well as accepting that her best friend Bones may well be in love with her.
And poor Kieron, who is involved with Lucky and Liora!

The world of the demons, the hierarchy and volatile politics, is creative and you just dive in alongside Lucky.
But Liora's world is no less real. She knows about demons and such, and shuns everything to do with them. She loves her human life, and that makes the time spent in the human world no less special than the demon world.

Overall, this book was a beautiful balance, and definitely a series to try out. Especially as the book is still free on Amazon people!
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on 6 September 2013
This book had me captivated from the very first page. Well, actually, it had my attention from the synopsis but upon reading the first page, I almost instantly knew that this was going to be a good read, and boy was I not disappointed! The concept of a girl with "multiple" personalities is such a unique story and the way that it is then executed in the book is just so interesting. I really enjoyed getting to know both Lucky and Liora and loved reading what they got up to and how their lives were going. It was a really well written novel that manages to grab the reader's attention and really keep them hooked on the page just wanting more.

The demons in this book were so interesting to read about. They were unique and different and it was a really nice change to really see things from a demons perspective. It was intriguing to hear about the different types of demons and the way that they played along with each other. It was all so captivating and page-turning and just left the reader wanting more. I especially enjoyed Bones, who was such a complex and interesting character and one that I was rooting for throughout the novel.

What I really found compelling in this novel was the romance and the way that this was executed. Both Lucky and Liora were certain that they would never be able to lead a normal life the way they wanted to live it and they certainly wouldn't have been able to fall in love easily when they only live half lives. In steps Kieron. I have to say that I absolutely love him. I don't usually get too swoon worthy over boys in books but Kieron took my heart and ran away with it. He is such an adorable character who is strong and powerful and sensitive and just... everything you'd ever want in a guy. Of course, he has his many flaws which help to make him grounded and real but he is just so brilliant. I love how natural the romance in this novel was. Liora may have been pulled to Kieron for reasons she didn't understand but those reasons came to light quickly when they spent time together and just got on so well together. It was so refreshing to actually see the falling in love part.

The overall story was truly captivating and interesting. I loved how many things were thrown at the reader and how it all didn't seem like it was connected at all and yet, it is likely it was. There were some lose ends that weren't tied together nicely but as this is only the first book in the series, it is very likely that these ends will be sorted together as the series continues. I especially like where this novel ends and leaves the reading quite clearly wanting more. I was actually a little sad when the novel ended, simply because I wasn't able to continue reading anymore but it is needless to say that I will be purchasing the next book very soon!

One final reason that I adored this book was because of the writing style. Penelope King really managed to write in a way that gets the reader hooked. It's written in first person and it is done so well that you can really get the emotions of every character on the page. It is so nice to get that as it is often difficult to fully see how others feel through a first person narrative but Penelope hits it on the head. She also has a powerful way of finishing chapters while making you just want to continue reading. This novel was one that I truly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who wants something different, easy and compelling to read.

I received this book from the goodreads group, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy as part of their read 2 review section.
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on 25 January 2013
This book quite surprised me.. I wouldn't have even looked at this book, if it wasn't available free from the amazon kindle store.

The series has lots of potential. As you know its about a girl who is split into two beings in one body. A human by day, and a demon by night. They are two individual entities are with their own personality and for the most part is unaware of what the other half does within their time.

Kind of supernatural take on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Lucky is trying to get justice/revenge from a thing that happened in the past that caused her to split into two; aswell as revenged to her friends. I would want to see how this works out in the future (if it does work out). I can't see them able 'to be one' again. Liora (human) has taking on a life herself and the only way i could see Lucky becoming whole again is purging Liora from her in some way, either by death or being split physically (e.g. Liora gets a new body) and if this happens will either of them be happy especially Lucky?

They both seem adamant, that they basically don't care for each other. In Lucky case it comes of as pride, and wanting to be 'whole' again. She believes Liora makes her weak, in a sense and hate being bound to only being present in the night and limited because of that, not to mention able to shut her emotions off. But even Lucky hesitantly admitted that the human emotions feel good, when they are good and dreadful when they are bad.

If they do somehow split or become whole in the future I think Lucky would personally hate it and feel like a void exists within her. I also think secretly she cares about Liora and can't help to care for her, even if she does try to make it come off as survival need to protect Liora to protect herself.

As for Liora she blames and hates all things demon,,, or at least tries to hate all things demon. I wont include any spoilers, but i think you see where im coming from once you read the book. I have no clue how Liora would deal being split or being made whole again. If she made whole wouldn't she just be Lucky with the memories of Liora human life? and if they split into individual beings, i have no clue how that would affect her; as for the most part she already shunned her demon life (minus ... [no spoilers])

Anyways interesting start to the series.
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on 20 November 2012
Good Points

-When reading paranormal romance books, it can often seem like you've seen every supernatural creature written about a hundred times before. King managed to put her own twist on demons and angels. We saw both the good and the bad in the demons rather then the just the one-sided evil sort we've grown used to. This in turn made the characters less one sided.
-I also loved the multiple personalities in one body idea. Being stuck with some else in my body half the time is my idea of hell but it makes for great reading.
-Whilst both Lucky and Liora had their flaws, they're both likable characters. (Although I preferred Lucky, she was way more bad-ass.)
-And finally what paranormal romance these days doesn't have a classic love triangle to add some angst! The first triangle between Kieron, Lucky and Bones was great. Bones is a incubus/hell hound and there is something really endearing about his straight-forward character.

Bad Points

-The second love triangle between Lucky, Kieron and Liora be quite frank, rather odd. Lucky and Liora are two different people. Lucky is a justice demon, likes sexy outfits, killing things and is hell bent on revenge whilst Liora is shy, a loner and hates demons. Kieron dates both of them and in my mind that's not ok. The justification for him being able to date the two different girls (albeit in the one body) is that he 'sees them as the same person'. That excuse might work if Kieron's personality didn't seem to change depending on which girl he's with and the fact that it's the differences in their personalities which make the book work so well.


It's a good book and the fact that it's free as an e-book makes it even better. This is the first time in a paranormal romance where the leading male has annoyed me. Despite this it's well written with some original ideas. I give it 3 stars out of 5.

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on 1 April 2014
I am a reader over 60 but have taken to reading YA novels recently. Some I have loved and have gone the distance with the series, but I think with this one I am YA'd out. There is nothing wrong with this book (strong storyline, good mix of characters and well written) - it's just not for me anymore.

The premise of 2 people sharing one body day/night sounded like it would make for an interesting read, with the mystical creatures (both good and bad) but I found myself ploughing my way through, rather than avidly reading which is what I usually do.

Perfect for the intended audience as everything can be life altering at that age and this has strong moral codes but, having read the first chapter of the second book in the series, I think it is time to go back to what I know and love.

As said, suits the YA audience and well worth the read if that is what you are in to.
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