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4.4 out of 5 stars13
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2011
In Deep Truth, Gregg Braden discusses the need to update the information that we believe as true, and that sadly most of those updates are only available in certain publications and circles, and do not filter very quickly to the majority of humanity - which means many are not aware of updates on information that provide essential new insights, that would change how people perceive life, and thus live life. Gregg Braden provides information on the old and the new, side by side, for your comparison and deeper understanding of how necessary it is to shift our thinking from outmoded ideas, and into the truth that has been exposed, but not widely, if we are to make the mass shift within humanity that is clearly imperative at this time. Quotes from the old and the new are included, many of which come from the publications that Gregg mentions are simply not within mass circulation, therefore normally inaccessible. Gregg explains that it is the outmoded old thinking that is holding us back from making a shift into a more balanced and sustainable life on a global level. The information is drawn from so many areas, allowing your mind to dip into science, history, geology, biology, and so much more, allowing for a deep insightful overview to shift any old mind sets that may have been the result of incorrect information that was once believed to be true. Having followed the same route for my own studies, my understanding of the fact that the true information that is up to date often requires dedicated and diligent sourcing to find the truth in any area of study, but I also believe the research is so deeply rewarding when you surface from such new studies, to be graced with new insights, a fresh outlook on life, and often a spring in your step from knowing the deep, deep truth of life in any area.

The deep truth exposed within this book is regarding our natural unified state of being. in Gregg Braden's own words:- "If the leaders of our world, and their representatives, had really understood and lived from the deep scientific truths - that the universe, the planet, and our bodies are made of a shared field of energy, a matrix that makes the unity of entanglement possible; that human emotion directly influences what happens in the mantric; and also that nature relies on cooperation, not competition, for survival - they would certainly have made different choices".

An entire chapter is dedicated to "The Hidden History of Our Forgotten Past", in which many ancient important archeological sites are discussed. Two of the sites in particular were discovered through considering if ancient myths and fairy tales were, in fact, true. The site of Troy was one such site, and Machu Picchu was another. Gregg talks about the issue of life being lived from old ideas, no longer working, and that shifts are necessary that do sustain our life in the present times we live in, but for this to happen a shift in the consciousness of humanity is imperative through new ways of looking at life. The earth cycles of cooling and warming from new viewpoints are shared within Deep Truth, along with other natural earth cyclic phenomena. The celestial alignments are discussed, and the Hopi prophecy of the fourth world we are now in coming to an end, to be followed by the fifth world that we will all soon be living in and experiencing life from.

In Chapter "By Chance or Design" Gregg shares "The way we think of our beginnings on Earth forms the foundation for everything we think about ourselves. Either there is an intentional design at the foundation of life or there is not. We are either the product of a random series of natural events or the result of an intentional and intelligent design". Personally, I have always felt it would make no sense for life to be random, and that it could not possibly be so. Look in nature for the patterns of life - it all has rhyme and reason. It is also very interesting information on the same chapter regarding the new science of epigenetics that such is malleable and not fixed, and may change through different factors what we are exposed to, such as our emotional, chemical or physical environment, so through altering conditions of life and the passage of time, the genetic code can change! Further into this chapter, Irreducible complexity is discussed, which is the requirement of every part of any system to be functional, if the whole system is to function.

I found so many important points in the final chapter, "The End Game", of which firstly I will discuss Gregg Braden's sharing on choices:- "Our choices have serves us in many ways, and hurt us in others. Now the fact that so many of the systems we've chosen are collapsing all at the same time opens the door to a rare opportunity to choose again. W must choose where to go from here and how we shape the new world that's already emerging" and "Life today is the new normal. And it's carrying us in one direction: forward. We can't stop the ride, but we can direct where it takes us. We can't stop the change, but we can guide it to a gentler landing". Also a quote is shared from William Jennings Bryan that I absolutely loved the truth in his words:- "Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved". So, procrastinate and wait no longer! Initiate change now! In between one cycle and the next is a void where neither is presently active, and Gregg names this "A choice point of opportunity, opens the door of opportunity for us to change the patterns before we begin the new cycle. We can also know the moments in our future - the choice points - where our choices for change have the greatest opportunity for success". In "Rewriting Our History" Gregg mentions the importance of our personal, local, national and global routines have their foundation rooted deeply according to how we view ourselves and our connection to the world we live in. Gregg theorises that we may be more than we have imagined so far, with great and grand capabilities beyond what we have known and lived thus far in our lives, such as reversing disease, living in peace and abundance...the knowing of such would change our lives forever, and awaken us from unconscious living in "automatic pilot", to recognising our true power - this would indeed change our entire outlook on life and how we felt in response and connection to all of life. Important points are shared regarding separation consciousness:- "It's easy to see that if we think of ourselves as a fluke of biology, as separate and independent from the people and the world around us, and even separate from ourselves (the false assumption of science), solving our problems through force and conflict is a natural conclusion. When we think of ourselves as separate and powerless, conflict actually makes sense. It's also easy to see that when science reveals we're more than we've been led to believe in terms of our origins, history and relationship to nature and to ourselves (new discoveries), force and conflict no longer make any sense.

