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2.0 out of 5 stars89
2.0 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2013
This game is dreadful.
I can only assume that anyone that has given this more than one star has never played the games before or just work for Egosoft??
Egosoft have clearly spent their time perfecting time travel, as they have gone back to the year 2000 to write this program.
What have Egosoft done? I have played the X series from the beginning, and have loved the idea of space travel and trade since the long ago days of 'Elite' on my BBC Micro computer in the 80's, however this incarnation spent less than 20mins on my PC before I rapidly uninstalled it, total disappointment in all departments. The graphics are 10years old (at least) the game play is messy and the controls are uncontrollable. This is simply a space shooter, not the amazing in-depth simulation of previous titles. I have read a lot of the other revues and agree with all of the one stars given, I also agree that this game has a distinct feel of a console production gone wrong and quickly reconfigured to PC, it feels very unfinished and has a total dissociation with previous X titles. I can't believe that you can only use mouse/keyboard or an Xbox style game pad for controls??????!!! I have the X-52 joystick and throttle attached which sends the game into kaoss!!! It worked perfectly on previous versions??
I feel I have been cheated of my money, I don't know how it looked so good on the various youtube videos, it is not what it looks like!!
It amazes me these days in a world where computing and graphical power are so huge and social and media sites are so accessibly that a games company can miss the mark so badly. How has this game got to the shelves??
We have had quite a few titles lately that have promised so much but delivered so little.
It has taught me one thing, I will never pre-order a game again.

X-Rebirth??? Should be X-Reverse!!!
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on 18 November 2013
I am a huge fan of this series. Played each one to death. I expect bugs and know Egosoft fix them. However I have asked for a refund. (Sadly I purchased it on Steam).

This isn't a bad X game - it is simply a very, very bad game.

A space combat game with no radar, no targetting system and not even the ability to turn your head (mouse-look)? A game that doesn't have joystick support (but tellingly, works fine on a X Box controller which given the DX9 graphics engine suggests this is a failed xbox project hastily ported to the pc in time for Xmas)

And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. But let's mention one. The trade menu system has been replaced by having to slowly scour the huge stations to find docking ports for locations that have characters who sell something. Then you have to walk through identical corridors to find that character and access their menu. These characters are always one of ten identical models, which are the worst you have ever seen, like something right out of Dawn of The Living Dead. They say things like 'Nice conversation -Not!' Yep - they replaced the trade menu system with a mini game of Wayne's World III: Zombie Hunt.

Egosoft have basically taken everything that was good about this series out of the game. Then they have made the bad things worse. And then to finish it all off they add more bad and broken stuff.

Make no mistake - this is an internal developers build shoved out the door at a premium price in time for Xmas and to catch suckers like me.

Apart from looking good in space this game has no redeeming features.

It would be foolish in the extreme to buy this now. It will take 6 months of patching just to fix the bugs let alone add back missing features and rip out the crap. And by then it'll be £4.99 in the Steam, Amazon and Game sales.

Take it from me - someone who is a huge fan of this series and space sims. I'm having way more fun playing Starpoint Gemini than is possible to have in this mess of code.

Starpoint Gemini for crying out loud!

UPDATE (Oct 2014)

In the interest of fairness. I've recently spent some time playing the 2.5 patch. The positives? Well it's more stable and better optimised. The interface has been improved and some features added. One of these is the ability to by-pass most of the off-ship stuff. Which was supposedly a major selling point, which really tells you something.

When I say the interface has improved I mean they've basically recreated the one from their last game - some 7 years ago. and it was dated then.

Is it more playable? Yes. Is it more fun? for me - no. Maybe if you're really interested in empire building and are willing to constantly wrestle the game to get things done and hunt out workarounds. If you really want that gameplay then maybe it's worth checking out providing you're happy to have cut scenes activated by icon clicking instead of proper docking and don't mind The Dawn Of The Living Dead who make up the population of the place.

However for me it remains a dull, disappointing and at times quite depressing experience. The genre has simply moved on as Elite Dangerous will show. Apart from the graphics, which are fine there's nothing that suggests this is a cutting edge game. It remains what it has always been IMHO - a failed console game hastily ported to the PC and in the process of being retro-fitted for the remaining hard-core fans of the rest of the series. But most of those are long gone.

