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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2004
I bought this, on tape, when It came out. I was 13. It blew my mind.
From the opening "door" (?) sample, to the closing door/crypt sample, this album literally made me foam at the mouth. Obviously compared to today's modern death metal bands, it sounds a little hollow, but that isn't the point. The point is its a classic, certainly up there with the likes of Cause of Death and Blessed are the sick. I'm not one for media hear say and opinion, and some media types never gave this album a fair go. Fair enough. Each to their own. But its amazing just how many people have this in their collection.
The time changes (amount, and speed of) in every track are enough to break your neck. Its a very stylised patchwork of tempo changes, double bass blasts and two tone bellowed vocals. You know that Benton isn't just saying the words hes written. He means them! And boy is he angry!
The riff that opens Sacrificial Suicide is a real monster, a menacing build up, peaking out and then running away with your senses and smashing them around the room.
Dead by Dawn has to be mentioned. Its a true death metal anthem. Every true old school Deicide fan should be able to growl along with it! Its also a good high light track to hear the multi toned Benton perform his high and low vocal style (something he got alot of stick for in the press) and also the classic "demon" background gurgling.
The title track is a real belter with some very grand moments (and some very controversial lyrics...for the time).
Carnage in the temple of the damned is another stand out track, with a really good guitar hook, although you have to listen carefully to catch it.
Deicide (in England at least) went from not a lot to legendary over night when this came out. As mentioned already if you compare it to todays big hitters, such as Nile, Cryptopsy or Decapitated, you will be a bit let down. But remember its over a decade old. It deserves the respect its worth.
Six stars!
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on 22 September 2006
Deicide's self titled debut, was, to put it bluntly, outragous!

From being just about happy with Autopsy's 'Severed Survival', and Death's 'Leprosy' and their kind, Deicide go and drop this bomb and it changed my view of death metal for ever.

Glen Benton's approach to lyrics made me feel kind of uneasy for the first few listens, and as a 13 year old boy, you know that that very fact alone must mean its something worth having. If your parents wouldn't approve, it must be good!

From the clinking opener, to the rush of the scream of "MANSON!!!" right through to "Wheres my Crucifix...." this album just rocked.

Lunatic of Gods Creation lets you have it both barrels. No gentle introduction here. Dead By Dawn, if you have been into death metal from at least 1990, should be imprinted on your brain. Its the anthem of anthems as far as death metal is concerned. Its the one song that could get crowds slamming at gigs if the dj played it between live sets !!!

The self titled track "Deicide" starts with a monumental riff and blasts out a few minutes of complete distain for christian beliefs and ideologies (I'm neither a satanist or a christian, just a music fan, but as a piece of music, its a fact that its pretty provocative!)

Every track on this album is a winner and then some.

The musical element keeps the whole thing going, whilst Benton's high/low vocal assault and sheer vhement ranting makes you sit up and listen, if not get up and slam!

Deicide, at the time, were not hailed with the kind of praise Obituary and Morbid Angel got from the metal press. Infact the press' "big four of death" were Death, Sepultura, and the two previously mentioned outfits. Its bad enough that they didn't include Benton's boys after the release of this debut, if only for popularity, but if it was a "sales" listing, then it just goes to show that the press' opinion mean nothing to the listener at the end of the day, as for a few years after, the exclusion of Cannibal Corpse seemed to be pretty odd. Being the worlds best selling DM band and all that. Benton didn't help himself out with the music press, basically saying exactly what he thought, with no real holding back, or PR for his band or the album. If he didn't like you, your magazine or the bands you (the reporter/ editor) liked, he didn't keep quiet. And why not eh? So many bands (mainly from Florida) used to do exactly that, say what the press wanted to hear, and bang !!! Their albums got rave reviews. (mostly worthy mind you!) This album is most definetly an extention of the then young Mr Benton's personality and beliefs.

In conclusion this cd is a piece of music history. 666 stars ha ha ha !!!!
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2004
Deicide first came to most people's attention due to their non-musical antics - while Satanic imagery has always been par for the course in metal back before the European black metal explosion of the early 90's it was quite shocking for a band to actually walk the walk, with Glen Benton's branding of an inverted crucifix in his forehead being the ultimate riposte against anyone attempting to argue that the band were merely posing as Satanists.
Away from the headlines however, Deicide's debut album proved they could not be dismissed musically - this is unremittingly brutal death metal, and along with the likes of Obituary's 'Slowly We Rot' and Morbid Angel's 'Altars of Madness' is one of the early classics that helped define the genre, as well as putting Florida and Morrisound Studios on the death metal map. Scott Burns would later become so ubiquitous to the genre that bands would actively shun him in order to try and find their own direction, but his production here gives Deicide a stunning clear and searing sound which still melts eardrums over a decade later. Musically the band are reminiscent of a more brutal Slayer (particularly the double guitar attack of the Hoffman brothers), and while highly aggressive the only song that really hits hyperspeed blastbeats is Dead By Dawn (while a great track, this also provides the one chink in Deicide's lyrical aura - a song based on the Evil Dead films doesn't get you many credibility points). Glen Benton's vocals are brutal while still retaining enough clarity that you can actually hear what he's singing about, and the occasional addition of high pitch squeals adds to the impact (though Benton was criticised in the death metal community at the time for using vocal effects these are few and far between). There's a bit of a lack of killer riffs (better songs would follow a couple of albums down the line), with the band relying on straight ahead brutality, but with some face-shredding songs and almost catchy vocal rhythms Deicide's debut album still remains an essential early death classic.
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on 26 July 2008
This debut must rate as one of the most spontaneous and evil releases of all time. Although the lyrics are extremely satanic, they are not as silly as on later Deicide releases and the numerous bands that followed in the same vein afterwards.

The voice of Glen Benton needs to be heard to be believed and "Lunatic of Gods Creation", "Sacrificial Suicide", "Oblivious to Evil" and "Dead by Dawn" remain as some of the best examples of quality death metal songs ever written.

Also, whilst the album and band were certainly controversial for the time, the cover is intriguing rather than overtly offensive (such as a certain early Marduk release!!)

One of my favourite 5 death albums of all time.
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on 15 February 2009
This is definately a must buy for any metal head with a taste for the extreme and quality. Its got a very raw edge that just makes it addictive listening. Each song is a killer, with the obvious choice cuts such as, Dead by Dawn, Lunatic of God's Creation and my personal favorite, the title track. The thing is about this release is that although it's furiously fast, it's still extremely memorable and catchy. The songs will certainly stick.

Deicide get a lot of bad press for their subject matter, i'm an athiest and therefore don't give a damn what Glen Benton sings about, its all about the music and this stuff shreds.
If you like this check out their next two releases.
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on 11 May 2004
Deicide are the arguably one of the greatest Black/Death metal bands around. Managing to go 14 years without the usual media exposure, and its not the kind of music everyone likes, making it even more of an achievement. This first offering, in my opinion is the still the best they have produced, its evil, brutal, sadistic, violent and more importantly outrageously heavy (which it should be anyway), and has the most amazing vocals, apart from the voice of John Tardy, in the Black/Death metal buisness. In short if you are young and new to this kind of music this album will let you know what to expect and so much more. BUY IT!
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on 12 September 2015
What a album this is an alltime classic.
The writing and playing is faultless.
Dark fast and hateful death metal with a satanic these running through out.
If you like death metal then this is a must have
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on 20 August 2006
If you're into death metal, then you own this album. For anyone who doesn't, then buy it now. This album is a timeless classic.
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on 13 February 2015
Brutal old school death metal at its finest. It will smash you to bits from start to finish.
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on 10 October 2015
Great Album, AAA+++
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