Gregg Braden discusses the situation Aron Ralston found himself in, and the choice of freedom he made in those moments. For us, it is a matter of choosing new sustainable fresh ideas for new ways of living that are supportive to the current moment. It is Greggs belief that freedom stems from knowing ourself in relation to the universe, as this changes how we feel about who we are, and in turn changes our natural responses to life. The six deep truths are discussed in the final writings of Deep Truth, and as you will see it is a matter of perceiving the truth, and this changing our outlook on life:- "Rather than think of the crises in the world as the barriers preventing us from getting started, we may find the they're actually the doorways we must step through to accelerate the process". I had came to this same conclusion myself regarding eco principles and the sustainability issues we are now facing on Ghandi once said "Be the change you wish to see in the world" other words, we are the pathway...that pathway is within us, and to be acted out from our being, we shine the light to create the new path of which did not exist prior to our inner urge to pave a new way, a new reality. As Gregg Braden questions "Do we unleash the destiny of greatness?".

Insights on the field, the matrix, quantum reality or the unified field, are discussed as "Deep Truth" comes to a close:- " It's in the way we choose to live our lives each day that the essence of our choices - the theme of cooperation or competition, there power of love or fear - is imbued into the field that connects all things. It's these choices as well that ultimately show up in the way we deal with the crises in the world. This is about action. It's the kind that appears each day in the way we live our lives", and "The key is that when we change, the world changes. In a world bathed in a scientifically validated field the connects all hearts, the question is less about how to reach "them" - the CEOs of corporations and the leaders of nations - and more about what we choose to place into the quantum field, or energetic matrix, connecting us all", and "When the facts of Deep Truth give us the reasons to think differently about ourselves, that difference is expressed in everything we do throughout our daily routines". Gregg outlines the main areas where we have choice to create change:-

Media - We can choose to expose ourselves only to peaceful and non-violent media.

Food - We can buy local and organic.

Business - We can purchase recycled items.

Conscious living - Reading Deep Truth and other empowering books to enlighten one to new ways of living and perception of life.

Deep Truth concludes most beautifully with answering the question:- "Who are we?....Our bodies bear the unmistakeable signs of intelligent design. We come into this world speaking the silent language of the heart that communicates with the fields that give birth to and connect all things. We are peaceful beings who become violent when we fear for our lives, our families', or our ways of life". We can recognise the truth and thus choose our highest destiny, or deny such and receive a lower fate. The truth assists us by empowering us to manifest the higher destiny that is possible for us.
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on 14 July 2013
Braden makes many interesting points, chiefly archaeological ones, but I am afraid the quality of the production will leave most of us who are not already fans standing in the shadows.

Greg, please get some-one to edit you, because (I am basically on your side, mostly) it reads as if it has not been copy-edited and you will lose most educated readers. Your leaps from one place to another are good lessons for us who are writers.

Also, please be aware that men pontificating on abortion is pretty tricky and that outside the US it is NOT a political issue at all. Most of us outside the US are not Puritans and have given up going to church!

But the worst thing is the audio version where his own reading makes a nonsense of his arguments by continually taking breaths at the wrong places, mis-accentuating words, and being so inappropriately excited that his conclusions are inevitably a let-down.

Greg, I am basically on your side, so please take note: please, please employ an actor or a professional reader - because you're worth it.
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on 17 April 2014
Brings one back home. Gregg Braden speaks deeply again. Wonderful book, wish I could pass a book on to all my loved ones.
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on 14 January 2013
Excellent value at £1.99 and a very interesting read, although I did not resonate with all of it, thought provoking indeed.
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on 10 July 2015
More from Gregg Braden's exploration between science and spiritualism. I love the way Gregg has the power to seamlessly merge the two aspects of humanity into a unified cohesive strand making the concepts of both easier to understand when viewed from the opposite side of things. I definately think Gregg's onto something on this point. I look forward to reading more.
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on 30 May 2013
its like he padded it out somewhat and in the process he sometimes loses his train of thought, or logical progression from point to point so it can be a bit annoying trying to figure out where he's going or been or whatever. HOWEVER, I enjoyed this book even though he does make some giant leaps of assumption. there's good stuff in here, you just have to sift a bit.
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on 20 December 2013
I just love Greg Bradon and his books. Would love to see his books taught Nd studied in schools. I'm sure kids would enjoy learning and studying his work. So interesting and so exciting. Brilliant
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on 29 October 2014
Gregg Braden's books should be required reading for everyone who cares about the planet and if mankind has a future.
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on 6 March 2015
Fascinating read. Plenty of questions to ponder.
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on 7 October 2014
Gregg is amazing!Great book.

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