It's a space game in which you fly around in traffic filled green tubes to get from place to place and local security fly around in ships shaped like 20th century police cars complete with siren and red flashing lights. I mean - seriously?

Bottom line - the game is more playable but I really don't know for whom? Certainly not for fans of the series. All the fun stuff from those have been deliberately removed.
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on 18 November 2013
I preordered this game on 25th April 2012 and did so on the basis that I've played all the series from X Beyond The Frontier through to Terran Conflict and have spent the best part of this afternoon wondering why Egosoft took a successful series and spent god knows how long to come up with this turkey.

With previous games you had a sense that you were actually flying around and exploring, but with this, you seem to spend endless minutes travelling within space lanes to get to somewhere, where you fly to yet another space lane without ever having a sense that you know what your are doing or what is going on.

It only arrived today, and it has already been patched. This is truly unacceptable in this day and age. Companies should release a game when it's finished, and I wonder if this a beta version because it's so bad.

The voice acting is amateurish and ponderous, the graphics look dated and the gameplay, well, sadly non existent.

Awful, truly awful. Egosoft should be ashamed and embarassed by this release.
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on 22 November 2013
I spent £40 on this turkey, and played it for about an hour. That was long enough to discover how dreadful the combat system was (just fly in circles firing blindly) a space combat system that's even more basic than the X Wing games from 20 years ago. No radar, no targeting, no tactics whatsoever. How could they release such a pathetic combat system? The mind boggles.

Now some of you will say that an hour wasn't enough time to give it a fair crack of the whip, but given the legion of bug reports that others have encountered it turns out I just saved some of my sanity though not persisting with utter dross.

This is a dreadful game, really awful in every respect, and genuinely wouldn't be worth your time if they gave it away free in this years Christmas crackers.
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on 12 December 2013
I am a huge fan of the X series. I have spent far too many hours trading, building and exploring in these games. I was very excited to see the trailer for X-Rebirth. When it finally arrived, I was ready to start over. Each X game has, in my opinion, required quite a bit of learning and figuring out. But you could be sure that the reward would be there in the end.

Alas, this does not appear to be the case with Rebirth. I REALLY tried with this game. At first, I thought it must be me, being dim. But no. This game is just bad. I then tried EVEN HARDER to get into the game....but hunting around for random NPCs, waiting, opening small boxes and lockers and generally languishing around in identical-looking installations is just not fun. Now, I don't want to go back, I'd rather do something else. That is the exact opposite of how I felt playing X2 & X3....very disappointing.

I had hoped that it might be possible to buy other ships and fly destroyers, etc, but I gather this is not the case. We're stuck with the Skunk. And I can't even see what it looks like from the outside? I'm sorry, but the coolest thing about X3 was finding the sexiest looking ships to zoom around the galaxy in. If i'm stuck in one ship forever, that's a huge turn-off.

How can Egosoft have gotten this so wrong? Haven't they heard of market research? This game should be called X-Still-berth....not X-Rebirth. Just don't buy it.
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on 20 November 2013
What can I say. The reviews below don't lie. Sadly I didn't read them before I bought this game. (to be fair, they weren't there then.)
Normally when I buy a new title I'll play it til I'm sick of it. This game is no exception either. Though normally this would be months, often with late nights, or up all nights. With this arrived at about 11am, it's now 5pm and I'm done with it! (and I turned it off and walked away for almost 2 hours).

Gameplay is not bad... it's terrible, tedious, counter-intuitive, and repetitive.
Combat is just silly, imagine being a battle of Britain pilot, but you're only allowed to look straight ahead, this is where you're at. No radar or situational indicator at all, no look left or right, there may be external views(?), but the game crashed every time I tried to find them. The controls are clunky and imprecise, those that actually work. Worse, there is no targeting control either!!

So you're left with trading? well, no, not really, that's so clumsy, slow and cumbersome you lose the will to live after a few trades.
That just leaves the exploring, but frankly, what's the point? if you can't trade effectively, can't fight worth a sh.... and it all looks the same, who cares what's there?

Then there are the bugs, this game makes "Silent Hunter 5" look like a slick bit or programming. No, really, it truly is THAT bad! The ambient music so loved, and noted by others as being great, didn't play for me past the main menu page. Crashes all over the place, some of which also froze my system forcing a reboot. With no autosave I was really happy about that... NOT! (nod to the in game dialogue there)

I have been playing this type of thing since "Elite" on the ZXspectrum (for you young ones that's about 1984, and where the X series started ;-) ), I have played more games than I can count (and wrote a couple), this is the third worst I have played, ever. It may be worth it in a year MAYBE, I think the guys below that say 6 months are being optimistic, there is just TOO much to fix, and given how long we've waited for it in development already....

Really hate to be so negative about it, but I'm damned if I can find a saving grace.

I just feel like I've been ripped off. >:(
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on 23 November 2013
X-Rebirth is a poor sequel to an excellent run of games by Egosoft. I'm going to try and balance this out as best as I can because I know many people are furious about this game and I can't really blame them. If you haven't played any X Games before you might find this game interesting, even if it is a little broken.

The Good Stuff

Ehm...........................................................just kidding

The space stations are now much more active around the outside than they were in previous games, there's more going on to see when you manoeuvre your ship around the outside and quite a few cool little details.

The outside environment is pretty fantastic to look at, there are very cool clouds and lots of ships flying around and things to see. There is a lot more going on in a sector and it is much more busy and dynamic than in previous X titles.

Targetting individual systems on battleships is a very cool addition to the game and makes flying fighters against them more realistic within the universe.

The ability to upgrade your ship is limited but less so than in previous games (except weapons with was more customisable in earlier game).

The music is still good and there is a sector which is extremely close to a star which is a wonder to see.

This game will be supported by Egosoft who are excellent at after sales support, they genuinely work hard to bring fixes and improvements to their games meaning those who are having a bad time getting the game to work won't have to long to wait. I'm also sure that some new ways of playing will be added at some point to better appease long time fans.

I really tried but I'm wracking my brains and that's all I came up with. It's an interesting game if you're in to space games but want to drop in for an hour then drop out.

The Bad Stuff

The game was full of bugs on release, and there are many more being discovered. In my review of X3 Terrain Conflict I mention that while theres no excuse for game breaking bugs the X games may be an exception due to their complexity and depth, there is no such excuse here. X-Rebirth really isn't an X game at all, it plays (when it works) like Random Space Fighter Game for the Xbox.

The graphics are ok from a distance but get up to anything up close and they look like graphics from Homeworld 2, really cartoon like and not at all as real looking as in previous games.

Space, doesn't look like space! It's nice to look at initially but after a while you're left thinking "where is space?" you're always in clouds and nebulae. It's like you're in the atmosphere of a gas giant

Combat is now tedious & boring, there is no real minimap or radar making orientation impossible, there is a display around your limited field of view which does show ships but you've no idea of their proximity to you so you're seeing enemies from half the sector away when you're trying to find the ship that just fired on you.

The ship textures are worse, this game was definitely been made for a console then covered up with clever lighting. The amount and types of ship are limited, and much of the traffic seen is fake nothing cartoon little ships that don't have any function but to look busy.

The game lags like pipe lagging, don't get me wrong I find it playable on my machine (decent rig) but there is random framerate drops going on constantly.

The cockpit now takes up most of your view, I could forgive it if you could pilot other ships, but you can't so this is your poorly textured non functional view for the entire game.

There is no autopilot, no way to switch targets, using the mouse does not work at all really, joystick support is awful, I can't even assign the Roll Left, Roll Right commands to the buttons on my joystick.

The absolute worst part is the ability to go onto stations, it's laggy, buggy, ugly, and boring. The old method of using the comms was much better and added to the realism of an automated universe. Going on the stations would have been cool if effort had been made, and it was optional rather than mandatory, sadly this isn't the case.

The menus are confusing and actually harder to work through than in previous games, yes there is less clutter but you have no clue as to what does what and everything is buried deep inside menu after radial menu. I think even with a controller it might take 20mins to find what you're looking for.

The other weird thing is that you can't manually fly in to dock anymore, in previous games there were landing lights that you followed in and you could actualy fly insde the docking bays on many stations adding to the feeling of being a pilot. Even better, when you got bored of manually docking you could get software that allowed instant docking. X-Rebirth you fly kinda close to a dock, then awkwardly hold the F key and flick the joystick (if yours works) in the direction and release. Way harder than Shift-D WTF?!


I'm going to try and wrap up, there is a lot that has been covered elsewhere. This game could have been an ok distraction and even entertaining if it had another label like Plutarch Risen or The Otani Adventure, but they stuck an X in front of Rebirth and that's what has everyone up in arms. Yes they said it would be different (I was ready for that) but they still called it X which gives us fans an expectation which is completely ruined.

Egosoft made an Xbox game with poor textures and dumbed down content, bad dialogue, and a boring story, it should be an action game but it can't even deliver that because someone decided to bin the Xbox title and rework it as an Xgame. The result: Disappointment all round, fans heartbroken, newcomers just broken.

A poor showing Egosoft, wish it was different.

P.S Egosofts response to this calamity has been fast, deliberate, and well organised. They are quickly firing out patches and fixes to the community and are taking all feedback very seriously. As a result I don't feel cheated as I do feel they will make things right, and I will buy the next X game, just maybe not on preorder.
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on 27 November 2013
I have to add my opinion to this rather sad review.

I was a massive X fan for years, I preordered this game via Steam on release and have been frankly shocked that a game that took so long to produce is so badly constructed in almost every way. The trade bugs,AI bugs and a plethora of other bugs in the release are gamebreaking alone, but these could get patched in the future.

However, what will never be patched is the awful design choices at the heart of the game, this was clearly designed as a console game on the Xbox which turned into a rather sad PC game, lacking anything that gave the previous games any charm and playability. I have decided never to preorder again for any game, Egosoft really have made a huge mistake releasing this title in it's current state, particularly when space sim titles like Elite:Dangerous are on the horizon, Egosoft have not only shot themselved in the foot, they have removed the shoe and beat their fanbase over the head with it.

As it is, it is not worth a bargain bucket price, the shell of X Rebirth was cracked and something smelling nasty lurks within, can it be modded? Who knows, but buyer beware of this title.
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on 27 November 2013
If you are reading this then you must be considering buying this game. Please do not !.
X3 Albion Prelude was so good I assumed this would be fantastic, especially when I saw the YouTube videos. Whilst it looks gorgeous (imho) the game is a joke to play. In some sectors the frame rate is atrocious, even on monster PC`s . The game is buggy and the campaign is difficult to play due to random crashes. The developers have released a patch adding auto save every time you leave a station. What does that tell you ? The problem I have is that even if the game ran fast and the bugs were removed, I am not sure if I would still play this. I have had a few occasions when the game has been kind to me, for an hour or so, but I quickly get bored. Walking around stations talking to badly animated characters is no fun at all, whoever thought it was must be a lunatic. I could go on but why bother ? I do not necessarily go along with the X box theory but I can understand the cynicism. I work in Quality Control and if I allowed products out like this then I would be sacked . This was not ready for release and I feel certain that it will never be patched into something you can play ! .Avoid!
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on 19 December 2013
This game needs at least 6 months of slow-cooking in the oven before it even becomes playable! So many bugs that needs clearing Egosoft would be working on patches and fixes till sometime 2014. 8 patches been deployed after a month of release. That pretty much says it all about the game and it still very much broken. I think the many fans that was built from the previous X games are well and truly gone. Egosoft what have you done apart from now alienate your many many fans of your game. OR is someone now thinking of retiring from the sales of this game hah?!! :)

For anyone thinking of buying this game - DON'T!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD spend your money on something else. Buy your mom a nice x-mas jumper!! Look at this game again 6 months time. Check the forum before purchasing.

I sadly bought the game and not in my entire gaming life that I regretted playing a game from day one!!!

<SIGH>! Goodbye Egosoft!
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